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  1. The American Empire has been overstretched for many years now, it has been held together through force, fraud and bribery. The bribery part is now getting unstable. The 2008 financial crash put the Fear of God in the atheists who run the Empire and showed its ultimate weakness. The result has been almost daily interventions in financial markets to keep them from crashing.

    When the financial markets crash again like 2008 they cannot be rescued again by the Federal Government. They were rescued the last dozen or so times but the debt is just too great now and fundamental reforms were impossible to make. When the financial system fails the whole system of Empire based upon force, fraud and bribery will fail because ultimately it’s money that underpins everything. Money for the Empire is like fuel for an engine, neither can run without copious amounts of it.

    The end of money is the end of Empire, money is its Achilles’ heel.

  2. Morgoth is right, no matter how “civilized” we think we are society always breaks down into lawlessness and tribalism as soon as the occupation army is withdrawn.

    So what will America be like after the regime in Washington collapses? The West Coast will be under Chinese colonial rule. Negroes will be forcibly removed, as will the Latin American street gangs. Whites will be subjected to curfews, random police checks and restricted to certain areas. But Chinese authorities will require assistance from the whites in governing their colonial territory, because ruling over other races is an alien concept for them. The whites, however, will be only too glad to provide that assistance, because the Chinese will restore law and order.

    The East Coast will be under Russian control. They won’t be quite as heavy-handed as their Chinese allies but there won’t be any more Fag Pride parades or white girls dating Negro boys. And there will be a lot more performances of Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich in the symphonic halls. The Midwest will be a Neutral Zone, where cities like St. Louis and Omaha will turn into bombed-out ruins which will be controlled by rival black and Mexican crime-lords. The farmlands of the Midwest will be owned and operated by huge global agri-corporations, which will use private armies to patrol them.

    There is absolutely nothing Americans can do to avoid this situation, so they might as well start preparing for it now.

  3. One of the many benefits of zog’s empire receding will be populations of POC falling due to war and the other Horsemen of the Apocalypse let loose.

    The next 20 years could be a very bloody affair.

  4. An interesting video, with many good observations. The American liberal world order is indeed based on nothing but brute force, delivered by the U.S. Military. I especially liked the early (about 1:30) statement that: “man will revert to tribalism when American power is not there to hold it in check”. The American political system of *classical liberalism* and limitless economic advancement was flawed from the beginning, even before the FedGov decided to export it to other countries by force. We all need to reexamine the core principles that post-1776 America is built on, as I did in *Rethinking The Propositions*.

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