Patriot Prayer Clashes With Satanic Portland Anti-Fascists

I must have missed this story.

I’ve been watching the clashes between Patriot Prayer and Antifa in Portland for years. In last month’s rodeo, Cucked Spartan went up again Beta Cuck 4 Lyfe. Joey Gibson and a bunch of his supporters were arrested before the rally. The FBI red flagged a MAGApede. The LARP-y weirdness has been a feature of both sides of the conflict.

I haven’t seen the “Satanic Portland Antifascists” though who have uniquely combined their brand of anti-fascist praxis with transgenderism and Satanism:

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  1. Antifa is pure evil. Now we know it and others Worship the Devil. Funny enough the Devil Worshipers say no God or Devil. However it’s literally called the Church of Satan. He’s a liar so that sums it up. The Patriots and Nationalists are really in a War between Good and Evil. That’s what it’s all about. It’s clear in Portland. However the Antifa and other scum have never read the Bible……we win in the end. Deo Vindice !

    • The C of S founder was Anton LaVey, actually born Howard (((Levey))). He named his son Satan, fittingly enough. Even if many of the Satanists think they’re playing dress-up, and being edgy and cool by mocking Christianity, they should be careful. I think being involved with darkness brings more of it into your life, just like being around healthy influences tends to make your life better.

      • Rich L.,

        There used to be a NHL winger originally from Slovakia named Miroslav Šatan.

        It was hilarious to listen to the play by play announcer say things like, “Šatan blasts a slap shot from the blue line.”

      • And notice how the Satanists (Pagans, Wodenists, Dagda worshipers, etc.) on this forum IGNORE the reality in front of their own eyes, so they don’t have to acknowledge that ALL THIS, is a religious war against Christ, the Savior and Brother of White Christendom. Just sayin’

        • Fr. John,

          Too bad Mr. Šatan didn’t retire with 333 assists and 333 goals for a career total of 666 points while playing for the New Jersey Devils.

          You’d get the last laugh in 2014 when Miroslav retired. You could’ve said, “Šatan be gone.”

          Can I interest you in a Darwin ‘amphibian’ bumper sticker?

    • I think Lavey had two daughters (Karla and Zenna) and no sons. Besides there is not any one Satanic group. They are as numbers as all the Klan factions whereas the public believes there is only one Klan.

      • Seriously? Do some basic research. For just one example, check LaVey’s Wikipedia page. His son, Satan Xerxes Carnacki LaVey, was born in 1993.

    • Snowhitey,

      I’ve been crushing on Courtney Cox ever since I first say he in the Bruce Springsteen video for “Dancing in the dark.” It wasn’t until she married (((David Arquette))) that She lost her appeal for me.

      I never heard that about the cast of Friends chanting “Hail Satan.” If I ventured a guess, I would point the finger at (((David Schwimmer/”Ross” and/or Lisa Kudrow/”Phobe”))) for orchestrating the impromptu Black Masses.

  2. These “clashes” in Portland have become performance art writ large.

    RT’s Ruptly newshounds deserve credit for being the only ‘media ‘ platform to expose what is actually occurring in Portland without the government’s and J-left’s biased narrative of the events on the msm nation and regional outlets.

  3. Fake satanism hasn’t been edgy since the 80s. It is basically status quo at this point, like everything else antifa supports.

  4. I like the comment about the NHL player named “Satan” – “And the pass goes to Satan, Satan takes a shot…”

    Some Canadian/Slovakian goal tender should change their last name to “Jesus” so the play by play can please legions of Bible Christian listeners:

    “And there’s a slap shot and…..



    Sure it sounds like a big waste of time to camp by a radio in White urban flight rural compounds and listen to some radio broadcast about a hockey goalie named “Jesus” making hockey saves -but all kinds of extremely wealthy Religious Right folks started with a marketing plan not nearly as practical as this.


    • Jaye Ryan,

      Padre John has no sense of humor. One can only assume that his sermons are only attended by masochists.

      Jesus as a surname would be awesome for either a hockey goalie or soccer goalie.

      I can hear the play by play announcer describing a a breakaway by Miroslav Šatan on a goalie named Jesus.

      ” Šatan skates in on Jesus and fires a WICKED wrist shot that Jesus stopped with a MIRACULOUS butterfly SAVE.”

      I still enjoy professional and Olympic (professionals play for their countries because of the Red Army Team) hockey. Unfortunately, because of libtards purchasing hockey equipment for POC and diversity initiatives negros have been making inroads into the NHL.

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