Donald Trump Throws The Kurds Under The Bus

Editor’s Note: Logan Crow wrote an article here about the backstory on this earlier this year.

This isn’t an American withdrawal from Syria.

Donald Trump is going to stand aside while Erdogan wipes out the Kurds and creates a safe zone in northern Syria. The alternative is that he kicks out the Syrian refugees in Turkey and sends them to Europe. It seems that Trump is just tired of dealing with the problem.

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — In a major shift in United States military policy in Syria, the White House said on Sunday that President Trump had given his endorsement for a Turkish military operation that would sweep away American-backed Kurdish forces near the border in Syria.

Turkey considers the Kurdish forces to be a terrorist insurgency, and has long sought to end American support for the group. But the Kurdish fighters, which are part of the Syrian Democratic Forces, or S.D.F., have been the United States’ most reliable partner in fighting the Islamic State in a strategic corner of northern Syria.

Now, Mr. Trump’s decision goes against the recommendations of top officials in the Pentagon and the State Department who have sought to keep a small troop presence in northeast Syria to continue operations against the Islamic State, or ISIS, and to act as a critical counterweight to Iran and Russia. …

Mr. Erdogan has demanded a “safe zone” for his nation to run 20 miles deep and 300 miles along the Turkish-Syrian border east of the Euphrates. That area, he has said, would be reserved for the return of at least a million Syrian refugees now inside Turkey. Mr. Erdogan has threatened to send a wave of Syrian migrants to Europe instead if the international community does not support the initiative to send them back to Syria. “

Who cares?

Why must we indefinitely babysit the Kurds in Syria?

Trump ordered the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria last December. “Mad Dog” Jim Mattis resigned in protest. Senate Republicans and the Deep State went to work on him, slowly got him to back down and he ultimately caved on the issue.

He is defending the move on Twitter:

He is still defending it:

I agree.

It is a step in the right direction.

If Trump was able to withdraw the troops from Syria and Afghanistan, declare victory over ISIS and say that he had put an end to several of these endless wars without starting a new one as president, then it would be a feather in his cap and would help his reelection effort.

Neocons are going to war with Blompf over this and screaming bloody murder about “muh Kurdish allies” as we all expected after “Mad Dog” Mattis committed seppuku over the issue:

If nothing else, Trump has succeeded in shifting some of the blame for these quagmires back to Conservatism, Inc. and the GOP Congress. He is signaling here who is the real problem. He wants to get out of Syria and Afghanistan, but these people won’t let him.

Everyone who wants to preserve and perpetuate the American Empire is outraged about “muh Kurdish allies” being tossed aside. Those who want to fold it up and be done with it are pleased with the move, but skeptical it won’t be walked back under pressure.

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  1. I could not care less about the Kurds. And no, I don’t want any brought here because they are in danger for helping us. Hopefully, this will discourage other “freedom fighters” from helping us, making American intervention in these hell holes more difficult and less likely.

    • The latest pygmy to condemn Trump’s rare move to put U.S. interests first, the “Rev.” Pat Robertson, the self appointed Pope of something called Judeo-Christianity, whatever that is:

      He was a hero in the Korean war, keeping the officers well supplied with liquor but claiming he was in combat: ” . . . According to McCloskey, his time in the service was not in combat, but as the “liquor officer” responsible for keeping the officers’ clubs supplied with alcohol. Robertson filed a $35 million libel suit against McCloskey in 1986.[12] He dropped the case in 1988, before it came to trial and paid McCloskey’s court costs.[13] According to a newspaper report from 1986, Robertson confirmed elements of McCloskey’s allegations and said that he never saw front-line duty. . . ”

      The “Rev.” Pat also has a fondness for The Sport of Kings, horse racing. Naturally the good reverend is only interested in the sporting, not the gambling aspect of racing like all good degenerate gamblers. Those no-good bastards, his suckers sending him money through his 700 club protested after he dropped more than half a million on a sure winner he bought and modestly named “Mr. Pat” forcing him to sell it. The Rev. Pat was planning to race Mr. Pat eventually in the Kentucky Derby but apparently it just wasn’t in God’s plan for his life.

      And we should care what this mountebank tells us especially about right and wrong? This war hero is giving foreign policy advice? Do as he did and avoid war and listen to St. John the Baptist describe people like him: ” . . . ye brood of vipers . . . “.

    • Erdogan has the E.U. by the balls. If Turkey gets any pushback in the form of sanctions from the Zog-Europe, they’ll unleash the literal millions of Muslim refugees they have kept from entering the European Union.

      Not one nation in the region wanted a Kurdistan on their border. The Kurds were just a useful mercenaries for zog’s Middle East aggressions. Nothing but pawns on a talmudic chessboard.

  2. This is a very good move on Trump’s part. Having known many Kurds I’ll say that they are just as bad as any Moslem I’ve met.

    This is not our problem and the sooner we get out of it the better.

      • Whatever became of that psyop of prayer rugs being found on the southern border?

        Perhaps the AMNats mistook Mexican panchos for Islamic magic carpets. lol

  3. I wonder what a Confederate foreign policy would look like had it won its independence? Something tells me South Africa and Rhodesia would still be around. How that would have changed WW1 and WW2 remains to be seen.It can’t have been anymore insane than our current foreign policy. I can foresee the CSA having a more pro-Zionist policy than the United States since Christian Zionism is stronger in the South.

  4. This the one Trump step forward.

    Where are the two massive Trump steps backward?

    Kurds are Jew proxies, simple as. Same with ISIS. Any force that undermines regional stability is propped up and funded by US weaponry and Jewish pressure.

    The question is whether or not this is some ploy by the Israelis to begin destabilizing Turkey.

  5. Maybe the greatest decision of his tenure. The Dissident Right needs to stop fading into irrelevancy with purity spiraling and infighting.

    It’s not just the Neocons who are mad. Antifa is mad as well. I already knew this would occur but thankfully was reminded by the good work of the Alt-Lite.

    Striker is also focused on exposing the truth about Antifa. Much more interesting and important than ‘Joker’ analysis in my semi-humble opinion.

  6. Let the Kurds and Roaches sort things out themselves. Hopefully with high casualties to help keep their populations in check.

  7. Something big is happening, Trump declared all reservists to active duty within the USA. Predictive programming suggests a happening on 11/3 in Seattle. Is this preparation for the upcoming FISA declass? Is this the fall of the empire?

    • Hhhmmm…..I saw the predictive programming vids. My reaction was “meh”. I didn’t know about Trump calling up all the reservists. We live in interesting times…….just stay safe and out of the way.

  8. The kurds are controlling 2 million sunni arabs. What the bleep does control mean? They are persecuting every sunni arab they control. denying them basic rights and holding family members of isis; women and children in atrocious conditions in concentration camps. How is collective guilt and collective punishment based on ethnic/religion, something Americans can support? How is it justified to have one ethnic group controlling another and denying them their rights? if it happens here, if some group even thinks it is happening we marshall all our forces to grant them equality and rights . But 2 million men women and kids should be living under some persecuting group being denied adequate food and medical care and decent living conditions? Some say the Kurds have torture prisons and are engaged in mass murder of[male] prisoners. Its about time turkey went in to dismantle this atrocious political situation of Kurds oppressing 2 million sunni Syrians!

    • Who cares? They are the infidel- both the Turks AND the Kurds. They are not human- according to God and Christianity. They are not our concern! Woman, go back to your kitchen, and attend your own duties.

  9. @Drogger: Agree! I’m also waiting for the other two shoes to drop. The potatus bloviator has it all upside-down and backwards, of course. So do the zio-cuck/shitlib bloviators…the jews have had their tentacles wrapped around the turkroach reich for some time. Another Color Revolution in the making? Time will tell: anyway, fuck the kurdroaches.

  10. The Kurds are communists and there are quite a few Antifa over there fighting. They’re quite literally the bad guys.

  11. No more foreign entanglements for the enrichment of the neocons and other upper-class, lower-empathy moneygrubbers in the MIC. As the elites get all the benefits while passing on the financial and social costs to the rest of us, let them send their own blood and treasure to every dysfunctional Bumfuckistan, or STFU.

    Besides, if the Turks actually do get a million Syrians back in their native hellhole, maybe the European nationalist parties can make political hay out of that. If Syria’s now safe, it’s time to send all the “poor refugees” back home, they can say.

  12. It’s moral bankruptcy for white identitarians, to be cheering on the massacre of another ethnic group, who have had a contiguous identity for centuries in roughly the same location

    It’s moral bankruptcy for USA citizens, to be cheering on the massacre of a people who trusted USA government promises

    However impure the motives of the pro-Kurd Zionist axis … the Kurds deserve their own homeland, as they were promised at Versailles in 1918, and then betrayed

    Identitarians should be sympathising with homelands for indigenous ethnicities wherever they are

    Hopefully the imminent crumbling of the artificial state of ‘Iraq’ will let the Kurds at last have their own home base

    • We aren’t obliged to fight to create an ethnostate for the Kurds.

      In some ways their struggle might be something we could have related to, but they chose to ally with

      a) Israel
      b) America

      And that means they compromised their moral standing and failed a foreign policy IQ test.

  13. What is ZOG up too? Somehow you know this benefits the jews and Israel, maybe caliphate 2.0 ISIS.

    • BTW Brad since you changed the website, every comment I make gets a pop up saying ‘this site’s comments are not secure, do wish to continue’ and when I do write a comment and the pop up does not appear the comment just disappears. Maybe you forgot to turn on a security procedure? I’m using the Firefox browser.

      • Yes that’s exactly what I see also and the emergence of Israels merc-proxy caliphate army ISIS. Just like history 1000 years ago when the Knights Templar made a pact with the same caliphate. Nothing new under the sun, freemasonic history just repeating.

  14. “Neocons are going to war with Blompf over this and screaming bloody murder…”

    It appears that Trump is finally going in a good direction. Maybe he’ll do another one-eighty.

    Perhaps the sinister forces who have been out to get “us” are also going after Trump and have been since day one. Something has to explain their out in the open warfare. If the current system is to be replaced, then all these sick & twisted minds will be out of work. No more celebrity. No more endorsements. No more deals. No more financial gain. No more public manipulation. For any of them.

    If we can’t change anything through the ballot box, why would one think Trump will lose through the ballot box? Or, does it only work when “our guy” wins? As we all know by now, how things look and how things actually are are generally two separate things. The real PTB will decide whether he wins or loses and I am starting to feel that the real PTB are scrapping the old system entirely. Time will tell because it always does.

  15. When Kassy Dillon is coming out vs. Trump you know the donors and the whole Israel-first coalition are upset. It will be interesting to watch this and see if Trump stands his ground. I am expecting some resignations to start happening soon with loud denunciations of Trump and his “betrayal.” I expect another round of golf with Lindsey Graham that ends with Trump “extending” our policy in North Syria.

    If I were a betting man I would bet that the GOP uses the impeachment vs. Trump and threatens him with it. This is one of those issues that they REALLY care about because it ultimately has to do with Israel so expect that the GOP will play hard ball on it.

  16. Turk roaches are sub human filth. My ancestors fought these mud slime bastards for a hundred years to prevent them from gaining a stronghold in Europe.

      • I agree. I could care less about what happens to shit people in shit countries. Unfortunately these shit people leave said shit countries and have been knocking on the white man’s door for the past 50+ years. White people need to take the same attitude towards mud people and Jews that we do towards Jehovah’s witnesses. Answer the door and kindly but firmly tell them to fuck off.

  17. more smoke and mirrors from Drumpf. Let us know

    when he pulls US troops out of Syria’s easternmost Oil Province.

    THAT would be somethin’.

    not happening though.

  18. Take a big bite of that shit sandwich Kurds. Those of us that supported Blompf in 2016 are very familiar with being used and shit on too.

    Fool me once…

  19. The Kurds are genetically identical to the Jews. Kurdistan was part of the greater Israel project. You know the kyke state from the Nile to the Euphrates. It has never been easier to identify the whores, those who have sold themselves out to the Jews. They are howling for the Kurds and will be for some time to come.

  20. Our Nation is being invaded daily by hordes of non-Nordic, third World peoples, we have a massive issue with the black American population, and globalist parasites are literally destroying our people, society, art, education, architecture, etc. Screw the damn Kurds and the Middle East in general.

  21. This reminds me of the time not so long ago in Vietnam, when the last chopper out left many loyal ZOG ARVN stranded in the hands of NV and Chinese communists. Great allied friends aye? They’ll do the same to us, they have no morals, only to their freemason and other 322 death cult principalities and NWO agendas.

  22. The Kurds are to the Turks, what the Irish were to the British.

    Non-white communist, terrorist elements bent on the decimation of an already expired Empire, well past its prime.

    We have nothing to gain supporting them.

    Our attention would be better focused on getting India into a shooting war with China and Pakistan, lending them just enough support to hang themselves in a perpetual conflict that will collapse both economies.

    Or, we could spend that money occupying Central America, all the way past the Panama Canal.

    Anything. Literally anything makes more sense than our current foreign policy of perpetual wars for israeli regional security.

    I would settle for a war of conquest against Canada also. Its time a president painted that aspiring third world country red white and blue and slapped our big American dong across Justin Trudeau’s little soy face.

    Canada is already just America’s hat. They may as well be, a MAGA hat.

    Lighten up folks. Its a clown world out there. Why so serious?

  23. About Time – Congratulations to President Trump !!

    America owes NOTHING to the Kurds or to any other peoples in that region.

    It is about time that America, took care of it’s own affairs at home and ceased the policing business all together !

    let the the ottoman wannabes fight it off with their historical lackeys, the kurds – for a history lesson to what type of SCUM these kurds are, take a llok at how they ASSISTED the New Turks of Mustafa kemal back in 1919-1922 on the task to genocide Armenians, Asyrians and Greeks from Constantinople and Smyrna

    Kurds and turks deserve each other – both are murderous pieces of FILTH !!!

    By the way.
    Kurds are muslims and commies, WHY THE HELL ARE WE SUPPORTING THEM ??????

      • That’s right about the crypto jews or the donhme – who have blood ties with many of today’s and yesteryears turkish ruling class.

        A very distinct pattern !!!

        During the ottoman empire the jews held usually the positions of regional/local money/treasury managers for the Sultan, the so called , “?????????” / Vezirides.

        They, the jews with official titles within the ottoman empire, organized the slave bazaars for white boys and women that were captured by the turks.
        With of course the help and for the profit of the local jewish communities of that region.

        Exactly the same thing occurred in the muslim occupied Spain, where the Moors and the jews were for all intended purposes a joint occupying force.

        So these middle eastern races are FOREIGN blood to Europe and ALL must leave – one way or another that WILL happen!

  24. To the author of this article
    you wrote:

    ” This isn’t an American withdrawal from Syria.

    Donald Trump is going to stand aside while Erdogan wipes out the Kurds and creates a safe zone in northern Syria….. “

    and, what exactly is the problem with such a possible outcome????????

  25. Oh, yeah and something else about the “beloved” pieces of FILTH those low life kurds….

    Rhetorical Question.
    What sort of connections and dealings do the PKK and other kurdish organizations such as the KRG in Iraq, have with Chinese government officials – does anybody care to guess ?????

    I think who ever supports the Kurds supports by proxy Chinese Interests in that region !!!!

  26. The reality is that large parts of the world are reverting to pre World War I sphere’s of influence, divides between civilizations. Russia has reverted to Russian nationalism with unique Orthodox Christian culture (ZOG hates this) but Russians enjoy being a world power and can play balance of power with various other groups like Shiite Muslims Iranians who are opposed by Zionists in and out of Israel and opposed by Saudi Sunni Islamists monarchists.

    China though still ruled by the Chinese Communist Party has reverted to China as the celestial kingdom and has put out notice that the Chinese have traditionally dominated Asian people and Asian places around them like in Tibet, those Urgur something Muslims, China puts the word out that any place with significant % of Han Chinese had better respect mainland China first (Honk Kong Taiwan)

    Black Africa is a F*#&$*@$@ mess, this time there are no expanding White European powers to come in and bring order, mine the minerals – do gooder United Nations and idiot American Judeo Christians and Black Africans give lip service to the African Motherland, but most everybody just wants Bill Gates and Planned Parenthood to reduce the population.

    OK, so Turkey – the Ottoman Empire was before World War I the dominant power in all these places with Kurds, Iraq, even Jerusalem. When the non Turkish parts of the Ottoman Empire revolted after World War I, the Turkish Nationalist leader Kemal Ataturk set up a very practical system – Kemalism, Turkey as a secular republic with religion (Islam the dominant religion) protected but limited. The Turkish military had the mission to protect the Turkish secular republic and did coups when Communists or Islamic extremists threatened the Turkish secular republic.

    I greatly admire this system – Kemalism. And it’s just reality that Turkey and Turkish troops should be handling violent chaos with ISIS or with Kurdish rebels in their Turkish sphere of influence, just as Russia should do the same in Crimea and Ukraine. The sun has set on the British Empire and let’s hope it will be the same for the ZOG, America as the world’s policeman Empire.

  27. Trump has a history of supporting interventions then changing his mind so he can campaign against them. He did this with Iraq, Libya (pre-election) and Syria. It was Trump who put non special ops troops in Syria.

    Let’s not pretend that Trump is on the side of anti-interventionists, he just starts fires so he can claim he put them out.

  28. The Mainstream media is talking about the Kurds as if Americans are very knowledgeable about the Kurds and know the history of the Kurds and know everything about the Kurds when in fact the great majority of Americans have no idea who the Kurds are and don’t know anything about them — and the MSM knows this. The MSM wants Americans to support the Kurds but won’t even tell the American public anything about the Kurds, their history, their religion, their culture, their goals, their agenda. We’re expected to support a people we know next-to-nothing about ; And not just mildly support the Kurds, we’re actually expected to be passionate about supporting a people we know next-to-nothing about. Us Americans don’t learn anything about the Kurds in school and we don’t learn anything about the Kurds from the Mainstream media, yet we’re expected to be very passionate about supporting the Kurds, a people we know next-to-nothing about.

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