David French: Trump’s Damning Call Demands An Impeachment Inquiry

Is anyone surprised by this?

David French completely bought into the absurd Russia Narrative. He has no problem swinging behind the Ukraine Narrative. Trump has gone from being a puppet of Vladimir Putin to someone who offers a quid pro quo to arm Russia’s enemies in exchange for dirt on Joe Biden.


“The unredacted, declassified summary of Donald Trump’s July 25 telephone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky contains an express request that he work with Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and it creates a powerful inference that this request was tied to the Ukrainian need for American Javelin missiles to assist in deterring Russian aggression.

The sequence in the call is damning. First, in the opening moments of the call—just after Trump congratulates Zelensky on his election victory, he raises direct concerns that while the U.S. has been “very good to Ukraine,” the nation not been “reciprocal necessarily” with the U.S.

There is nothing wrong in the abstract with a statement like this. Nations do seek quid pro quos all the time in international diplomacy. The relevant question is what the U.S. wants for its friendship. …”

Shouldn’t Putin have prevented his puppet Trump from selling the Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine? How about pulling out of the INF treaty or imposing wave after wave of sanctions on Russia?

We pick on David French because he represents mainstream conservatism. Just look at that smug look on his prissy little face and tell me that French isn’t the physical embodiment of the problem.

As with the 11 Republican senators who voted this afternoon to block Trump’s border wall national emergency, French represents a class of people who simply cannot be relied upon to defend the interests of their social base. The Spirit of Jeff Flake continues to rule the Republican Party.

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  1. Apropos of the observation that Conservatism, Inc. conserves nothing there are two stories on Zero Hedge, one beneath the other. The first is that Trump’s base is energized because of the Ukraine story the Democrats and MSM are flogging and have used the impeachment attempt to raise $5 million dollars in one day. Apparently, that is the whole point of electing then reelecting Trump, to raise lots of money from suckers quickly.


    Right underneath is another story, Mattel is trying to sell a new line of degenerate, “gender neutral” dolls with purple hair, nose rings etc. to children. Perhaps Mattel can become a sponsor of Drag Queen Story Hour now. Conservatism, Inc. believes in both raising $5 million and Mattel’s new line of pervert dolls, the “free market” being the greatest good imaginable.


    What exactly is Conservatism, Inc. trying to conserve besides their lucrative grift as what’s left of the country spirals down at 1,000 MPH?

  2. If David French infuriates you better stay away from Eli Saslow’s book Rising Out of Hatred: The Awakening of a Former White Nationalist!

  3. Within the American system, an action is only considered corruption if that action interferes with other people’s corruption. It is fine to use state power and bend the laws if you are only seeking to enrich yourself and your family, but the moment you try to prevent others from doing so then that is just a step too far.

    Reminds me of the election hacking scandal, where the big problem was not the systemic corruption of the Democrat party as revealed in the leaked emails, but the leakers who revealed it.

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