BOOM! Charlottesville Confederate Statues Will Stay Up

Good news out of Charlottesville.

The whole reason we ever went to that place is because of Wes Bellamy’s campaign against the Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson monuments. Those monuments are going nowhere:


“A Virginia judge has blocked efforts to remove the statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee that was at the center of the deadly violence that erupted in Charlottesville in 2017.

In a ruling issued this week, Judge Richard E. Moore said that any effort to remove the Lee statue would violate a state historic preservation statute and issued a permanent injunction preventing its removal. His decision extended to a separate monument to Confederate general Stonewall Jackson that city leaders and local activists had hoped to get rid of.

In 2017 Charlottesville’s city council voted to remove the two statues, saying they were examples of racism. …”

At least that came out of this ordeal.

If I could do it all over again, I would have just let the matter rest and wind its way through the courts. Charlottesville is a leftwing insane asylum and the local government there can’t be trusted to uphold the law. Hopefully, that will also be proven in court.

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  1. Video of the swastika being pulled from the reichstag by Russians after the fall of Berlin. Video of Saddams statue being pulled down by an abrams tank.

    These are images that are historic and stand as timestamps signalling a paradigm shift to the respective cultures.

    This is the goal of the Left. Soon they will succeed.

    This ruling is only a reprieve.

    • @Ironic sock account- Absolutely right. They will do as the city of Memphis did, literally like a thief in the night, and subvert the law to bring that statue down. Any nobody , nobody! will do a damn thing about it when they do.

  2. Charlottesville is a leftwing insane asylum and the local government there can’t be trusted to uphold the law. Hopefully, that will also be proven in court.

    Yep. And as I and others have stated many many times before, in the case of Charlottesville in particular and similar cities in general, the lunatics are running the asylum.

    I have written before that the monuments “ought to be moved to a more friendly and suitable environ,” namely to a Southern city or cities where the lunatics and criminals are recognized for what they are and treated as such; a city or cities where the great and honorable men whose images are recreated in the monuments erected in their honor would choose to live today were they still alive and with us. I’m sometimes torn on those sentiments however because to do so would be a kind of capitulation to the lunatics aforementioned. In any case, our courts can’t be trusted either. My guess is that the monuments will eventually come down in any case. I see this ruling as a short-term victory for our side, not a long-term one.

    • Yeah, holding a rally in Charlottesville was an utterly stupid idea. There are so many other towns throughout the south where everybody supports keeping the monuments, even the blacks do. Did people not realize what kind of place Charlottesville was? was Kessler just trolling everyone for his federal paymasters?

      • Jijcf:

        Well, hindsight is always 20/20 as they say. Whether anyone realized what kind of place Charlottesville is/was back in 2017, I wouldn’t presume to know. But we all know now. I don’t think I can very well fault anyone on our side who was in attendance at that event; I would and do just chalk it up as a damn good lesson learned (and a costly one t’boot) about where we stand in the good ol’ US of A, and believe our guys won’t make the same kind of mistake twice.

        You’re right that there are better places in the South to hold such rallies, and I believe better places than Memphis, et al, where the Bedford Forrest monument could have been moved. I mean, can you imagine Nathan Bedford Forrest choosing to live in that black-run sh*thole or in Charlottesville were he still alive and with us today?

  3. So self-destructing by deciding to hold a “Unite the Right” rally in the middle of a notoriously shitlib town turned out to be all for nothing?

  4. I’m surprised the “students” didn’t just tear them down like they did Silent Sam at Carolina. According to state law, Silent Sam is supposed to go back up, but he never will. Chapel Hill may well be more of a commie insane asylum than Charlottesville, if that’s possible. (It was certainly one when I went to school there 40-some years ago!)

    One thing Anglin says that I have come to be in total agreement with is that Antifa is a part of the federal government. How else can anyone explain what they got away with in D.C. during Trump’s inauguration? Or James Fields threatened with the death penalty by the Justice (sic) Department, as PCR calls it, when he was already found guilty by the Charlottesville kangaroo court?

    I watched on TV as the cops stood by while Confederate statues were torn down in both Chapel Hill and Durham. You can blame this on the leftist local governments, which is true enough; but the Feds let them get away with it, too. These people break the law with impunity. Someone at a VERY high level is protecting them. I don’t see any other possible explanation.

    • In another context this statue smashing is like destroying statues of Caesar, Pompey, Crassus, Mark Anthony, Octavian, Cato, Brutus, just because. We wouldn’t go through provincial Latium or Umbria or Tuscany smashing statues.
      Lee is objectively a very interesting person. Vey much in the mold of a Brutus or perhaps Pompey. The Civil War personalities are the only interesting thing about American history between the life times of tough bastards like Jackson and titanic egocentrics like MacArthur. In 1000 years Lee will still be read about along with Lincoln and Grant, but that’s about it going back or forward 20 years from the ACW.

  5. @Prometheus Unbound Chapel Hell and Durham are shithole cities filled with Jews from the Northeast, Indians(dot heads), white liberals/sjws, and the native negro population. Both cities are a lost cause and will only get worse.

    • Oh, tell me something that I don’t know, sir! My mistake was not moving farther west when I escaped from Durham — I ended up in northern Orange County, which is still mostly rural and white. But we are “governed,” if it can be called such, by leftists in Chapel Hill and in Hillsborough. I should at least have gone as far as Alamance County. I’m originally from Forsyth County, which is in the Piedmont, north of Winston. I grew up on a tobacco farm in a little town that is now unrecognizable, thanks to the efforts of carpetbagging Jews and Yankees. Endless strip malls and tract houses crammed right up against each other — it seems inhuman to me; but what do I know, eh?

      • @Prometheus Unbound Alamance county is very nice and white! I’m down in Wayne county NC and for the most part it’s pretty quiet down here. Goldsboro has some bad areas outside of the Air base but other than that it’s quiet.

      • Blah blah balh, “Carpet bagging Yankees and Jews”.

        JEWS have been in Dixie since the beginning. “There are OUR Jews! They are merchants and planation owners” they are quiet and polite! They are just like us! They are OUR Jews!”.

        Good Southern Yids like Judah Benjamin and Leo Frank!

        Are you EVER gonna effing SNAP OUT OF IT?

        Southerners have been SCREWED by the KIKES since the BEGINNING. The entire Civil War occurred because the success of SOUTHERN COTTON PRODUCTION CUT INTO THE EGYPTIAN COTTON PROFITS OF THE ROTHSCHILDS. It had NOTHING to do wid da turrbul ebbils a’ da slabbery.

        • Actually, for those who know everything yet know nothing, it was indeed a carpetbagging Jew who ruined my old hometown. He came from DC, retired from the (((CIA))), and decided it needed to incorporate (which I fought a one-man campaign against), attract “business,” and “grow.” I am WELL-AWARE that Jews are endemic in the South, but this one DEFINITELY came from the North. But, since Some People KNOW EVERYTHING without need of FACTS….

      • “I ended up in northern Orange County, which is still mostly rural and white.” – Prometheus

        If only! One of my old friends from So Cal, looking longingly at job vacancies in that area, (reminding us of how beautiful it once was) was appalled by the following ‘establishment of religion clause’ in a job advert for ‘northern Orange county.’ It read (in part):

        “California State University, Fullerton is a minority-serving institution and an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer with a strong commitment to increasing the diversity of the campus community and the curriculum. CSUF fosters an inclusive environment within which students, faculty, staff, and administrators thrive. Individuals advancing the University’s strategic diversity goals and those from underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged to apply.’

        As part of the application process, prospective professors (of the said discipline, with a PhD under their belt, and decades of study in their field- which should be the ONLY criteria to consider!) had YET TO SHOW THEY WERE VALID MEMBERS OF THE BOLSHEVIK PARTY, via this ‘addendum’ to their application!

        “Candidate Diversity Statement: This statement provides the candidate’s unique perspective on their past and present contributions to and future aspirations for promoting diversity, inclusion, and social justice in their professional careers. The purpose of the diversity statement is to help departments identify candidates who have professional experience, intellectual commitments, and/or the willingness to engage in activities that will help CSUF contribute to its mission in these areas.”

        I sent my friend this link- to a 10-part post from the now-silent “Faith and Heritage” website, that helped allay all once-rosy thoughts, that working in Orange County could EVER be what it once was, in the 1970’s and ’80’s.

        Partition, folks. It’s our only solution. The country is dead. The Jews have destroyed the 110th nation on their list…..

  6. I hope the People’s Republic of Commieville was forced to spend a fortune on defending itself in court, along with paying lots of police overtime and losing a great deal of business revenue as a result of their shitty behavior towards the aborted UTR rally. I’ll never use that faggy Air BnB service, that’s for sure.

  7. Funny how when those monuments were erected over 100 years ago no one, including former slaves and Union vets of the Civil War, had a problem with them. Is this an example of Delayed Outrage Syndrome (DOS)?

    • Guess again …

      “[In 1868], African Americans were already warning about the dangers of the Lost Cause. [That year], a Christian Recorder article warned that ‘The adherents of the Lost Cause day by day, gathered hope by the example of Mr. Johnson, that what the North had won by the bayonet, they would insanely allow to be retaken by the ballot.’ African American historians wrote Civil War histories that emphasized the fight to preserve and expand slavery as the root cause of the conflict and highlighted the essential role African Americans played in the Union’s victory. Protesting Confederate monuments was an integral part of this anti-Lost Cause activism. In 1890 when the monument to Robert E. Lee was unveiled on what is now known as Monument Avenue in Richmond, the Black press had harsh words for those who would venerate Lee or any other Confederate leader. John Mitchell Jr., the editor of the Richmond Planet noted that ‘The boxes (of the Lee Statue) were decorated with bunting and Confederate flags. On every hand could be seen the “stars and bars.” No where in all the procession was there a United States flag. The emblem of the union had been left behind.’ Likewise the Indianapolis World argued, ‘The rebel flag floated proudly in the breeze at Richmond, Va. In no other country would [this] be tolerated. “One flag and one country” should be the mother [motto?] and a severe penalty should been insisted upon any one who dared to unfurl that rag, emblematic of rebellion and crime.'”

  8. Hope the SCV and other heritage groups station members to keep a watch on these monuments in Charlottesville, Richmond, etc 24×7 in all weather conditions. Antifa, BLM, etc will try to destroy them as they did Silent Sam and the one in Durham. Pray that God will thwart these Commie anarchists and catch them and bring them to justice.

    This guy, ultra radical UNC professor Dwayne Dixon, the one who chased James Fields off with an AR-15 in Charlottesville was present at the destruction of both the Confederate monument in Durham and the one (Silent Sam) in Chapel Hill:×423.jpg

  9. Don’t believe these “heartfelt” stories of concern about the blacks love for the USA. Duke lacrosse anyone?

    Remember that a good number of the black slaves from the northern and southern colonies sided with the British during the Revolutionary War. They are some of the original real “traitors” to the USA. No one seems to remember that.

    During the American Revolutionary War, the British troops occupied New York City in 1776. The Crown promised freedom to slaves who left rebel masters, and thousands moved to the city for refuge with the British. By 1780, 10,000 black people lived in New York. Many were slaves who had escaped there from slaveholders in both northern and southern colonies. After the war, the British evacuated about 3,000 slaves from New York, taking most of them to resettle as free people in Nova Scotia, where they are known as Black Loyalists.
    — Wikipedia — History of slavery in New York

  10. It came out a couple of days ago that a UNC-CH student claims to have located the place where the administration is hiding Silent Sam. The administration will neither confirm or deny.

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