State Department Approves New Missile Sale To Ukraine

As I explained in the interview with Christopher Cantwell, there is nothing new about the Trump administration selling Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine or providing it with $400 million dollars in foreign aid annually to piss off Russia.


“The State Department has approved a new sale of Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine for $39 million to help deter Russia, just days after the request played a role in initiating the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump. …

The Javelins have played a central role in the steady U.S. effort to provide military support and training to the Ukrainians since the Russian invasion of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014.

In addition to the weapons sales, the United States has provided $1.5 billion in military assistance to Ukraine between 2014 and June 2019, according to an updated analysis from the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service. …”

I wrote about it last time it happened over a year ago.

Why is this suddenly scandalous? It is scandalous because Blompf temporarily halted giving military aid to Ukraine. He did the right thing for once and predictably a Deep State “whistleblower” stepped forward to pressure him into resuming the foreign policy of Congress. He has since caved and released the aid and is selling more missiles.

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  1. “…the Russian invasion of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014.”

    There was no invasion. The Russians were already there to protect the naval base at Sevastopol before (((Victoria Nuland’s))) $5 bn coup. This was specifically allowed by treaty.

    F*** the American news media. Lies heaped upon lies and adorned with sleaze. The worst I’ve ever seen, and that includes 1980s USSR media.

    • Izvestia, translated as “news”, was the newspaper of record of the Soviet government. Pravda, meaning “truth”, was the newspaper of the Communist Party of the USSR. What was the old saying in the USSR?: There is no Pravda (truth) in Izvestia (the news) and no Izvestia (news) in Pravda.

      Not much different in the USSA.

  2. The Russian Army is not relying on armored columns of tanks to hold territory in eastern Ukraine, so the Javelins are irrelevant, except to escalate the proxy war between Putin and Zog.

  3. Soviet media was much honest comparing of today West media. They had standards and they hired only smart people. One expression of smartness is that you know how to make good propaganda. They knew where to stop to maintain minimum credibility. And also in Soviet media , there was a lot of unpolitical well written, interesting stuff. To make propaganda, TV and newspapers must be interesting for general audience. You can`t make propaganda, when nobody watches or reads you.

    Javelin is useless in Ukraine terrain and weather condition and local fighting style. So don`t worry too much. Weather makes fire and forget system useless, cold affects battery life and in the winter they can`t use it at all, close combat nullifies the long range capability and shooting low value targets with 100 000 USD missile is beyond Ukraine financial capabilities and makes training impossible. And Russians have hot forgot the WW II Panzerfaust lesson yet, so almost every tank has protection against portable anti tank weapons.

  4. The complete illegitimacy of the USA’s Jewsmedia, as well as the NeoCohen’s and their hatred for a Christianizing Russia, is like a many-tentacled creature from the deep.

    It pervades and perverts EVERYTHING.

    Dr. Matthew Johnson, a PhD in History, recently wrote a column on the COWARDLY and JUDAIZING action of the so-called ‘Orthodox’ CLERGY in the USA, who are merely acting like the Pharisees and the Sannhedrin did, in kow-towing to the Emperor (in this case, the rogue State of Israel) to save their own skins. With knowledge now of the corruption of the Phanar (the so-called ‘Ecumenical Patriarchate’ of Constantinople) by the American CIA, going back at least to Kennedy’s era, and the actions of the OCA ([sic] Orthodox Church in America in obtaining their ‘lease on life’ (tomos of Autocephaly) from the THEN-KGB COMMUNIST controlled Russian ‘Church,’ almost ALL of the current Orthodox clergy in the USA, are to be classed as “IMPASTORS.”

    I enclose the following link to illumine all of your readers, orthodox and non. The JEWS are seeking to destroy Russia, because they already have a stranglehold on the USA. The Jews ‘had’ Russia, and now, don’t…. when they ‘had’ Russia (Stalin, Lenin, etc.) they worked tirelessly to destroy the USA. WE NEED TO FIGHT BACK ON BOTH/ALL FRONTS, to DISENFRANCHISE ALL JEWRY.

    Let’s start by dismantling the fallacy of ‘racism’ – a totally Jewish invention, to keep Whites from doing EXACTLY what Jews do, all the time!

  5. One great sentence from that above-linked article.
    Speaking of the ‘Orthodox’ [sic] clergy, Dr. J wrote:

    “Its a disgusting display of Beta-manhood and a perversion of not only Orthodox doctrine, but the very social presence of the church in America.”

  6. You really have to ask, what is the actual motive for wanting to keep the Cold War going on forever? Anything to do with our most “reliable ally”?

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