Trump Discusses Gun Control With New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Now, I have complete confidence that after being safely reelected that Donald Trump would never invade Iran or confiscate semiautomatic firearms or sign a massive amnesty for illegal aliens …

1 News Now:

“Mr Trump took an interest in New Zealand’s gun buyback scheme in response to the March 15 attacks.

“It was a conversation around our buyback and obviously the work that we’d done to remove military-style semiautomatic weapons and assault rifles, and so we had a conversation around what would have happened in New Zealand, how it worked,” Ms Ardern told media.

“I referenced the fact that actually Australia had gone through a similar process and we really learnt from that so it was really just sharing our experience, which obviously is pretty unique.”

When asked by media if there was a sense he had some movement on his stance, Ms Ardern said, “I just sensed an interest.”

“I mean obviously we were able to move very quickly and with consensus and I think that obviously stood out to the world the fact that we had that political consensus across members of Parliament – everyone but one person voting in favour – and so I think that sparked interest amongst others,” she said. “I certainly wouldn’t want to predetermine that that means anything particular for the United States other than an interest in what we did.” …”

If a Democrat wins the 2020 election, we will be censored on the internet! We will be rounded up and put in FEMA camps! Antifa will run wild! We will have open borders!

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  1. an Obama 3rd term

    would have been less deadly to Whites

    than Drumpf’s 1st. But

    I don’t care if Drumpf gets a 2nd or not.

    whoever is Prez will be rapidly overwhelmed by

    uncontrollable events.

    • There is no difference in fed policy, regardless of who gets in there. Don’t be dense. Obama was horrible as is Trump as is the entirety of the history of the federal government. This should be blindingly obvious.

  2. Worse than the nagger. I shall rejoice when the dems throw their retard base a bone and imprison this coward traitor after he loses to some other POS

  3. So far it seems Trump has been trolling the press with gun issue. I”m hoping Don Jr. gets it and has some influence.

    • That and the fact it was a mossad operation for gun control, but daily stormer says hes a hero yeah right rabbi weevlos and rabbi azzmador…

    • Actually he threw away his life to impress a bunch of losers on an anonymous image board website. I’d imagine he is going to feel pretty stupid in 5 years time when the memes are stale and he is long forgotten.

    • World elites are building survival bunkers in New Zealand for reasons they only know, so they certainly don’t want the local inhabitants to have anyway to cause them any inconveniences while they watch the chaos they’ve created from a South Pacific paradise.

  4. Why thank you Mr UPS driver. Ammo? No, not ammo. I own a tackle store you see. There are lead weights in the box, not thousands of rounds of ammo that I certainly won’t need in the upcoming collapse/War.

      • What’s so hard not to believe about this? That is their main religion, satanic Kabbalist androgyny. Why do you think these freaks are pushing the transgender meme so much? Why is that obelisk (fake penis) in Washington DC (Rome) sit in the middle of two circles, the oval representing in their religion the vagina? They want to mix the two powers into one male and female, androgynous baphomet. That is their religion. You’d be surprised who is androgynous in Hollywood and in world politics.

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