Austrian People’s Party Wins Election

I’m not sure what to think about this.

I haven’t paid much attention to European politics in recent years. I’m just now starting to tune back into the nationalist scene in Europe. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t Sebastian Kurz a center-right cuckservative? That’s my impression from what I know about him.

The Telegraph:

“Sebastian Kurz was poised to return to power in Austria on Sunday night as his party made sweeping gains in elections while the far-Right Freedom Party (FPÖ) suffered a crushing defeat.

While it fell short of an absolute majority, Mr Kurz’s conservative People’s Party (ÖVP) took a commanding first place with 37.1 per cent — a record 15 points clear of its nearest competitor.

The centre-Left Social Democrats (SPÖ), who have dominated much of postwar Austrian politics, fell to their worst ever result with just 21.7 per cent.

The Freedom Party, which had campaigned for a renewal of its coalition with Mr Kurz, saw massive losses, limping into third place with just 16.1 per cent — ten points down from two years ago.

“I’m almost speechless,” Mr Kurz told jubilant supporters. “I didn’t expect these results. We’ve had a difficult four months but the people decided to vote us in.” The center-right Austrian People’s Party appears to have won the country’s snap election on Sunday after claiming 37% of the vote, according to Politico Europe. …”

Didn’t Sebastian Kurz go after Martin Sellner and the Identitarian movement in Austria after Christchurch? I recall him condemning “rightwing fanaticism.”

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  1. 100% cuck. And so are Le Pen, Salvini, Wilders, BJ, Orban, and all the rest.

    stop obssessing about (((fake elections))), here or in Europe.

    stop grasping at straws.

    they are all dog and pony show.

  2. Playbook runs like this – Media-led scandal touches the far-right party, and the centre party does ‘triangulation’, speaking some against, or doing a little, re the migrants, peeling off euro-voters eager to identify as more ‘mainstream’

    Andrew Joyce penned an interesting piece on how the political career of Donald Trump quite parallels that of Margaret Thatcher

    Trump is far from as ‘new’ as people think, much of the Trump playbook was done before in Britain

    Margaret Thatcher suddenly got on telly in February 1978, and expressed her sympathies with people wanting to retain ‘British characteristics’, and claiming that a new Tory government would “limit all immigration”.

    Tories shot up in the polls 10 per cent, Thatcher became a star, and the Tories rolled into office in 1979, whilst Thatcher and the Tories were accused of pandering to the far right etc rather like Trump and the Republicans are accused

    Thatcher never did restrict immigration

    Thatcher surrounded herself with Jewish advisors, sending her own daughter to a kibbutz, and drew her country much closer to Israel, and also helped enrich wealthy people with her economic policies

    Thatcher distracted the populace with various projects ‘making Britain great again’ such as the Falklands war

    The British Foreign Office had preserved a strong hostility to what they called the ‘vipers’ of Zionist Israel, the FO remembering British deaths at the hands of Zionist killers fighting UK mandate Palestine … but Thatcher over-ruled them, and welcomed Menachem Begin to 10 Downing Street in May 1979

    Joyce adds that, a second round of anti-immigration popular sentiment in Britain in the 1990s-2000s, was superbly distracted in a different way by UKIP and Nigel Farage, the ‘Brexit’ game we are now seeing play out with Boris Johnson claiming the lead as ‘man of the people’

    • “Haxo Angmark | September 29, 2019 at 4:43 pm | Reply
      100% cuck. And so are Le Pen, Salvini, Wilders, BJ, Orban, and all the rest.

      stop obssessing about (((fake elections))), here or in Europe.

      stop grasping at straws.

      they are all dog and pony show.”

      Except if you go to Budapest you’ll see a great city smilar to London or Paris but without a single colored. Well, not exactly without a single one but with a very few, mostly tourists. Orban is doing what he promised to his people.

    • Orban wants a Hungary with borders AND

      he wants to keep sucking on the EU debt-tit.


      will not work. Later or sooner, the (((banksters)))

      will see that every White nation is destroyed.

  3. He did all that ( cucking for Israel etc.) but he also stole a lot of the ideas of the Freedom Party especially in regard to the Third World invasion and unlike Blompf Kurz was implementing them while in power so the Austrian people who are very xenophobic like him.

  4. Immigration, refugees, asylum seekers, illegal aliens etc. whatever terms are used (and the terms used change constantly) THE issue is stone age people entering Western countries. Period. Failure to reverse these policies will be the death of our countries, the ultimate goal of the current ruling class in the West. The ruling class wants to asset strip Western countries like they did after the USSR collapsed, that is their template.

  5. The only chance Western Europe has to survive is if ZOG USA collapses. America’s influence on the rest of the world has been largely negative and disastrous.

  6. Brabantian is sadly right about nationalism, populism, immigration restrictionism in the UK 1970s- now. Enoch Powel’s “Rivers of Blood” speech in ~ 1967 strongly reached the masses of White Labor workers/Labor voters. This speech scared the BJ out of establishment Conservatives, same as Trump victories scared USA system Conservative Inc.

    Agreements were made there and here never to really do anything about mass 3rd world immigration, not much about Black crime unless it’s a full on Black race riots that destroy cities like in 1967, 1968 or Rodney King Riot in LA 1991.

    And yes Brabantian is very correct that the Falklands war for the UK and the Neo Conservative ZIonists’ USA/UK wars, interventions in Iraq, Syria and now planned attacks against Iran are mostly distractions, lets Whites in USA/UK pretend that it’s still 1944 and we are world powers fighting for freedom and democracy.

    But I ask Brabantian – why are real nationalists in places like Hungary, Poland, France, Belgium way more successful than Whites in UK/England? The dreaded 2 party system is much to blame for our lack of success here in the USA – if we can’t be parts of coalitions that get 51% we get nothing. The British National Party was starting to do as well as say the Swedish Democrats, then the BNP collapsed.

    Is there some curse on the White British people – a curse from say British insanity, British treason in World War II the slaughter of White German civilians in Hamburg and Dresden?

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