Lindsey Graham Duped In Hoax Calls By Russian Pranksters

Listen to Sen. Lindsey Graham make a fool of himself contradicting everything he has said publicly about MUH KURDISH ALLIES on two prank calls with some Russians.


“So when he received a call from a man he thought was Turkey’s minister of defense earlier in August, it didn’t strike him as unusual. “Thank you so much for calling me, Mr. Minister,” Graham said. “I want to make this a win-win, if we can. …

But Graham also expressed sympathy for Turkey’s “Kurdish problem” and described the Kurds as a “threat.” Those private comments appear to contradict his public statements this week, in which he criticized Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops out of northern Syria because it’s “wrong to abandon the Kurds, who have been strong allies against” the Islamic State.

The substance of Graham’s conversation with Stolyarov, who was posing as Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, is newly relevant in light of the South Carolina senator’s push for sanctions on Turkey as punishment for their offensive against the Kurds in northern Syria. Graham labeled the Kurds a “threat” to Turkey in the call, seemingly contradicting what he has said publicly in recent days.

“Your YPG Kurdish problem is a big problem,” Graham told the pranksters. He was referring to the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, a group that began fighting ISIS as part of the Syrian Democratic Forces in 2015—with support from the U.S.—but is considered a terrorist group by Turkey because of its push to establish an autonomous state for the Kurds on the Turkish-Syrian border.

“I told President Trump that Obama made a huge mistake in relying on the YPG Kurds,” Graham continued. “Everything I worried about has come true, and now we have to make sure Turkey is protected from this threat in Syria. I’m sympathetic to the YPG problem, and so is the president, quite frankly.”

Actually, the Syrian Kurds are a threat to Turkey.

Lindsey Graham likes Erdogan who is a strong man who has invaded northern Syria as part of its own War on Terror against Kurdish terrorists. Trump is right about being mired in the Middle East equivalent of the Balkans in an ethnic conflict that has gone on for centuries.

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  1. The cuckservative is a gullible, small-minded, grasping, huckstering, despicable, MERCHANT!! Our ruling elites make sewer rats look(and smell) good. Hilarious! More Winning!!

  2. Syrian Kurds are not “a threat to Turkey”. Perhaps they are a threat to a small amount of its territory. Who cares if they are a “threat” to Turkey anyway? Turks are a horrible people and should be kicked out of NATO and expelled from Europe.

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