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“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.” George Orwell

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
George Orwell

I’m fortunately mostly out of the Chicago city, but keep close contact with political, criminal events, statistics in my former very influential city neighborhood. Barack Obama was my neighbor and Illinois State Representative. Now the Obama Foundation is stealing my former open, free Lakefront park to build some abomination/Obamination featuring a 27 story high rise, above ground parking garages build at tax payer expense in (Andrew) Jackson Park. This Obamination will be called; The Obama Presidential Center. Liberal park lovers are furious.

Chicago Illinois is a one party, Black AA/ homosexual LGBT and Jewish dominated one party state – under the misrule of the Demorat party. There are currently no Giuliani style tough law and order pols, crusaders or even just honest law and order writers in the local mainstream media or on local TV. On the plus side, the City is stunningly beautiful, especially this time of year.

Chicago does have a few excellent crime reporting blogs. I highly recommend these three:

This blog reports Chicago City weekly, monthly, annual shootings and murders and breaks these stats down by neighborhoods, racial stats of perps and victims.
This blog is written by tough, street smart retired Chicago cops. It is crime and political commentary about what’s going down now in Chicago and the writers and commenters are honest about racial realities.

This blog focuses on street crime in Chicago North Side neighborhoods – offers honest NY Post type crime reporting and features excellent photos of the perps doing the knock out game, wilding attacks etc.

September murder and mayhem totals so far: shot and killed 37, shot and wounded 169, total homicides 40. Chicago BlackLiesMatter State’s Attorney Kim Foxxcrime, is currently closing ~ 15% of Chicago murders – thus 85% of Chicago murderers get away with murder.


  1. To be fair the CPD murder-solving rate has always been shitty(sub-20%) – doing their job cuts into CPD’s drug-dealer shakedown time – CPD gives NYPD and LAPD corruption a run for their money. And sorry, but, nigs killing nigs is a win in my book.

    • “nigs killing nigs is a win in my book.”

      That’s fine, but how about all the Whites hurt in the process?
      The cost, the ruined infrastructure, the resource drain?

      • Arian – bingo. My immediate thought, when I saw the title of this post, was, “Yawn. Negroes killing Negores. How much will all of this cost Whitey, this week alone?”.

  2. Chicongo is a tumor and it’s metastasizing into my state. All we get from them is bean-niggers and shitlib huwytes who love ‘diversity’ so much, they can’t wait to leave it behind. But it’s catching up with them…

  3. Am I missing something? Why should we care? You could say it will help our cause. But normies already know this stuff and are still blind to race. If the stats were like 100 times this. I guess it would be a fun white pill for the day

    • Why should we care? Because we should care about the communities we live in or have lived in. I’ve lived 2/3 of my life in and just out of Chicago. I also lived for 5 incredible years in New York City after college in the late 1980s. My personal experiences in crime infested, immigration anarchy and racial anarchy has made me educated about racial realities, collapses of civilizations. So many White Americans are simply clueless about the basic things that matter for the maintenance of basic civilization – basic things like not pissing and pooping in your drinking water. Chicago sewage used to flow from the Chicago river in to Lake MI where we get our drinking water. There were terrible problems with colera and other water born diseases. Then Chicago reversed the flow of the Chicago river, now our treated sewage flows the other way down the Mississippi to St. Louis where they make Budweiser beer. The St. Louis Cardinals have traditionally done better than both Chicago baseball teams but at least we don’t drink St. Louis piss and poop.


      Also, by noting violent crime, immigration anarchy in places like Chicago – we can promote law and order tough White guys like Sheriff Joe A in Arizona. I note that civilization was restored when NY hit criminal rock bottom and elected a tough, law and order Mayor Giuliani – it could happen in places like Chicago after all Hitler got appointed Chancellor of Germany and Russia is now run by an extremely smart and tough Russian nationalist leader Vladimir Putin the Great.

      Also by reporting honestly about Chicago and other American cities murder and mayhem, we discredit the #*&$$# Christian Zionists, Cuckservatives that like to wave the flag, support the troops and go along to get along with the Neo Conservative/Zionist war mongering.

      What’s the point of all these foreign wars if we don’t do anything about civilization collapsing in our cities?

      • “why would I ever want to save any city from anything”

        Just wait till it spreads to your area.
        Or you have to go there for specialist treatment and get your share of affirmative action.

        Of course, I know, you’re superman and never going to need the services of a major city, like a neurologist.

        Wait till their section 8 brings Chicago to your town. Of course, you’ll be out there with your machine gun and grenades to stop it.

      • Mr. Ryan,

        Chicago only solving 15% of murders is shocking. With cameras everywhere I am surprised the percentage is not way higher.

        Yes, you should report crime. I take an article like this and show to my friends at school. Despite being highly educated the anglo girls I know are the most surprised. The Latin girls already know or suspect high black crime. It is not a question of intelligence but naivety and propaganda.

        • Good for you Christiana. And you are very right, intelligence is not that important when it comes to understanding and dealing with the worst urban Black crime – instead it’s street smarts, courage. A tough working class man or women is going to do better in this area as opposed to spoiled rich White Anglo boys and Girls who want to be like Taylor Swift.

          Our enemies know this, that’s why they always try to get and almost always do get the pop star, actors and actresses like Taylor Swift.

  4. “about what’s going down now in Chicago”

    Simple, it’s black.

    ( factor out mud crime and America has better crime stats than Switzerland.)

    • There was another blog that I felt was superior to the three that you mention called TrueNewsUSA ran by someone called Detective Shaved Longcock. It not only gave the gritty details but reveled in uncontrolled commentary by the readers. It was like 4chan on steroids. Unfortunately the person behind it was an actual Chicago cop and stepped on so many toes he or she ended up getting deplatformed before it was even a thing. But thanks to TrueNews I did learn that 5230 South May Street is the heart of the hood (whether that is actually true or not I have no idea).

  5. “Chicago is not in the South. No one cares about nigger crime up there.”

    And by the same self-centered logic, what to I care if they want to resettle millions of Somalis in the South, the place is already full of blacks.

    • Agreed and extremely well said.

      We can’t accomplish anything if our people don’t care. If they don’t care about the terror, rape and murder of our/their very closely related people in places like Chicago, South Africa, Rotherham England, Cologne Germany, Memphis TN, Wichita KS.

      If White Celtic Scotts and Irish continue to hate on perfectly good White Anglo English Conservatives – if these spiteful Scottish Nationalists demand independence from White Anglo English people but are fine with union with 100 million Pakistani and Bangladeshi Islamists or just low life sexual groomers – well, then pretty much all of our education efforts showing what’s happening now, these will be in vain.

      We have to find ways to reach our people who do care and it’s been immensely disappointing to discover that most of our people don’t care.

  6. These are OD’s comment guidelines. They are very reasonable, sensible.

    1.) No Flaming – comment threads degenerating into flame wars. Flames are now banned. If you want to criticize someone, that’s fine, but do so in a respectful and civil tone, and make sure your comment adds to the discussion, otherwise it could be deleted.

    2.) Off-Topic Comments – Please stick to the subject under discussion. Far too many threads are getting derailed by extraneous issues.

    3.) No Trolling – Do not troll others and bait them into reacting to you.

    4.) No Soap Operas – Do not come here to carry on a soap opera.

    5.) No Hobby Horse Riding – countless threads deteriorate into hobby horse riding. The most obvious examples are religious and subracial infighting. Most of the time the OP is irrelevant to these issues.

    6.) Use Common Sense – comments should be reasonable, civil, productive, and respectful. Stick to the high road. Make your point in an honorable way.

    8.) Conspiracy Theories – There are any number of websites that cater to conspiracy theories. This isn’t one of them.

    The open free expression days of the internet are ending. We’re losing all kinds of internet free speech every day. Yes, of course there are Antifa, SPLC trolls trying to incite, entrap, provoke. But so much of our problems of bad comments are caused by regular folks just going off, saying ignorant, stupid things.

    “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
    But in ourselves, that we are underlings.

    Cassius from William Shakespeare Julius Caesar Act I, Scene II

    • Jaye Ryan,

      Please refrain from using the word “reasonable.” That’s the go to term the leftists use for many of their death by a thousand cuts, and it’s also subjective.

      I remember being in Shitcago in the early 2000s when the West Nile Virus was causing a few deaths and chronic neurological disorders. It was the safest summer that city had in decades because the black and Hispanic gangbangers were more afraid of a mosquito bite than CPD. Of course, the CPD clouted brass and little Daley shortshanks took credit for “crime is down.”

    • Mr. Ryan,

      These are Occidental Dissent standards? Since when?

      On this website I have been called the following by White Nationalists————I have been called a Shiksa Whore twice, a cucaracha, an animal for being Mexican, a transvestite twice. a latrine person, a bitch and other insults. Yet you are going to tell me that this website has standards? As much respect as I have for you I do not believe it.

      • Christina,

        Only a jew would call you a shiksa whore. Jews used that disparaging term for female Gentiles. Most everyone knows that you’re a traditional Catholic. My assumption is a an SPLC or ADL jew or jews were responsible for those two ridiculous insults.

        As for the other epithets, obviously they were made out of ignorance and vicious spite. Are you absolutely sure that the slurs were made by legitimate White advocates? Is it all possible that might have been written by a troll to smear pro-Whites as the (((Hollywood))) stereotype presented to the public?

        • November,

          Thank you as always for your kind words.

          You asked if I was sure if the insults were made by White Advocates? Well the 7 people who gave the worst insults are all regular commentators on this website. If they are all agent provocateurs then where are the White Nationalists on a pro white site?

          I did have to look up what Shiksa meant. A strange word.

          • Christiana,

            I believe you. Thought it is very, very strange for a supposed Gentile to call you a shiksa. Shiksa is a hebrew slur for a Gentile female.

            The only insult I recall someone using towards you was the cockroach one, but I may have missed the others because you began posting comments on OD before I found this site.

            My advice is to consider the sources of these ad hominem attacks, and take them with a grain of salt.

        • November,

          I do ignore these people in general and rarely respond. I do not remember when you began on this website. I was briefly on this site last year but only lasted a short while before I essentially picked up my dolls and went home. I started commenting again this year around the time of those New Zealand shootings.

          Almost all of the insults were given since June of this year. I do know their names. One of the 7 agreeing with the worse insult against me has since then written nicely to me repeatedly and I bear that person no grudge for the past.

          The other 6? I notice when someone barely verbally brushes upon them they foam at the mouth against other people. They are of no worth.

          I thank you for introducing to me the website called Blackpilled. Those videos are usually quite well done. Because school has been in session now for a while I have to try and limit myself to around one hour a day in total for these political websites such as OD and BP.

          • Christiana,

            I am glad you’re enjoying some of BP’s videos. Supposedly, he used to be a writer in Hollywood, so his forte is breaking down the subtle but pernicious propaganda in motion pictures and other forms of “popular culture.”

            From your second paragraph, it was quite easy to figure out who you were referring to. As you know, said person isn’t exactly my favorite poster on OD.

            I think you might’ve gotten under the skin of some of the posters by writing that you were their enemy in the past. Others just dislike or hate you for being Latin and Catholic.

            On newer thread, the anti-Catholic and anti-Mediterranean (with emphasis towards Italians) fever has resurfaced with the usual suspects, but a few new names have joined in the fray. Their glaring ignorance seems to be contagious.

            As I have stated, I am approximately 20% Italian and 79% other White ethinicites with a trace ~1% Asian (remnant from the Mongol invasion of Europe?).

            Anyhow, I refuse to continue to engage in these pointless “debates” about Italians, Mediterraneans, or Catholics. No matter what valid points I make, they fall on deaf ears or should I say eyes. It doesn’t even matter that Herr Hitler was baptized Catholic or that the Catholic and Lutheran Churches in Germany during his time as chancellor were supported by the government.

            Hunter Wallace is a great writer and historian. I enjoy reading and reacting to his essays. Since I no longer watch or read any “mainstream news” media, OD had been one of my most reliable sources for what’s actually happening in the USA and occasionally, the world. Unfortunately, I may have to wean myself off OD because of all the infighting. Perhaps I’ll just read the articles, and try to refrain from posting a response. It would be difficult though.

            There have been times when I wanted to write in defense of you that any parent would be very proud to have a daughter with your intelligence, manners, values, loyalty to family and culture, but I didn’t due to the absolute guarantee that from that point on every single comment I would make thereafter would be viewed with derision, disrespect, disregard, and suspicion that I was a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing.’

            I know I speak for myself and probably Jaye Ryan when I say that we would be very fortunate to have more females and people in general like you standing with us than too many of the one’s that act as a repellent to potential friends and allies. But I carry no weight or influence on these cyber-strangers.

            I always look forward to your very honest and well thought out commentary and responses.

            Until next time, be well.

          • Daigos, WOPS, real brave at insulting someone or their family behind a keyboard. Do you pussies understand what I’m saying?

        • November,

          One of your comments was so sweet it left me stunned. A thank you seems inadequate yet I have no words.

      • I’m very disappointed to hear this Christiana, but not really surprised. Yes, there are people, probably not Jewish trolls who say mean and insulting things to good people like you and also to me. I get so many comments along the lines “You Suck Ryan”, “F*** You”, “Nobody cares about what you have to say”, “you’re originally from Chicago so F*** you”. That sort of high level, idealistic comments. I moderate comments on blogs that I write.We do have comment guidelines – the list I presented, but we don’t have a staff to delete comments on all blogs.

        Well, sorry again for the unpleasant comments. I sort of look at my blogs as being in a bar – which has some informal rules, but also has traditions where people can unwind and be themselves.

        • Mr. Ryan,

          You do always say the right thing. Thank you for the encouragement. Yes, some white nationalists do conform to the negative stereotype.

          • Christiana,

            I don’t have to tell you that all stereotypes contain some truth(s), otherwise, they would go as extinct as the Dodo bird.

      • I think basedbemidj was wanting more tell it like it is, race realist crime blogs like HeyJackAss, SecondCityCop, CrimeinWrigleyvilleandBoystown

        I don’t this he was requested more Black crime like is the daily norm in Chicago.

  7. There used to be a bookie in Boston who would take over and under bets on the murders in Chicongo on a weekly basis. That’s how much people care.

  8. Whether or not this comment is censored, it will be my last one on this site. (Good riddance, I’m sure) It has been astonishing to me to witness the commenters here doing the exact same thing they regularly — and rightfully — excoriate our despicable politicians for. Namely, welcoming our Invaders with open arms (and legs) and rushing to defend, soothe and comfort them against any criticism, while scolding, censoring, squashing and removing White men who protest their own displacement. I refer, of course, to everyone’s pet Brown person, so-called “Christina”.

    As with all the Invaders, while she whines regularly about the treatment she receives here, she makes NO move to go someplace ELSE and be someplace her own kind created. Enjoy your replacement Occidental Observers. You’ve earned it!

    • This has nothing to do with Christina.

      I’m tired of the comment section devolving into flame wars. I don’t think it is too much to ask people to be civil and respectful. Disagreement is fine, but flame wars in the comments detract from the site.

    • To the so called Carl Green,

      I am probably pure white and my people were here before yours. I am not an illegal. And if you cannot calculate the difference between condemning a person’s position on matters and evil comments it is no wonder that few whites support White Nationalism. I have shown friends and family comments such as yours. They are disgusted with people like you.

      You are the one not acting like a man but a whiner. My family has owned land in the Southwest for centuries.

      I have been more than polite compared to what I have received.

      I will say Adios and that is more than you deserve.

      Christiana Romana A. H.

  9. J.H.

    this being your fifth different username, and mind you the weakest one to date..

    Only one poster is this neurotic so as to pretend to be white knighting for their fourth incarnation. It’s is equivalent to a child playing Hide and Seek while wearing a strobe light on their belt.

    I agree. Keyboard ninjas are a dime a dozen, and in real face to face physical encounters would be as silent as a mouse or cut and run.

    It is unfortunate that we won’t be able to put your ascertion to the test because having you cry Uncle A or pleading for mercy sounds like some righteous fun.

    Hopefully, you’ll get approved for reassignment surgery and no longer be so miserable.

    • November,

      No sooner was the civility law on the books than someone foamed at the mouth against you. Your response was in keeping not only with the civility rule but also the rule of decency that honorable men and women possess.

      I am almost positive that a lot of the comments on this website would be illegal if said in a public space. In fact some of them would legally be considered hate crimes with the loss of employment.

      On Yahoo news I have read of racial rants and harassment leading to the loss of employment and fines. So you are right in that for people to say over the internet evil comments they dare not say in public is cowardice.

      • Christiana,

        Thank you for your kind words.

        Personally, I do not believe or subscribe to so-called “hate crime” crimes with added penalties in sentencing or “hate speech ” restrictions. Believe it or not, but neither does the United States Supreme Court. SCOTUS has ruled that what is referred to as “hate speech ” is protected under the United States Constitution. The government made threats of violence illegal, except when they’re doing the threatening (e.g., Blompf’s tweets and comments towards Iran and North Korea).

        My pet peeve with the classical liberal often repeated go to line of, “You can’t yell fire in a crowded theater ” is untrue. If the theater is on fire, I’m pretty sure that you will not be prosecuted for informing the audience of that fact.

        The other knee jerk and slippery slope throw away sound bite that leftists throw around is the word “sensible ” which is subjective to interpretation.

        Hypocracy is the lubricant of political intercouse.

        On the other hand, private businesses are allowed to impose their own set of guidelines that employees agree to follow.

        When I was your age, the Overton Window on free speech was a lot less restrictive to what has become known as politically incorrect speech and thought.

        In the last twenty-five years slowly but steadily, Orwellian measures imposed by local, state, and the federal government along with ‘Woke’ corporations, Internet platforms, and mainstream media have been closing the Overton Window to speech and beliefs that the wealthy oligarchs of western democracy (I.e., jewish special interests through campaign contributions, media narrative control, legislative lobbyists, and a myriad of other subterfuge) want squashed and criminalized.

        I believe we both know who this “J.H.” poster most likely is. At least, you can see who I suspect the perpetrator to be.

        • November,

          That was a nice detailed summary of American belief.

          There is nothing in my mentality, religion, ethnic outlook, education, etc. that make me understand giving your enemies any rights other than God-given ones. And freedom of speech is not one of them. Even my grandmother’s American Baltimore Catechism of 1954 says that there is no such thing as freedom of speech since error has no rights at all.

          Remember your system is a WASP system made for and by W
          ASP’s. I do not understand much of it much less believe in it. Americanism is definitely not Catholicism. The only Catholics that go along with Americanism are those who do not know their faith or those Catholics who have abandoned it. Like most of them. That is not just my opinion but was once just considered fact.

          Naturally, truth is determined by religion, reason etc. And I will of course go by my religion, by history, tradition etc. Just in case you asked. I will not support or even tolerate beliefs I am against and I am amazed that anyone else would either.

          In short, the Left is just acting like I would against certain causes if I or someone like me had authority. I have different views than the Left but the same authoritarian outlook. And so does my religion traditionally.

          To not be too disappointed in me due to this comment. Even disregarding religion you go for their throat or they go for yours.

          However, in the United States I abide by American laws and of course I would generally be civil without a website Civility Law.

          Yes. I am pretty sure who J.H. is. That comment of IT was so bad it was like a little child yelling at an adult.

          • I too am an authoritarian, but I would not any totalitarian system that was flawed by being unable to stand up to scrutiny. Some people can be obedient to an ideology blindly. For instance, the sentiment expressed in the statement, “My country right or wrong.” You could substitute other nouns in place of country, and it still wouldn’t hold water for me.

            My education is in the life sciences, so you could say that I am an empiricist and believe in the concept of naturalism.

            The hard sciences do not fear new discoveries challenging current paradigms. The scientific method is actually very conservative. Nothing is believed to be accurate or true, unless the results can be replicated.

            For thousands of years, the speed of a horse was the fastest human could travel, until the steam engine was developed by physicists and mechanical engineers. At the beginning of the twentieth century, we advanced from the Wright Brothers flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina to the moon landing in 60 years! That’s utterly amazing. The two Voyager spacecraft have left the solar and now travel through interstellar space 35,000 miles per hour.

            In the field of medicine, at the beginning of the twentieth century, the average lifespan was approximately 50 years. By the end of the twentieth century, the average lifespan for men was about 75 years and 78 years for women. Smallpox was eliminated worldwide. Polio was cured. Fatal childhood cancers that used to have a mortality rate of 80% now claim (still too many) 20%.

            It is this progress that I want to see continued. I don’t believe man (especially Europeans) are playing God or wanting to replace God, but have been on this trajectory of applied knowledge.

            This the the arena that faith butts up against reason.

            You practice traditional Catholicism which believes that only humans have a soul. When I first heard a traditional Catholic make that statement I was furious. I’ve seen what can only be described emotions and sentient behavior in other mammals (chimpanzees, dogs, whales, dolphins, elephants, and even the much despised rat). They mourn, laugh, have language, some use tools, and they protect their offspring. The differences between man and other advanced mammals isn’t in kind but degree. I have no doubt you will disagree with me on that.

            The story of the Garden of Eden and not eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge is an example of the long history of faith versus reason. I prefer to believe that a benevolent deity wouldn’t want us to remain ignorant of the its creation.

            As you know, the Protestant Church of England is a offshoot of Catholicism. King Henry VIII broke away for extremely selfish and ignorant reasons. Unlike the Luther and his objections to the Church of Rome and the supposed infallibility of the Pope, King Henry VIII wanted the Pope to grant him an annulment from Queen Catherine of Aragon because she didn’t provide him a male heir to the throne. As an aside, thanks to the research of biologists, we now now with absolute certainty that the male determines the sex/gender of the child.

            The foundations of the United States while being created by Anglo Saxons isn’t an alien syst to others from Europe, as demonstrated by relatively peaceful assimilation in this country prior to jewish agitation during beginning in earnest last century.

            Benjamin Franklin for all his brilliance wanted to exclude Germans from becoming citizens of the new nation.

            Reading is an acquired skill and reading comprehension is an even more developed skill. The posters that continue to refer to you as a “brown person” haven’t mastered those skills.

            There a few possibilities. 1. They are ignorant about your background. 2. They know that you’re not a mestizo and choose attack you as one anyhow.

            Whites make up only 8% of the Earth’s population, so that means 92% are non-white. Making unnecessary adversaries out of seven billion people is a suicidal strategy. Funny thing is I’ve known a few brown people from India that were/are very sympathetic to the plight of Whites in the West.

            Jason Köhne A.K.A. “No White Guilt ” wants to attract as many non-whites that are pro-White at best and not anti-white at worst. At the same time he offers practical solutions and ideas to increase White well being. I don’t agree with every single sentiment or policy he champions, but he is one of the better voices for White advocacy.

            Is the school you attend a parochial schools? It’s unique in that old fashioned customs and manners are a part of the curriculum. Are there schools where boys learn what is expected of them as men in the same way? I am unaware of any educational institutions still teach those behaviors.

            By the way, you often cite yahoo news as a source of information. Yahoo is a leftist website. On their homepage, it will list extremely biased and unreliable articles by the huffington post. I would recommend that you seek information on current events elsewhere. Just off the cuff, I’d suggest,, as some good sources.

        • November,

          I forgot to clarify that i do not belief in the concept of hate laws either. I believe they originated in the Soviet Union and are selectively enforced.

          Even when applied uniformly each crime real or alleged stands on it’s own legs. Saying a certain action is worse because it happened to a non white is a travesty of justice and reason.

        • November,

          This is in response to your last comment below. Your thoughtful comment deserves a similar response.

          Did the Irish and Italians really assimilate so readily? And most of the Irish immigrants were Protestant not Catholic at least at first. This would make their troubles more ethnic than religious. I think it was not very peaceful at all at least for awhile. I am not an expert on the subject. I am just speculating.

          I do have fondness for canines. I thought I read that dogs scientifically were 8 times more loving than cats. I can not vouch for the science but dogs sure love humans. My family once saw a movie called Orca. I admit I was kind of on the side of the killer whale against Richard Harris.

          Yes, I am aware that Yahoo news is a news service worthy of the Soviet Union. But i believe Yahoo when they mention that whites are arrested for racial harassment. Such as a man in a restaurant insulting 2 Ecuadorian girls for speaking Spanish or another man insulting a Puerto Rican girl with a Puerto Rican flag. Other examples abound. Whites frequently lose their employment when such incidents occur.

          I have been in public with family/friends where Spanish was spoken and never felt threatened. That was California and Texas. If harassed I would contact the police to stop it but would not want a man to lose his job over mere verbal insults. A man’s livelihood can only be taken from him for an extreme offense.

          I have attended government schools, religious private schools, and secular private schools.

          My education has included religious classes. It also has included usually informally the proper behavior for young ladies. One ancient nun taught us a lot. Such as—never emotionally responding to insult, proper respect for adults, do not threaten a man’s pride. Making sure males keep their hands to themselves etc. There are a lot of matters to know. Do I always follow those rules? Most of the time only.

          Some males would try the patience of a saint.

          • Christiana,

            Perhaps peaceful assimilation was too generous. Italians and Irish Catholics formed their own enclaves usually around churches that they’d attend that offered mass in their original tongue.

            I suppose by ‘peaceful ‘ I meant that by the second generation Italian and Irish children were playing with and attending school together. Sure there were still rough patches between the different ethnicities but not to the extent that Whites have with mestizos and blacks. South and East Asians tend to stay within their own cliques in employment and education.

            Within White nationalities there were plenty of things that allowed them to bond like scouting, music, team sports, bike riding, hobbies, and of course the shared threat posed by blacks and Hispanic criminals.

            As far as I know, there weren’t any legal governmental segregation laws that kept the various White ethnicities apart. The Anglos in America tended to war among each other then with other Whites of European descent. The American Civil War being the most obvious example.

            That some supposedly pro-White posters on this blog and others would still attempt to create animus between White ethnic groups can only be described as ridiculously counterproductive but possibly the activity of enemy agent provocateurs in our midst.

            As respectful I am in my pursuit of the (once upon a time) fairer sex, you and your girlfriends may have have had you’re patience tested by me in my high school days.

            This isn’t meant to be an act of braggadocio, but I have had mothers introduce me to their daughters, brothers introduce me to their sisters, and sisters introduce me to their sisters.

            In a spare moment you should look at some of the latest research into comparison brain MRIs between human and dogs in relation to emotional responses.

            The human and dog relationship is anywhere from 13,000-15,000 years old. Ancient graves have been discovered of a dog owner buried with their beloved dog. Canis lupus familiaris is the only animal (not even primates) that understands what a human wants when we point at something. That’s how close our bond is.

        • November,

          This is in response to your last comment way down below I think. You sound like you were quite the amusing rogue when you were in school. We have been warned about such likeable scoundrels. i am easily chatted up I have to admit. I called you scoundrel in jest of course.

          I am glad you like dogs. My favorite creatures. Their unconditional love for humans is beautiful and their happiness depends on our love. Give them a little and they are yours.

          A good dog is better than 98% of humans.

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