GOP Electoral Victories

I have some further thoughts on the Sam Francis article.

There is no relationship between GOP electoral victories and the cultural and demographic health of White America. The MARs Revolution is now in the rearview mirror. We covered it in the 2016 election. Blompf used the Pat Buchanan playbook to win the presidency.

For a year and a half, this website was highly invested in cheering on Donald Trump through the Republican primaries and to the White House. In hindsight, this is because I took the change in his rhetoric and his positions on various policy issues at face value. Donald Trump at least appeared to be different than his conservative rivals. We were led to believe that he was killing off conservatism.

The Overton Window under Donald Trump has shifted in the sense that conservatism has openly embraced homosexuality and feminism. It has become even more bizarrely and singlemindedly devoted to Israel and “fighting anti-Semitism.” Far from transcending “identity politics,” it has ratcheted up its identity based appeals to racial minorities. CPAC has become less hospitable to dissidents. The realm of free speech on the internet has drastically narrowed. Political correctness has intensified. The streets have become more violent due to the surge in Antifa whose tactics like violence and doxing have become mainstream. Finally, we are in the midst of a government crackdown on rightwing dissidents as people are being sent to prison by Trump appointees for unmasking and defending themselves from Antifa.

But the GDP and African-American unemployment rate though …

I would like to hear a persuasive case for mainstream conservatism, electoral politics and the Republican Party. The cost of participating in electoral politics and mainstream conservatism appears to be self-censorship about issues of vital national importance due to all the social revolutions that have triumphed under mainstream conservatism. It is now taboo to talk about pretty much anything including transgenderism that would be of interest. The benefits of participating in electoral politics and mainstream conservatism is, well, there are no benefits because both the policy agenda and the cultural norms that accompany it are sold to wealthy Jewish donors and corporate lobbyists. It’s true that normies remain highly invested in partisan politics because they are unable to see how the liberal system chugs along and moves toward its goals regardless of whether an “R” or “D” occupies the White House, but pandering to normies and going along with them on this simply takes us down the same slippery slope.

What is there left to talk about in the “mainstream” when transgenderism has triumphed and transphobia is taboo? It is “mainstream” now to talk about engaging in violence against us. It is taboo now in the “mainstream” to even talk about White people in a positive way. If you said anything positive about White people in the mainstream, you would be accused of “white supremacy,” denounced as a racist and purged from conservatism. Drag Queen Story Hour is a blessing of liberty now.

The mainstream is a mixture of liberalism, modernism, political correctness and multiculturalism now. Both the Republicans and Democrats maintain this consensus and debate issues within this closed framework of ideas. The price of participating in the mainstream conservation means accepting these assumptions. We can’t accept these assumptions and move from there to anything resembling what we want. It is out of bounds within this system to talk about White interests or Southern interests. Steve King can’t even talk about “Western civilization” in a positive way now without being purged.

This is why mainstreaming doesn’t work. There is nothing you can talk about within the “mainstream” anymore that won’t get you flagged and stigmatized as fringe. Everything you care about and want to talk about is now a violation of an -ism or a -phobia. There is no point in “infiltrating” conservatism because once inside your hands are tied by this ideological consensus and you will be purged for violating it. Above all else, there is no point in electing conservatives because they are bound by this consensus and even when they do have ample electoral power they are incapable of challenging it.

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  1. So more or less are you promoting a phyco democrat for the 2020 ticket who will most likely amp up the mud invasion, pro anal faggot satanic trans anti White, anti God agenda whilst ripping your voice away even more and with the only option to protect your family, friends and self, taking the guns also? No thank you the real General Butt Naked will come alive and he’ll be like S Africa or Rawanda. I’d rather die standing than on my knees. I’ve never seen so much of a flip flop than this site who would rather go from worse to suicidal. Amerika is dead, it’s just a rotting corpse that needs to be buried. The only chance we’ll ever have if we had more than a two party system here in clown world they call the USA.

    • It’s pretty clear by now conservatism was never meant to conserve traditional values but to destroy them while acting like it’s conserving them. The Republicans are more Jewish and sinister than the Democrats in this way. As far as who to vote for… Do you actually think it matters? I don’t. Don’t waste your time. Start a family or prepare for SHTF.

  2. In addition to that politics is downstream from culture. Political leaders respond to cultural change they don’t drive it. If the dominant cultural force in America was pro-white politicians on both the left and the right would fall in line.

    • Not really. I don’t remember that before Trump it was considered conservative to support Drag Queen Story Hour, or mainstream to talk about killing Nazis. I don’t remember it being widely considered similar to Hitler to support the 2008 Democratic Party platform on immigration as it is now.

  3. Well, actually there is some relationship. Last scientific data shows that there is still white people around and this is hard evidence that genetic white liberals can`t do what they really want.

    So despite all the mess, some sort of opposition in the power circles still exist. Differently from Russia 1917. Even in cucked Sweden, there is still not full liberalism with concentration camps and mass murders

  4. Not all normies are invested in partisan politics, like the ones who live in McMansions are. Don’t forget that 45% of the population, including 40% of the White population doesn’t vote. I know a lot of those people and most of them recognize that nobody speaks for them and it doesn’t matter who gets elected. The only thing most don’t know yet, is (((who))) is rigging the system.

  5. National populists aren’t even trying. Steve King cowered like a bitch. Never apologize! We need real men to run for office that will not apologize for speaking the truth. That doesn’t mean going Patrick Little sperg. You can take pro-white positions without using explicit pro-white language. You can even lie just so you get elected, which is what all politicians do. Subtlety is our friend. Unfortunately, people like Hunter, Jared Taylor, Greg Johnson, Richard Spencer, Patrick Casey, etc. can’t run because of their prior associations. To all the people naysaying the political option, what is your solution? Just wait it out and hope for the best? That is the cowards option.

    • What you are talking about is a march through the institutions, like the left did. That is no longer possible because the left bolted the door, nailed it shut, strung up barbed wire and placed a pack of attack dogs to keep watch. However, any movement needs a political arm and it should be their job to shift the Overton window or bring issues to the fore. DO NOT expect to win anything at this point anymore.

      As to what to do, I’m left thinking about what the Communists did in Vietnam ( and probably other places as well.) Simply create a parallel system to the “official system.” If victorious, you have a system set up to replace the old one and if not, you have a fall back position to try again another day. I’m talking things like schooling, healthcare, businesses, etc. However this is only part of the solution as you can deduce, but it’s something everyone can do. That is until they make it literally illegible to be White and then all bets are off.

  6. Immigration was restricted more under Obama than Trump. The border is wide open now. Trump is bringing in hundreds of thousands of towelheads every year, and dumping them in cities all over the country. MAGA. Mexicans All Get Through. As for 2020, you can include me out. I have a mind to vote straight Dem, accelerationism.

  7. HW,

    That’s a spot on analysis of our predicament.

    Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me (fill in the number); shame on me.

  8. It goes without saying that Trump has been a disappointment and things have worsened.

    Trump’s greatest achievement IMO has been that his presence– his better statements and the reaction to his election– has shown us just how horribly bad the US government and institutions really are. Frightful, really. Corrupt, thoroughly dishonest, bloodthirsty and hostile. The center of gravity of the evil seems to be a de facto alliance of the secret police agencies (NSA, CIA, FBI), the federal courts and the media.

  9. The reaction of most white people is two-fold:
    A. I will be dead so I don’t care
    B. I will be raptured off before then
    Notice they do not deny that we are existential times!

    Rare indeed is the white person who is not only racial conscious but politically active and even rarer still is one who understands the Concept of the Political and is both racially conscious, politically sane, and socially active. Blessed are the strong among us who use their strength to protect the women and children of our race. He and he alone will I call holy and true for mercy is not strained in the mighty!

  10. If electoral politics is such a huge waste of time, then how is it you were able to work up so much enthusiasm for Yang?

    And what’s the alternative anyway?

    • In my view, the problem is specifically a small group of billionaires who are able to buy the policies and the ideology and personnel of Conservatism, Inc. Electoral politics is a waste of time because of these people. It isn’t a waste of time because millions of people do not already more or less agree with us on major issues. If we could get rid of those people, it would be different. As for Yang, I like UBI but he is clearly unable to stand up to the progressive base of the Democratic Party.

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