We Want Dixie

“What, exactly, do you want?” 

Conservative liberals consider this a devastating response to skeptics of liberalism like Sohrab Ahmari. The charge is that we have no coherent vision to replace liberalism.

Here in the South, we know exactly why we dislike liberalism though and what it is that we are fighting to preserve and restore. We want the South to be Southern. We want to Make Dixie Great Again. We’re reacting against liberalism in much the same way that the body’s immune system is triggered and reacts against a foreign virus. Southerners have opposed the encroachments of liberalism for centuries and our generation’s response to its latest incursions and advances is no different.

Here are some of the most recent “curses of liberty” that have been introduced to the South:

  • Forced Integration
  • Mass immigration
  • Multiculturalism
  • Political correctness
  • Expressive individualism
  • Deracination
  • Consumerism
  • Modernism
  • Miscegenation
  • Transgenderism
  • Gay marriage
  • Abortion
  • Divorce
  • Free Love
  • Pornography
  • Christian Zionism
  • Atheism

Southern conservatism is not Northern conservatism. It is not derived from reading Friedrich Hayek, Milton Friedman or Ayn Rand books. It is not based on classical liberalism. Instead, it is an organic tradition that is deeply rooted in our history and the traditional values of our people.

Southerners are social conservatives. As a people, we value order, cohesion and social stability. We also value liberty, but we do not value anarchy. Within Southern culture, there is a sense that there is a point at which liberty, tolerance and individualism can be taken too far which is when it becomes destructive to the social order and social stability. These changes are virtually always imposed on the South from outside the region. This is what produces backlashes against liberalism.

From the perspective of self righteous liberals, we are motivated by “hate.” Who could possibly dissent from the glorious progress of liberalism as it has spread its tentacles across the world since the Second World War poisoning, disrupting and destroying traditional cultures in its wake?

The favorite knee jerk response of liberalism to its dissidents is to screech about “white supremacy.” Everyone has been conditioned under liberalism to believe that “white supremacy” was the worst thing that ever happened in the world. The destruction that liberalism has unleashed around the world goes far beyond the South and far beyond the demise of white supremacy in the 1960s.

It wasn’t so long ago that Europeans had pride in their ancestors. There was a sense of continuity between generations. The present generation revered its ancestors and prepared the world for future generations. Communities used to be strong and cohesive. Religion used to be strong. Husbands were the head of their households. The vast majority of men and women got married and produced children. There was a strong sense of national identity. This used to seem so natural that it was taken for granted.

What has replaced that world thanks to liberalism? Imagine millions of lonely, isolated and atomized people living in large metropolitan areas. They have been deracinated, which is to say, stripped of their ethnic and cultural heritage. These liberated individuals don’t feel connected to the past, the future or to the people around them. They are not connected to the place in which they happen to reside. They have become hedonists and consumers who live in the pleasures of the moment. They are alienated, miserable and resentful. Many of them have become nihilists who see the world as meaningless. Their role models aren’t our traditional heroes, but degenerate celebrities. Their values don’t come from their church or their ancestors, but from the degenerate garbage pulsating through the mass media. These people spend a disproportionate amount of time on social media berating others for not latching on to the latest media fad or conforming their lives to the latest -ism or -phobia.

What do we want? We want the South to be the way it was a few generations ago, to restore the things that have been lost, to discredit and reverse the tide of liberalism and for our children to have something resembling a future. There are people all around the Western world who share these same healthy sentiments – organic nationalism should replace liberalism – as what has happened to the South is only one front in the larger struggle. We’re all reacting against the same disease.

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    • “We also value liberty, but we do not value anarchy.”

      I value liberty as an earned privilege. Granted in exchange for obedience to the law, respect for authority, and respect for the rights, liberties and property of others.

      • “Liberty” is a loaded word. It essentially means “license,” in a nice “restrictive” way of saying things. I think we should totally expunge the word from our collective vocabulary.

        To be perfectly honest, I don’t really believe in the concepts of “liberty” or “freedom.” What I believe in is a world in which these illicit concepts are heavily restricted by the proper authorities. And by “proper authorities,” what I mean is fathers where they are in authority; husbands where they are, and so on.

        Women and authority do not mix, black, white, whatever. Period. No woman, I don’t care whether she is the “one in a thousand” the Psalmist talks about (she has a more important role), should have any authority whatever. It is that simple. Sorry “Denise,” and all the other women who post comments here. Your husbands – assuming you have husbands – ought to tightly control your online musings. But that ain’t the world we live in, God help them, and God help us all!

        • T. Morris, “Your husbands – assuming you have husbands – ought to tightly control your online musings.”

          This is crazy talk and talk like this is purposely divisive. We think for ourselves and come to our own conclusions.

          • Actually, you are told what to think by your fathers, husbands and older brothers. If you truly are southern, you are also Christian, patriarchal, and abhor ANY element of Feminism.

          • Stefania:

            You think it is “crazy talk” because your mind and soul have been polluted by feminism and the Satanic ingenuity of its nefarious doctrine called “women’s rights.”:

            We must then make up our minds in accepting Women’s Rights to surrender our Bibles, and have an atheistic Government. And especially must we expect to have, presiding over every home and rearing every group of future citizens, that most abhorrent of all phenomena, an infidel woman; for of course that sex, having received the precious boon of their enfranchisement only by means of the overthrow of the Bible, must be foremost in trampling upon this their old oppressor and enemy. Its restoration to authority is necessarily their “re-enslavement,” to speak the language of their party.

            – R.L. Dabney, Women’s Rights Women

          • Stefania,

            It’s the talk of useless eunuchs, who are not in control of ANYTHING. Meanwhile, the “fathers, husbands, and brothers” are busy with Nigraball, worshipping kikes, and banging negresses and slants.

            They are the (((White Sharia))) hold-outs, who HATE women because they can’t get women, because they really…don’t…want…a woman as a mate.

            They should just admit their true natures to themselves, and prance off.

          • Denise:

            Blather on if it makes you feel better. None of what you wrote bothers me in the least. I’m very thick skinned, and understand you are teeming with emotion because, well, that is part of the female nature now isn’t it.

            I was in an online conversation a couple years ago when our state legislature passed the “life at conception” bill. One woman in particular attacked me, saying that if it was the last thing she did in life she would hunt me down and cut my nuts out. She said she would cut my sons’ nuts out too while she was at it. All of this because she believes it is her fundamental right as a woman to murder her own offspring in the womb, and I disagree and in fact would make such a thing a death penalty offense were it within my power to do so. Anyway, I simply replied that “well, you sure talk tough, I’ll give you that,” as well as advised her that I’m not especially hard to find if you’re looking for me, but to be advised not to bring a knife to a gun fight, which would be a huge mistake on her part.

            Btw, I don’t hate women. I’ve been happily married (to the same woman – the mother of my children) for over 33 years. Not to brag or anything, but had my family lived under uncle Adolf’s government, my wife would have a gold medallion for her child-bearing and child-rearing efforts. Not a silver one, mind you, a gold one. I’m sure you know what that means. Now tell me, Denise, how many years have you been married? To the same man? How many children have you, and how many have you successfully raised to adulthood?

            Cue the emotion-driven rants about how my wife must be fat and ugly and blah blah. Not exactly, but, hey, as I said above, blather on if it makes you feel better about things.

          • Deep South, you inbred hick.

            I may have been born a Yankee, but I live in the South now, and I am not a Roman cleric, though that may be all your puny little brain can comprehend, outside of your snake-handling cultic group of low-IQ ‘churchgoers’ – and if that is all you talk about, in direct disobedience to the Psalm, ‘Behold, how good and how pleasant it is, for brethren to dwell together in unity’
            outside, by your flatbeds getting drunk (which is a sin) more often than not, well, then, you are none of Christ’s nor of America’s history.

            Also, I am not THAT old, but thanks- the Bible says we are to honor the elderly… another command you clearly don’t know about.

          • It is totally crazy, Stef. People who actually believe they are in the midst of their own genocide don’t act like this. You are not alone.

        • T. Morris,

          I believe women can inherit authority like property, nobility, wealth, and a kingdom. There have been many decent Christian female monarchs –Isabella of Spain, St. Margaret/Elizabeth of Hungary, Empress Anne, Elisabeth, Catherine of Russia. I will reluctantly include Elizabeth I of England.

          At the same time I recognize and agree that the man is the head of the household and should rule society in general. A mother still has superior rights within the family over her sons in the same way a female Monarch rules the men in her kingdom —like a mother. Female judges seem bizarre.

          Traditionally, we have to cover our hair in church as submission. I like that. Mantillas are pretty.

          I think if we write or say something that is correct it should be given credence if it is wrong then a gentle admonishment is in order. There are intelligent women as well as foolish men.

          I have to go to school so if you answer it will be hours before I can respond.

          • Elizabeth I of England was on of the BEST rulers EVER. She trumped all the REST.

            Men being the head of households? Where ARE they? Fapping to Niggerball and Jew porn.

          • If Queen Elizabeth I had not defeated the Spanish Armada there would not be a United States or Canada or an Anglo-Sphere or any White Anglo-Saxons in North America. It wold have all been nothing but Greater Mexico controlling all of South, Central, and North America.

          • Christina:

            I owe you at leat a partial response. Which I shall sum up in the following admonition: that the rule always admits of the exception to it. This is all you’ve said in the grand scheme of things, and I of course do not deny it. I grant you that women ‘rule it over’ their sons in a proper family, but by a “proper family” I mean to say that their (womens’) rulership as such is almost wholly dependent upon the father’s greater rule. Pay no mind to these anti-authoritarian feminists replying to your comment. They’ve grown up under a system in which they can see no viable alternative to female rule, but female rule will invariably result in dysfunctional families and society as a whole. When they ask rhetorically “where are they?,” all they are revealing is the need for reinstatement of male authority, coupled with their blindness to the fact that we who know and acknowledge this are ‘lurking in the shadows’ as it were, raising our offspring in the fear and admonition of the Lord. They don’t like this of course, they call it “misogynistic” and such to undermine it; but they can’t stop it either. So there ya go.

          • Those “Islam is right about women” flyers that were plastered around Winchester Massachusetts touched a nerve because most men and a good amount of women recognize at least subconsciously that it’s true.

          • Heartland Separatist and everyone else,

            You can drop the W in WASP.

            If you’re an Anglo-Saxon (Protestant or otherwise), then you’re already White.

        • T. Morris,

          Here is what I am bound to believe since I am a traditional Catholic. Our souls belong to God but our bodies will belong to our husbands. How far that authority extends has long been determined by my religion. And my religion is not only authoritarian but probably totalitarian.

          Traditionally, it was decreed that man rules woman but that to what extent is determined by the particular society and the particular family and circumstances. Male supremacy always has to be there but in different amounts. I am latin and I appreciate male rule more than most anglo girls would.

    • (((THEY))) are winning … inch by inch it’s a cinch … while a lot of you are actually wasting precious time responding to obvious govt trolls like rob157 and jijcf, et, al.

      Focus on a concept to rebuild a bigger better whiter Dixie. Create a manifesto. Let’s all get on the same page and leave the trolls to their $15. an hour Soros and the deep state pay them to help destroy their own country.

      Anyone dumb enough to NOT be Christian now … with aaallll the info out there proving the bible 100 % true … there’s nothing anyone can do for them.

      • Gray Ghost,

        No offense, but by no means is the “bible 100% true.” Some of the stories are parables that aren’t actual events but to teach lessons.

      • Actually the further we have fallen away from Christianity, the more degenerate the culture has become? Even a very slow witted person could see that.

      • Rob – Fuck Off. That’s the ONLY thing one can say to these bullshit neo-pseudo-pagans. THEY ARE AS MUCH AN ENEMY AS THE JEW. Because they serve the same god.
        Anathema to them all.

        • Interesting response from a priest.
          I understand you are conditioned to defend your beliefs.
          Before the infestation of the desert religion syndrome, our people were at one with Nature, and understood kinship much better than they do today.

          To Deep South, your religion was only meant to serve the purpose of division among our people, that is straight from the “people” who foisted it upon Europeans. Now that your religion has served it’s purpose, the “people” who brought it to you, are degenerating your culture for you. Psychological warfare 101…

          These are bitter pills to take, when our people have been conditioned for over a millennia to accept, sometimes at sword-point, that an alien religion knows what is better for them, than they do. Christianity has never been, is nothing more than, nor ever will be, anything but proto-communism.

          • @Rob157 – Agree with your thoughtful reply. .. This Fr. John person is a paranoid misogynist who avoids all logic and reason and wields his death-cult religion like a bludgeon.

          • To Deep South:
            I have family lineage in Texas, that extends back to pre- Northern War Of Aggression days. That is Southern.

            To Denise:
            People who are comfortable with their conditioning do not want to hear uncomfortable things. I salute your continued efforts to engage others, I always read your comments. After decades of it, I am losing my patience for it.

            To Carl Green:
            There are many similar people out there, they are only driven by emotion, and conditioning. They do not like blunt reality. It’s understandable, but it’s getting the White race genocided.

          • Rob- I chose the only word people like you can understand, and you (like most hypocrites) pretend to be ‘offended’ when someone comes up (down?) to your level, simply because, while YOU expect others to be nice in their spheres, you choose to be a jerk to others, and expect us to treat folk like you, the same as us?

            Sorry, no. This christophobic bashing that goes on in this forum, is nothing but a bunch of SLAVES OF THE TALMUDICS, acting as if they were free.

            You are all slaves of sin, and in bondage to the devil, as long as you deny Christ His preeminence. End of story.

          • To Fr. John:
            I did not pretend to be offended, nor was I; your response was interesting, that’s all. I do not expect anyone to be nice, this is after all, the internet. And, no, I am not a “slave of the talmudics”; they control your religion, they are using it against you, they are destroying your civilization around you, and they are genociding your people. Organized religions are psychological warfare tools, nothing more, that is all they have been, that is all they will ever be.

            All that aside, White people will likely be annihilated, because they are unable to unify.

      • I am so sick of being told I have to follow a Jewish cult. Organized Christianity is the second largest force for White Genocide, after the US government/military.

  1. The root cause of all the South’s current ills is mind control. Whether it is by the media, entertainment, or government, it is how others have been able to control the next generation out from under their families’ best efforts. Start when their young and be consistent and diligent. Our offspring is our responsibility and we need to stop delegating care and education to negative forces. A parent should parent first and provide friendship second. Never let persuasion destroy your convictions. Popularity is an idiot’s goal.

    And, stop electing and re-electing sellouts.

    Clean food, clean water, clean health care, clean mind = clean life.

    I often wonder if the white IQ is anywhere near the average it is claimed to be.

    • Extremely perceptive comments, Snowhitey! Just one minor change, though: The root cause of all EVERYONE’s ills is mind control.

      I’ve also been a little surprised by the arrogance of some commenters on other essays, going on about how stupid we are to be attached to this movement. Because it’s small, therefore unpopular and not going anywhere. As Snowhitey wrote, “Popularity is an idiot’s goal.” I’m here because the viewpoint presented by HW is RIGHT. Who gives a damn about what’s popular? Popular views got us into the existential mess we’re in. As various histories show, like Russell’s “Renegade History of the U.S.,” it’s the radicals that make changes in the overall society. Being for traditionalism makes me wacky, because I’m out of the mainstream? Fine, I’m a radical whackjob.

      If I can come to the views I’ve got after my life experience, anyone can. I was raised in a very liberal environment, where social democracy and multiculturalism were noble goals everyone should be MADE to aspire to. I was very far left, voting for Wellstone; I supported Jesse Jackson in the presidential primaries. On my mother’s side, relatives living in Minnesota’s Iron Range took in the few black miners there when no one else would. I was inordinately proud of that. In short, I was surrounded by and steeped in influences that despised traditional America. Yet, I’m now here. Because I knew something about our country and world was very wrong, but I couldn’t quite explain it. I didn’t want to see that my views were the ones helping push us over the precipice, but still I made it to where I now am. So others can, too. It was a longer journey than most will have to take, but they’ll make it. If their minds are open, if they’re willing to challenge what they’ve been taught is true, they can make it here as well.

      • @Rich L.,

        I love this quote by Quaker leader William Penn.

        ” Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it.”

        • And, as a Quaker, believing in ‘interior light,’ oft times in those services, people would sit for an hour before anyone ‘got’ the illumination. Nowadays, gays dominate the Quaker faith in the modern world- look up the degenerate sodomite, Ned Rorem, for example. Proud to be an unregenerate faggot, and a Quaker. Protestatantism has to curb her sectarian impulses, big time, and return to her Calvinist/Augustinian roots.

          • Padre John,

            I just like how succinct and powerful his words are.

            I haven’t known any practicing Quakers.

            Honestly, what sect of Christianity hasn’t been infiltration by homosexuals and their apologists?

            The Episcopalian church (not the actual New Hampshire church) that I was raised in was the first denomination of any Christian sect to have an openly queer deacon. After that door was opened, well, you know the rest of the story.

          • Couldn’t resist, could you? Another opportunity to put your rabid triumphalism on blast. It doesn’t do Orthodoxy any favors.

      • I think if a person takes the time to reflect on the last 2-3 decades and summarize the massive changes in societies around the world, I think one of the few conclusions that makes sense is change is fed to us by a method that makes it appear organic in nature. Drip by drip, it attacks the subconscious and manipulates our thoughts without us even realizing it’s happening. Sort of like we’re corralled into these things.

    • “The root cause of all the South’s current ills is mind control. Whether it is by the media, entertainment, or government”……….

      AND ((( CHURCHES ))))

    • @Snowhitey,

      Great post.

      Under communism the state controlled the media. The people under communist rule knew and understood that their information was tainted and biased, so they didn’t trust or believe the communist party’s propaganda.

      In the West, we have “freedom of the press” and the First Amendment, but our media and cultural apparatuses are as controlled as those people that lived and continue to live under communist rule.

      My point is that in the West, the propaganda is believed and trusted (at least by most boomers and normies) as being fair and not controlled by the powers that be. Western media propaganda is more insidious and toxic than communist propaganda was because the sheeple believe what they’re being told is true.

  2. The WASP elite sold their soul to the (((Devil))) many years ago. Wake up and realize the south was never immune from (((their))) control. The (((tribe))) ran the slave trade while the WASP elite gladly did business with them aka buying negros. The majority of southern whites did not own slaves but the elite and leaders sure did and unfortunately all white people in modern America are still paying for it all these years later.

    • …the WASP elite gladly did business with them aka buying negros.

      Gladly, eh? Well, not exactly. Read ch. 2 of R.L. Dabney’s book, A Defense of Virginia and the South, then come back and make that same argument.

      • @Deep South I’ll tell you what I’ll head back to Croatia as soon as you head back to the modern shithole your ancestors created that is the UK.

        • Lol, that famous white “unity” on display once more. The idea that a pack of witless, disunited, terminally discontent “WN” clowns is going to overturn liberalism is pretty laughable.

          • There are a few of us goyim who refuse to be blended.
            As the Germans understood a hundred years ago, we goyim need to apply your logic to every question … “if it is good for Whites then it is right; if it is not good for whites, then it is not right.”
            PS, liberalism is destined to fall in accordance with iron laws of history … it will die because no one values it enough to die for it . are you willing to die for it? If not you, then who?

        • My family has been here over 500 years and carved, settled and built what you and your sloped head kin came to leech off of. There is a big difference in founding and settling a new country and building over generations, versus rocking up like a Mexican and grabbing gibs.

          Regarding the UK, I’ve been many times – unfortunately your kinsman also have ruined there. Slavs are everywhere and have wrecked the NHS and their economy! Over half of most E Europe working age populations are in the UK and Germany! Nothing but leeches and you Croatians, nothing but Bosnians in denial.

          • @Deep South your ancestors were the shit the UK didn’t want anymore so they expelled you. Give me a damn break you really think Croatians are flocking to the UK? You are severely delusional and mentally ill if you truly believe that. As for us Croats who came to America we did so in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and busted our asses while your ancestors sat their your ass and whined. Anglos can best be described as an obnoxious child. They throw temper tantrums and need to be disciplined and taught not to act like a little bitch. Ohh and btw learn the difference between a Croat and Bosnian. Croats are Catholic whites descended from the mountains of modern day Poland while Bosnians are turkroach mystery meat muzzies. Come on Deep South! You and your Anglo brethren know all about the muzzies! They rape your women and you anglos sit back and make them sandwiches as they do. Again it’s called cuck island for a reason.

          • Typical mixed race Bosnian/Croat/Serb/Gypsy

            Chimpouts galore and absolutely nothing you reply with is true, yet every single thing I said IS true. You came to a WASP country and half of E Europe lives in the UK and Germany. Facts, sorry bye darkie! ***btw I have actually been to Croatia and Hungary in one trip not long ago, and the majority of people in Croatia look like gypsies and the houses were like shacks.

            Your true nature comes on display very easily with the hatred of NW Euros, Anglos in particular but not only. I’m glad everyone here gets to see how these people actually feel about every single one of us. Make no mistake this is their truth.

          • @Deep South It’s not a chimpout it’s me simply not taking shit from someone who knows absolutely nothing about Croatia and Slavs yet will run his mouth as if he does. Typical Anglo. Btw it’s actually pretty hilarious how you tea and crumpet fucks all want to be buddy buddy with the Germans now.. where were Anglos when it really mattered? Germany, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, and Lithuania were the last countries on earth with enough backbone to stand up to the kikes and what did your people do? You murdered our citizens and destroyed our countries and are the reason we are in this current situation today. You can sit here all day and sling insults and crack jokes but your people have always been on the wrong side of history and it continues to this day. Fuck you.

          • @Deep South you’ve been to Croatia once awesome story bro.. I’ve been there 62 times and have extended family who to this day live there. Nothing what you have said about Croatia is even close to being true. Women can walk safe in Zagreb without fear of being harrassed and attacked unlike your women in London, Birmingham, Manchester, ect.. Children in Zagreb can play outside without fear of being mowed down by a truck or take shrapnel from an IED, schools in Croatia teach real Croatian history and culture(not some Jewish bs history), children pray at the beginning of school in Croatia, we have no terror attacks or mass shootings, and our government actually looks out for OUR best interests not the interests of Jews. Croatia is not perfect but it is beyond a doubt better than anything Northern or Western Europe has to offer.

          • Croats are Catholic whites descended from the mountains of modern day Poland while Bosnians are turkroach mystery meat muzzies.

            And you are advising Deep South to “learn something”? So lolzy. In reality, Croats and Bosnians cannot be reliably racially distinguished. “Mystery meat” is so far off the mark it amazes me you could claim it with a straight face. (Probably a symptom of WN Derangement Syndrome – the desperate desire to whiten up your own ethnicity by denigrating others.)

            I’m not sure why it’s so difficult for you to admit that, yes, WASPs founded America and built it up into a place that other Europeans found it desirable to come to. There’s simply no equivalence between the English role and the Croatian (or any other) role in this regard. That doesn’t mean Deep South has the best ideas about how to proceed from this point forward (I think he’s a nut), but facts are facts.

          • @Silver I’ve never denied that the English(WASPS) founded America so get your facts straight. Anglos have been on the wrong side of history for many years now. Again where were Anglos when it mattered? They betrayed their European brothers and are in large part the reason we find ourselves in this current situation.

          • Yup. Called it correctly, on Deep South’s pedigree. 500 years of in-breeding with first cousins, and he thinks he is an intelleckshual.

  3. Hunter – Kathy posted this hearing video on another article.


    Jews and their minions are disussing hoe to attack and DESTROY us. One Jew after another. It’s horrifying. FYI the Jewess at the end, the ADL, details how the ADL is “training” LEO’S and schoolchildren to hate Whites, every day.

    All are aligning against Whites. Not North or South – but WHITES.

    • I know you laugh at the idea that the enemy within (freemasonry and other 322 Babylonian death cults) put these jews on a pedestal, if not why do they have so much power to attack us like that and we just blindly let them? Maybe something to think about?

      My neighborhood is full of freemasons and they don’t dare touch on the jewish question.

    • And the high-level Gentile (White) Freemasons and others in high positions of power (like those in the video that are not Jewish) are working hand-in-hand with the Jews to destroy us – or at least reduce us to a very small and powerless minority.

      Their intent – to take us down – has been since the beginning. What you have to remember is that these people (all of them – not just the Jews) have a very long term perspective – they don’t expect to accomplish all of the objectives in their life times. They just do their best to get the agenda as far forward as possible knowing that the next generation will pick up the baton and keep moving it forward. Then the generation after that will do the same.

      And they are aligning against Christians. Christianity must be completely eliminated – then the objective of One World Religion will be a lot easier to accomplish.

      I guarantee you that if you get some visible tattoos that depict the one-eye, the pyramid, the 666, the inverted cross, etc. (I’ve been seeing a lot of that lately) – life will suddenly start getting easier for you – because you’ve signaled that you are “one of them” now. So if you don’t believe in God and think Christianity is a myth – then just accept the Mark of the Beast (the tattoos in this case) and go with the flow – life will be much better (at least in this life) for you.

      • “I guarantee you that if you get some visible tattoos that depict the one-eye, the pyramid, the 666, the inverted cross, etc. (I’ve been seeing a lot of that lately) – life will suddenly start getting easier for you – because you’ve signaled that you are “one of them” now. So if you don’t believe in God and think Christianity is a myth – then just accept the Mark of the Beast (the tattoos in this case) and go with the flow – life will be much better (at least in this life) for you.”

        I would like to test this, but I know my life would not get any better.

    • Some Southerners believe they are insulated, and if they just focus on that insulation, they will be OK. It is just another artificial division among White people.

      • Divisions between ethnicities and cultures are not artificial, they are natural and the result of long term evolution

        • That is just one more short term view that has helped the mortal enemies of the White race achieve their goals. This is why all of Western Civilization is being destroyed from within, piecemeal. The White race’s strongest attribute, and Achilles heal, is our individuality; and our desire to be left alone in our little atomized sub-cultures, which are easy to mop up…

    • Denise,

      This is in response to your comment on the female issue. It is nice to hear from you again.

      When I write that men are the head of the household in Catholic belief, that authority is not absolute. A wife is a beautiful vocation and is not to be treated as a slave or a minor. That is almost a direct quote from our rules/beliefs etc. on marriage and authority from our encyclical letters etc.. No husband can command his wife to sin for example. Marriage is a sacrament and a wife should be honored. I can not wait to be married someday.

      I am aware that my beliefs on male authority over woman is one that you do not hold to the same extent I do due to religion, racial, and educational differences but I do thank you for being polite to me in your responses.

      • Christina,

        I assume the marriage vows in traditional Catholicism that you practice still includes the part where the bride agrees to OBEY her groom.

        Not like the current bizzaro world wedding vows of our current egalitarian era.

        • November,

          I do not actually know what the wedding mass says. I have only been to a couple of weddings and they were years ago when I was a little girl. There was a lot of latin.

          The following is from — ON Christian Marriage 1930 Papal Encyclical Letter

          26. Domestic society being confirmed, therefore, by this bond of love, there should flourish in it that “order of love,” as St. Augustine calls it. This order includes both the primacy of the husband with regard to the wife and children, the ready subjection of the wife and her willing obedience, which the Apostle commends in these words: “Let women be subject to their husbands as to the Lord, because the husband is the head of the wife, and Christ is the head of the Church.”[29]

          28. Again, this subjection of wife to husband in its degree and manner may vary according to the different conditions of persons, place and time. In fact, if the husband neglect his duty, it falls to the wife to take his place in directing the family. But the structure of the family and its fundamental law, established and confirmed by God, must always and everywhere be maintained intact .

          29. With great wisdom Our predecessor Leo XIII, of happy memory, in the Encyclical on Christian marriage which We have already mentioned, speaking of this order to be maintained between man and wife, teaches: “The man is the ruler of the family, and the head of the woman; but because she is flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone, let her be subject and obedient to the man, not as a servant but as a companion, so that nothing be lacking of honor or of dignity in the obedience which she pays. Let divine charity be the constant guide of their mutual relations, both in him who rules and in her who obeys, since each bears the image, the one of Christ, the other of the Church.”[30]

          I can neither add nor subtract from such a Traditional Law

  4. The South has a strong foundation on Social Consevative values. You’ll have a hard time finding anything Democrats, Republicans, Libertards, Communists, and other Liberals hate more than Social Conservative values. Funny enough that’s one reason the South is the most hated place on Earth. With that said I have less and less respect for Conservatives as a whole. I strongly believe Christian Social Conservatives should become Christian Nationalists and no longer care about Conservatives, Republicans, Jews, Trumptard, and our other enemies in the World. Deo Vindice !

    • @Brian Pace: Christian Nationalism? It’s universalist communism! Always was! Why we are in the fix were in!

      communist slogan 1818: “Workers of the world unite!” …
      communist slogan of 2018: No borders, no nations!” …only the redefined “nation” of an ideological identity (i.e. the new orthodox “religion” of the ideological propositional state (christianity is an universalist ideology!!) of global messianic monarchy with political correctness), is the new social order and will need thought police to enforce the ideology to maintain the “Police State “Proposition” “Nations”…

    • @Brian Pace,

      The American South isn’t the most hated place in the world. Israel deserving so holds that title. Over a billion muslims, and tens of millions of Gentiles woke on the JQ and Zog despise the earth’s number terrorist nation and parasite.

  5. The GOP is the epitome of Northern conservatism which is why it has served the South so poorly. The soul of the GOP is free market capitalism and all their sacred principles are tethered to advancing it. Any Southern conservatism they have adopted to their platform is just for election purposes and even that has been abandoned in the Trump era.

    There is no longer even any pretense that they care about Southern concerns. The only place you still find any sign of our values in the GOP is in some of the local and state legislatures like in Alabama. The GOP as a national entity spits on Southern values and openly despises our ancestors.

    • As a displaced Yankee now living in Dixie, I am going to agree with your statement. I’m also going to state that the GOP has not served goys in the Northern States either. George Wallace attempted to reach out to the white working class in the north, typically he was a white ethnic Catholic living in a city. Much like his “cracker” counter-part in the South, these working class whites had their way of life destroyed. E. Michael Jones describes this in Slaughter of Cities (Jones is great on the JQ, borderline retarded on race).

      The GOP discovered that if they “tap danced” on issues like abortion and faggotry, they would win elections. Reagan was a master at this. The “Cracker”, “Pollak”, and “Mic” were always promised big things on the cultural front, but nothing was ever delivered. That’s the way the GOP wanted it.

    • Thanks for posting that. As a hopeless nostalgic, I’ve spent a lot of time on youtube viewing historical footage, but I haven’t seen that one yet. Although whites undoubtedly exuded racial self-confidence in those days, and though the culture was undoubtedly white-normative, economic transformation (electrification, sanitation, automobiles) and immigration (internal and external) had considerably attenuated any sense of rootedness among New Yorkers by the time that was filmed. The desire to improve their material conditions had already begun elbowing out other cultural considerations in those people’s minds, and in subsequent decades would go on to all but complete the job.

      • I’m glad you found the video interesting. I’ve wondered from time to time, over the past two decades or so, whether there was a great emigration that hasn’t been noted. I mean an emigration of Anglo Saxons, for lack of a better term, from the northeastern U.S. cities to the western states. Maybe places like, I don’t know, Denver wouldn’t have burgeoned if there hadn’t been that “Ellis Island” influx, from which, maybe, quietly and little-by-little, the old American stock fled. (I’m using “Ellis Island” as shorthand for the immigration from about 1880 to 1920, even though the Ellis Island immigration station itself didn’t open until the 1890s.)

        I’ve never seen such an emigration mentioned, as I say, and I don’t know whether any historian has looked into it. I’ve simply wondered about it. It would be interesting if all that immigration, the story of which is supposed to bring a tear of patriotic reverence to the eye of every American, simply ruined the country, in slow motion.

  6. Great post. It was about 30 years ago that I realized that only the South had enough character to withstand and survive this “liberal monster” unleashed on the USA — but still it is God who will decide the final outcome.

  7. Damn that one photo of the aborted white baby with a knife in its head is dark and the girl who drew it on is so f*cking messed up man!. I just don’t trust woman with those disgusting tats, eww gross these whores who get these things are like demonic witches or something

    Tats might look somewhat decent now when you are young but come back to me in ten years and tell me otherwise tattoos age you like crazy and you are gonna pay through the nose to remove it I heard its painful af to remove too with laser treatments

  8. There are some great comments here on this thread. Couple of things. First, it is clear that the Occupied South, Indian Reservations, and Black Ghettos are “Petri Dishes” on how to subvert/control a population. As I understand, these sort of low church protestant denominations weren’t that prevalent until after 1865 throughout the South. These sort of churches discourage learning and are completely DIY.

    Second, it is fairly common for Southerners involved in the “edgy” Right to believe that Freemasonry is a good thing. Usually, there is a story about a father/grandfather who was also in the Klan. That being said, Freemasonry protects Freemasonry. The whole organization is proto-Marxist and puts Jews on a pedestal.

    Third, regarding Christianity. There is a strong case to be made that Christianity is the “legitimate” child of the Jews while Marxism is the “illegitimate” child of Jews. Both have a great deal of similarities, especially about universalism and inclusion. Race Realism and modern day Christianity (be it Protestant or Catholic) no longer mix. Churches have been controlled by Marxists for a number of years. Those that don’t, are all about endless perpetual “blessing” of Israel/Jews.

    Lastly, our friend @Jem stated that The South needs to get back to its WASP Roots. IMHO there is nothing more cannibalistic than a WASP. Look at how “Big WASPs” look down/destroy “Small WASPs”.

    • Yet there is no denying WAPS built the South and the culture is completely WASP or WASP derived. I am also from the North but have lived in the Deep South for awhile, it is like two different countries. I cannot think of one thing there is in common except maybe the language and even that is debatable.

  9. Hey Hunter,
    Great article, the type I like reading here at OD. Especially liked your statement that: “Southern conservatism is not Northern conservatism. It is not derived from reading Friedrich Hayek, Milton Friedman or Ayn Rand books.” That says a mouthful. And, I liked the pic of Dabney at the end!

    • That statement is correct, Joe Putnam, and that is a good observation by HW. But there are at least some others outside the South who feel the same way. When I was young, raised in the North, I thought I was a “conservative” and never knew Hayek, Friedman or Rand. Neither could I identity with the “conservative” media Buckley types, or the bolsheviks who disguised themselves as neocons and surrounded the past several “conservative” presidents. All of these were always completely alien to me. My “conservatism” was in fact a natural desire to preserve race, kin, customs and culture. Truth is, “conservatism” was long ago stolen by (((intellectuals))) and subverted for the purposes of Zionism, just as the Christian churches also were.

      But I think the difference is that outside the South, except perhaps in a few places in the Midwest and northern Appalachia, there is not so much cohesiveness of kin and culture, Northerners were much more quickly lost to Jewish materialism, and even many rural Northerners have ended up as Hunter describes here, “… hedonists and consumers who live in the pleasures of the moment…. alienated, miserable and resentful…. nihilists who see the world as meaningless.” This certainly is the state of my own family, even my kin in rural upstate New York.

      This is a good article. We need to be able to express the basic issues and differences with what people see as “traditional” (((media-promoted))) conservatism because it is indeed alien to true White conservatives, for want of a better term.

      • Then why do you push (((global messianic monarchy))) and ideological “Christian Identity” which are both complete contradiction’s to kin, clan, tribe, and racial-ethnos nations?

        “Christian Identity” Nationalism under a foreign alien global monarchy? you are in total cognitive dissonance or something else brother!!! Yahwist Christianity is universalist communism! Always was! Why we are in the fix were in!

        communist slogan 1818: “Workers of the world unite!” …
        communist slogan of 2018: No borders, no nations!” …only the redefined “nation” of an ideological identity (i.e. the new orthodox “religion” of the ideological propositional state/global empire (christianity is an universalist ideology!!) of global messianic monarchy with political correctness is the new global social order and will need thought police to enforce the ideology to maintain the “Police State “Proposition” “Nations”/Empire…

        See also Jozef Tiso post above SEPTEMBER 23, 2019 AT 3:03 AM and listen to history: https://archive.org/details/MichaelTsarionFreemasonryJudaism

  10. Do you realize 2019 was another red letter day in our dispossession? 2019 is significant because for the first time ever the number of school children in America’s public school system is majority non-white. That bodes ills for the future. Envision 25 years into the future knowing what you know now.

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