National Review: What Unites the Right?

Jay Nordlinger asks an important question at National Review.

National Review:

“In the 1990s, everyone said the same thing about American conservatism: “For decades, the conservative movement was held together by anti-Communism. All the disparate elements were connected by anti-Communism. What connects them now?”

The same question may be posed today. I think of two immediate answers. First, to be a conservative is to be anti-Left, as George Will says. That’s not nothing (as he also says). In fact, that’s a big thing. And the second answer? By and large, we are anti-abortion. That’s also a big thing. A momentous thing.

And beyond those . . .?

Now, hang on a minute. Increasingly, I meet young people who call themselves “integralists” or “post-liberals.” They believe that the American Founding was a tragic mistake. They favor some sort of church-state government, though some are too shy to be explicit about their heart’s desire. (I suspect they will get bolder — more candid — which is welcome.) They are more Franco than Jefferson, more Orbán than Reagan — more Pat Buchanan than Will or Charles Krauthammer. …”

I don’t think he will like the answer:

The American Right like the European Right is united by authoritarianism and social conservatism. It is also defined by its rejection of Left-Libertarianism.

Conservatism, Inc. is defined by Right-Libertarianism which is a set of ideas that lacks a mass constituency among non-Boomers. The generation that voted for Ronald Reagan is largely dead. There are far more economic populists than economic liberals who lean to the Right. Virtually no one reads or cares about what George Will says in The Washington Post.

The problem is that the White House, Congress and the federal bureaucracy are full of a bunch of people who have been trained to give lip service to a defunct ideology that conserved nothing and which is totally out of sync with its base. The Democratic Party doesn’t have this problem because its Left-Libertarian ideology is in perfect harmony with its Jewish donors, the mainstream media and their deranged base of minorities, homosexuals and cat ladies.

The Republican Party is constantly losing and assimilating leftwing social revolutions into mainstream conservatism, policing the boundaries of the mainstream for the Left (the courtesy is never reciprocated) and trying to deliver an agenda for its donors that fails to excite its base. Who wants to vote for classical liberalism plus multiculturalism and political correctness?

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  1. Because they are all really universalist totalitarian communists, nothing is conserved especially your people… it’s all ideological propositions, religious and otherwise… and not true Kin-NATIONhood …

    Messianic “god-man” and Communism:

    If you believe that a man is “creator of the universe”, then said “god-man” has ownership right of everything in the universe since said man created it all, and therefore, logically you nor any other human has right to any property not even self ownership!! YOU BE HIS SLAVE!! THIS “RELIGION” IS JUST UTTER NONSENSE AND PURE GLOBALIST THIEVING INTERNATIONAL SOCIALIST USURY POLITICS ANC CULTURAL MARXISM (aka Bolshevik-Trotskyite Totalitarian Communism) !!

  2. Modern conservatism is tied together by 1) a love of homosexuality and cuckoldry 2) unquestioning support for the Zionist state in Palestine 3) exporting American jobs and industries to sweatshop labor countries 4) unlimited third world immigration….AS LONG AS IT’S LEGAL.

  3. Question posed:
    ” National Review: What Unites the Right? “

    Many things.
    Some are empirical in their use their meaning and their symbolism – such as Culture, Laws, Virtues, Ideals and Civilization all created from OUR blood from Our sweat and from OUR tears – and others which are more malleable able to be ‘crafted’ to the shape that fits the occasion.

    But one thing is certain.
    An enemy, the (((adversary))) as it is fitting to say, ALWAYS UNITES those that are the very antithesis of the (((Adversary))).

    If you missed the clue, dear cosmopolitan.
    What unites the Right, by a considerable measurement, is YOU!

    It is YOU and your Kin, my dear, (((Adversary))) !

  4. There are hierarchies in every aspect of life. At home, school, work and play, there are the talented, mediocre and awful. The majoritarian tyranny we now have denies hierarchies, along with other obvious truths like biology. But people in general want to be taken care of, along with wanting to maintain the pretense that they are independent agents in charge of their destinies. What all that means is that most want choices, but safe and limited ones. Choices that harm them and theirs as little as possible.

    Once someone comes along that combines Pat Buchanan with extensive safety nets — a pol that wants to protect domestic labor with tariffs, keep a lid on income inequality, provide solvent health care and pension plans, encourage nuclear families with incentives that take women out of the workforce to raise children and therefore increase salaries for the male workers, use education to foster traditional morality again; all the things people like Orban are doing — we will have that sense of safety that comes with the feeling that we are “free” to live a good life, which is what most want for themselves and their progeny. Policies that encourage the growth of the family, and personal responsibility combined with communal caring for each other, is a winning formula that a smart and power-hungry pol here should run on. Especially if the pol understands that the CivNat ideology is failing, and knows to appeal to our tribal natures, as well. There is a giant opening for someone on the populist right to come in and swoop up a lot of votes, if they followed such a formula.

    All this catering to minorities at the expense of the current White majority is leading to a toxic society where violent confrontation looks more inevitable with the passing days. The left might be betting on the promotion of demographic changes as a way to keep themselves in permanent power, but that is stoking anger and resentment among the current majority of pink peoples. Their combined arrogance and ignorance could be their downfall. I hope so, anyway.

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