GQ: The New Masculinity Issue

Will Welch, the new editor-in-chief of GQ, has released a new issue of GQ magazine called “The New Masculinity” which is “the exact opposite of the toxic masculine.”


“New York (CNN Business) I am sitting in a conference room in the Lower Manhattan headquarters of GQ magazine, staring at an image of Pharrell Williams. The Grammy-winner is wearing a lemon yellow Moncler coat that flows well past his feet. It looks like an upside down lily flower waiting to bloom. His hands are clasped at his chest, his facial expression is soft and the overlay text says “The New Masculinity Issue.”

The imagery, the colors, the psychedelic typeface and the gender-fluid Williams made me wonder, “Is GQ still a men’s magazine?” …

When Welch took over as editor-in-chief of GQ in January, he didn’t see the 88-year-old publication, where he’s worked at since 2007, as broken. He saw the need to redefine what a men’s magazine could be. He wanted GQ to help its readers — whether men, women, or gender non-binary — with their “personal evolution,” he told CNN Business. Men can wear dresses, put on makeup, and get pedicures. GQ shouldn’t tell anyone exactly how to be a man because there’s no one way to do it. …

The November issue makes Welch’s vision for a new GQ clear. In the cover story, Pharrell tells Welch, “I think the truest definition of masculinity is the essence of you that understands and respects that which isn’t masculine.”

The new masculinity is black effeminacy.

Pharrell Williams is featured on the cover to explain that “the truest definition of masculinity is the essence of you” that understands and respects that “that which isn’t masculine.”


“Yeah, it’s hard to pray online. You could, but you wouldn’t have many Twitter followers.

That’s right. And what did you just say? Followers. We’re followers. And we’re not following God. We’re following men. So that’s spiritual warfare. So when you offered for me to be a part of this conversation, I’m like, “Yeah.” Because think about it. What is happening to a transgender person? What are they going through? They feel like their body is not connected to their spirit. And what kind of toxic environment do we live in that they have to justify how they feel? That must feel incredibly insane. That is spiritual warfare. So I wanted to be in the conversation. On the surface, it is an older-straight-white-male world. But it has prompted this conversation that I think is deeper than what the new masculinity is or what a non-gender-binary world looks like. I think we’re in spiritual warfare. …

Something that’s missing from the cultural conversation right now is the idea of a higher masculinity. I think a lot of men are under the false impression that they’re being asked to bury or hide or be ashamed of their masculinity. But what we really need is to be in touch with the divine masculine inside ourselves. Which is the exact opposite of the toxic masculine.

I think the truest definition of masculinity is the essence of you that understands and respects that which isn’t masculine. If you ask me, when we talk about masculinity, it’s also very racial, this conversation. Because the dominant force on this planet right now is the older straight white male. And there’s a particular portion of them that senses a tanning effect. They sense a feminizing effect. They sense a nonbinary effect when it comes to gender.

A tanning and a queering.
And it’s a fearful thing. You know, America was “created by our Founding Fathers”—not our Founding Mothers or our Founding Mother and Father. Right? So this conversation leads to side effects, like using religion as a weapon to justify [an attack on] women’s reproductive rights. Insane, insane things. And I’m like, What are you afraid of? We’re living in the middle of the kicking and screaming. I don’t wanna go too controversial, but man, I just read the Declaration of Independence the other day and my jaw dropped. Referring to the Native Americans as merciless savages—that’s in the Declaration of Independence, bro. It’s in there. Referring to men, they use the term “mankind.” Well, what about the women? And they talk about the transgressions of the king at the time, and they made reference to how he tried to stop their foreign trade. It kind of felt like now. I don’t know the last time you read it, but it’s really wild, bro. I read it on NPR.

As we have seen, the new woke femininity being promoted by Victoria’s Secret is transgenderism and obesity. Sports Illustrated is also promoting fat women to ignite “tolerance, acceptance and understanding” in order to eradicate stereotypes of female beauty. The magazine recently announced massive layoffs.

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  1. They will put any drivel in mass media, so long as it poisonous or distracting fluff.

    This is the reason we need REAL White media.

  2. It seems that a lot of establishment publications such as GQ and Playboy are either going under or about to do so. But apparently before that happens they all have to go supernova and publish a lot of hyper-liberal faggotry. Why can’t they just go out with some fragment of their dignity left intact?

  3. LOL you see, naggers, Ol’ Debbil Whitey may have struck you down hard when you went wildin’ and rapin’ but he never did set you up to be straight-up pussy faggots. Your New or – should I say – Jew masters got plans for nappy head when White faces aren’t seen anymore. Slavery and the electric chair aren’t sh*t compared to what Shlomo got in store for the schwartzy jakelegs.

  4. I can’t tell, is this Pharrell character a pimp, a clown or a pimp clowning around? WTF was he talking about anyway, he didn’t make any sense in that YouTube video. I did learn however that he is a scholar of the Declaration of Independence, apparently having read it recently for the first time.

    He was shocked, shocked I tell you that Thomas Jefferson referred to the Indians on the frontier as “merciless savages” (which they were) and referred to all people as “mankind”. Apparently Thomas Jefferson was not aware of gender fluidity concepts in 1776. I guess you learn something new every day.

    • Indeed, 12AX7,
      I am currently doing a study of frontier figure George Rogers Clark (1752-1818). He would have heartily concurred with Jefferson, whom he met during travels to the Virginia legislature to secure supplies to defend frontier Kentucky starting in 1774. Clark’ and his friends seen the Indian brutality firsthand.

      • Check it out: “The Invented Indian”, James Clifton,Copyright 1990, Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick, NJ 08903; ISBN 0-88738-341-6 for an unvarnished look at the construction of myths about how wonderful the Indians were until evil European settlers arrived. The truth, of course is that Jefferson was correct. Not an easy read though.

        Another reference: “Mayflower”, Nathaniel Philbrick, Copyright 2006, Penguin Group (USA), 375 Hudson Street New York, NY 10014 ISBN 0-670-03760-5.

        Philbrick writes about the settlement of Plymouth in Massachusetts and the more important establishment of Boston by Royal Charter in 1630 followed by King Phillip’s War. This was a devastating conflict for the New England colonies but ultimately led to the permanent defeat of the Indians in New England. New England was the Western frontier in the 17th century and was like the later Wild West until the frontier moved relentlessly into the Midwest.

        The tale of King Phillip’s War is, of course one of savagery on the part of the Indians, they weren’t a bunch of Mother Theresas just trying to hold on to “their” land. There was no such concept of owning land to the Indians, it was as foreign as owning sunshine, armed possession was 10 tenths of the law with them. They were “merciless savages”.

        Philbrick doesn’t hit this point too hard but it is very important. The Indians, being hunter gatherer aboriginal people were completely at the mercy of nature for their daily bread and were quite familiar with starvation. Shortly after Boston was established in 1630 the English settlers had already produced such an abundance of food that the Indians living amongst the settlers never suffered from starvation again, there was more than enough food for everyone.

        The diets of the Indians also vastly approved with new types of food such as beef, chicken and pork. European vegetables became part of their diet along with bread, coffee, tea, sugar and milk, none of which they had seen before. That is part of the story that is never told.

  5. Pharrel Williams and Bruno Mars are half black propagandists. They have no true sense on who they are and where they came from, this is what miscegenation leads to. Effeminate weak people who want nothing normal, because they are not normal.

    • Hasn’t GQ always been primarily a binder for ads selling overpriced men’s fashion wear, colognes, sports cars, watches, liquors, sporting goods, etc. with a few photo shoots of Hallmark Channel semi-effeminate stud muffins?

      • I knew about the super expensive clothing, but not the stud pansy muffins, It was never my thing. At least the men used to basically approximate human males. Now – not at all.

  6. Inverting and perverting terms does not change their meaning. The feminine cannot, by its very NATURE, somehow become masculine. Fortunately, this warped form of cultural sabotage doesn’t seem to be working, despite its constant promotion in (formerly) popular media. Rags like GQ and Esquire aren’t trendsetting anymore. This desperate attempt to stay relevant through pushing reality-denying androgyny won’t help them. Magazines are bleeding readers and ad revenue like a hemophiliac into cutting themselves. May they soon end up in bankruptcy and history’s dustbin.

  7. Every new day, every time I see another story like this, I wonder, “how can it get worse from here?” The past seven days have been a treasure trove of degeneracy.

    As a wise man once said… “Girls will be boys and boys will be girls; it’s a mixed up muddled up shook up world.”

  8. We do live in bizarre times indeed. In my little book *Rethinking The Propositions* that I indie published last year, I proclaimed that “Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner is the final flower of the ideological revolution begun in 1776”. No change in my opinion on that statement, except to add in gender-fluid Negro men in dresses standing beside Bruce.

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