White Guilt Is Driving The Democratic Primaries

I know that it aggravates some of my readers whenever I bring this subject up. There is a tendency among White Nationalists to think of White Americans as a homogeneous ethnic group. There is also a narrative that White America has been solely ruined by the Jews.

Southerners tend to be more conscious of The Yankee Problem in American History. It doesn’t come as any surprise to us that at this moment there are enraged Yankees in places like Ankeny, Iowa that are 94.7% White that are ready to strike back against the “racism” and “bigotry” of their moral inferiors for electing Donald Trump as president in 2016.

New York Times:

“ANKENY, Iowa — When Donald Trump was elected, John Olsen felt enraged by the racial tension that fueled his rise, the silence of his white neighbors and the stories of racial discrimination he heard from his nonwhite friends.

Black friends said they were followed around department stores, so Mr. Olsen, who is white, became a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. He thought that white Americans were scared of the country’s growing Latino population, so he joined the League of United Latin American Citizens. He now registers voters weekly, including with the League of Women Voters, to atone for his “white privilege,” he said.

“I try to have my bases covered,” said Mr. Olsen, 50, who wore a N.A.A.C.P. T-shirt to a campaign rally for Senator Kamala Harris here last week. “It just hurts my heart that white people are afraid of the country’s growing Hispanic population. And I just can’t allow that to continue.”

White liberals — voters like Mr. Olsen — are thinking more explicitly about race than they did even a decade ago, according to new research and polling. In one survey, an overwhelming majority said that racial discrimination affects the lives of black people. They embrace terms like “structural racism” and “white privilege. …

According to research by Zach Goldberg, a Georgia State University doctoral student, the attitudes of white liberals like Ms. Neff have moved dramatically in a short time.

In 2010, about 40 percent of white liberals said “blacks who can’t get ahead in this country are mostly responsible for their own condition.” Now, that number has dropped to 24 percent, and more than 70 percent of white liberals say “racial discrimination is the main reason why many black people can’t get ahead these days.”

This isn’t a Yankee-bashing article.

These Yankees are recoiling in horror because it was their fellow Yankees who elected Donald Trump in 2016 in the first place. Blompf underperformed Mitt Romney in Southern states like Texas and Georgia while overperforming him in the Midlands and Yankeedom. He nearly won Minnesota because of changing racial attitudes in the Deep North.

It was a surge in rural White voters in the Midwest and Rust Belt – the Obama to Trump Democrats – who made him president. He also excited Yankees in Florida and Nevada which are two states with the highest number of transplants in America. Iowa is the bellwether state in the region because culturally it is almost fully within the Midlands. The fact that Trump had a commanding lead in the polls in Iowa before the 2016 election told me that he was poised for a big victory in the Midwest and the Rust Belt. It came as no surprise when he won Ohio decisively.

What was the secret to Trump’s success in the Deep North? It was his positions on free trade, the fact that he wasn’t a religious zealot in the mold of Ted Cruz and anxiety over changing demographics due to refugee resettlement and legal and illegal immigration. There has been an influx of diversity into the rural Midwest that is shaking up the culture there. The Democratic Party is also being pulled to the Far Left by the swelling numbers of non-Whites and progressive urbanites who don’t exactly resonate with the culture of the rural Deep North.

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  1. **There is a tendency among White Nationalists to think of White Americans as a homogeneous ethnic group.**

    There is also a tendency among Southern Nationalists to think of White Southerners as a homogeneous ethnic group. They are not.

    • Iowans are NOT Yankees, they’re Midwesterners. The term Yankee refers solely to those terrible people from the Northeast and no other region of the USA. Yankees, especially of the Hebrew persuasion, are the historic enemies of Dixie.

      • Midwesterners are still Northerners. And many of them came to the Midwest from the Northeast back in the days when farming was still a thing.

  2. Fallacies about who is to ‘blame’ for the idiocy that is the Negro Race, are just as infantile as that of ‘Climate Collapse’ and the puberty-arrested Autiste Actor, Greta Thunberg.

    As another poster noted on a different site, all of that will eventually be viewed as insane and child-abusing, as the “Children’s Crusade” of the Middle Ages. If the Caucasian Plane can hold up against the onslaught of Mental Retards, that is….

    As somone else noted on another blog, [ https://www.melaniephillips.com/extinction-of-reason/ ]
    “Listening to BBC Radio’s Today programme this morning on the Extinction Rebellion protests was a frightening experience in itself. The BBC has decided there can be no challenge to “climate change” theory, other wise known as anthropogenic global warming (AGW). In its notorious “crib sheet” to staff, it advised: “As climate change is accepted as happening, you do not need a ‘denier’ to balance the debate”.

    Thus the BBC is engaged in the extinction of journalism.”

    Which means, the Extinction of REASON.

    • The White man is not responsible for the evolution and development of other races.

      It’s nobody’s fault that Niggers are Niggers. Or cows are cows, or the sky is blue.

  3. IMHO Trump will win Minnesota in 2020. All the (((MN Media))) can run cover for the Somalis, but that does not change the damage these people have done to the state.

    • From your mouth, to God’s ears. As I said earlier, I would be HAPPY to donate to the MN GOP, if only to stick it to Klobuchar, Omar, the DFL, and all of the IDIOTS in MN, who confuse Marxism with American Governance.

      • I also WANT to believe that Jason Lewis will become the next Senator from MN. Jason is not your typical Conservative. In the past, he has been highly critical of AIPAC/Christian Zionists. I suspect he is a closet-Agnostic (he’s a fallen away Catholic highly critical of the liberalism within The Church) and openly mocked callers who made the argument that America needs to “Bless” Israel. IMHO, he is a bridge between small “L” libertarians and the new nationalism that is emerging in the GOP.

    • Familiarity breeds contempt even apparently, finally, among otherwise suicidal Scandinavians. I guess they have had their fill of diversity in Minneapolis. The Left will go berserk if it looks like Minnesota is voting for Trump.

  4. Trump got six Yankee states to switch sides and vote along with the South and interior West, for him.

    He deprived Clinton of 81 electoral votes. Which cost her the election.

    In terms of electoral votes, Dixie and the Interior West can almost out vote Yankeedom and her Pacific Rim colonies. Without California’s votes, overwhelmingly so.
    Which is why the Yankees in the Northeast are clamouring to end the electoral college.

    Unfortunately for us, we don’t have a Southern Nationalist Party in power, in Dixie, or a Populist/Nationalist party in the Interior West, that can form an alliance and slow down or defeat Yankeedom in the political arena.

    If Biden wants to win, all he has do is talk up union jobs and corn and soybean subsidies in West Yankeedom.

    As an aside. The governor of Iowa provided a base of operations for John Brown and his guerillas. He even deployed Iowa state troops to guard the town where Brown’s base was located.

    Yet Missourians and other Southrons are “traitors” and “rebels” for not wanting to be murdered, robbed and disenfranchised by their supposed “Fellow Americans.”

    • >The governor of Iowa provided a base of operations for John Brown and his guerillas.Yet Missourians and other Southrons are “traitors” and “rebels” for not wanting to be murdered, robbed and disenfranchised by their supposed “Fellow Americans.”<

      There were traitors and rebels who murdered and robbed their fellow Americans to spread the detestable Negro slavery. They were decisively defeated and put in their place.

  5. “There is also a narrative that White America has been solely ruined by the Jews.”

    As we used to say at SNN, Jewish power is a symptom of Yankee rule.

    • One of the most profound statements ever made on The Daily Shoah, was when Mike Enoch counter-signaled neo-Confederates from the right. Specifically, he said that the average Yankee was fighting against slavery not because he loved blacks–but he didn’t want slavery spreading north. In the north, among Labor Historians there was a belief in the “Slave Power Conspiracy. That being, the elites of the north would one day see what they were missing by not having slavery. As we know, look at how much elite whites detest “lesser whites” and love their colored pets.

    • Owen – TX is LARDED, absolutely rotten with Jews, as is the rest of the South. Southerners WORSHIP Jews. WORSHIP Jews. So I think ya’ll are just projecting your own pathologies onto the Chimera Yanqui.

  6. The problem isn’t Yankees as a whole, the problem is the bourgeoisie. The Southern bourgeoisie sucks too. They’re into Christian Zionism and boomerconism. The Yankee bourgeoisie are woke liberals. Both are trash.

  7. “There is also a narrative that White America has been solely ruined by the Jews.”

    No, Southern elites also ruined White America, from their days of breeding Niggers in plantations to their present stint as the Jew-worshipping “Judeo-Christian” cuckservative lapdogs.

  8. I think it is correct to say that the only racial struggle in America is between white self-hating liberals and white conservatives. Non-white groups don’t actually possess any political agency. They are totally at the mercy of whites. If whites are united in wanting to achieve something, it gets done

    • When it comes to buying stocks, if the price of a stock goes exponential it means there is a bubble, and a crash in the price of that stock is coming so it is time to sell that stock.

      Those graphs above make me wonder if the White liberals are passing through an anti-White faith bubble, and are heading for a big crisis after it bursts.

  9. The absurdity of a White guy being concerned about racism in an area where basically only Whites live is not a new phenomenon. Certainly not in the Upper Midwest. But it does illustrate how thoroughly the Civic Nationalist propaganda has programmed some people to believe in White Guilt. Most Whites really don’t give a damn about other races, but they can be relied upon to repeat the standard equalitarian inanities if a microphone is shoved in their face.

    But the divide between Whites that don’t want to care about race and the ones that want to make you care is getting to one of those boiling points we periodically see in American history. This time, however, the dividing lines aren’t so geographically neat as they were in Civil War I, as what happens at Trump rallies show. If or when there is a partition of the US, the divisions will be within and around cities, between suburban lefties and rural conservatives, etc. For now, it’s mainly the left that is getting violent over this, because they have protection from TPTB. But it won’t always be that way. Even now, you can see that county sheriffs and city cops don’t often have the same attitudes on allowing their neighbors to get beat on by outsiders, enforcing gun restrictions, and so forth. People will learn to either mind their own business or get violent reminders to do so, at some point. That point seems to be rapidly approaching, imho.

  10. I just got back from spending a week in upstate NY, specifically in the Adirondack Mountains. I saw several “Trump 2020” and “God Bless Donald Trump” signs. Not one for any democrat. Seeing so many pro-Trump signs there in 2016 convinced me Trump had a decent chance of victory.

    Now, if Trump was only Trump…..

  11. In Noah Carl’s first tweet about beliefs about racial inequality amongst white liberals you’ll see something very interesting, from 2004 to 2018 is what I like to call the J-curve

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