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  1. I used to think the Red regime in Peking was unfairly oppressive and reactionary. Now I understand they are simply trying to prevent their 5,000 year old civilization from being destroyed by the vulgar Americanization of their youth. And by Americanization I really mean Ghettoization and Judaization.

  2. I agree with Xi on that. It’s porch monkey noise, created by the CIA to weaponize music the same time they introduced crack into the hood ( freeway Ricky Ross. ) The monkey noise worked it’s way into whitedom via (((them))) denying record contracts to any white boy rock group, and promoting any jigaboo jive hustler. Did you think for a minute that suddenly around 1980 ALL white boys world wide just stopped wanting drums … guitars etc and didn’t dream of being rock stars ???? Moreover, there’s BEEN a conspiracy to kill rock because it’s part of OUR culture. ( Remember Obamas invasion at Gibson Guitar ? ) A tiny handful of corporations decide what playlists play on every radio station. They keep playing THE SAME FEW SONGS FROM JUST A HANDFUL OF GROUPS TO MAKE EVERYONE SICK OF ROCK.


    • I totally agree with you GG, lamestream FM radio plays the same small number of rock and pop songs over and over to the point where I can’t listen anymore. So I’ve got Sirius XM instead. Maybe it’s part of yet another clever jew scheme to get us to buy radio subscription services?

      And yes, some good ol’ Outlaw Country is needed as well. That slick, over-produced junk which passes for C&W music these days is almost as superficial and forgettable as K- pop music from the Orient.

    • I witnessed the pathetic display of some White male “:country star” on the Faux News morning show, “singing” is new “song”. The “music” was a semi-rap type abomination, and the “singer” was dressed like a Hood rat. Those STUPID ear plug things, backwards baseball cap, baggy ghetto trash “clothing”.

      This is the tragic result of total Jewing.

      • The Jewing goes back to the Tin Pan Alley days. The plan for (((control))) of the American music industry was as methodical subversion as the Film and TV industry.

    • What is worse is that even rick and country have been negroized these days. I hear Imagine Dragons with their irritating hiphop-rock, or country music talking about Lil Wayne and featuring rap bridges, and wonder how the hell it got this bad…how white people can even enjoy listening to this crap? And make no mistake, they do, because the records sell…and I was one of only very few in my age cohort back in my youth that wasn’t hooked on Eminem and OutKast and the like. The new tool album was a breath of fresh air, a beautiful piece of white musical art…but popular music in general has degraded past vapidity and into outright depravity.

  3. “So glad to have my opinion corroborated by a competent authority.” – Ko-ko in Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘Mikado’

    Rock is COMPLETELY OTHER to White, Christian civilization. The Back Beat is nothing but African tribal voodoo, of the devil, and a total destroyer of morality, sexuality, and decency. EVERYTHING that the local Protestant pastors said of “Elvis the Pelvis” back in the 1950’s has been proven correct.

    There is NOTHING redeeming about pop/rock music. NOTHING.

    • Faddah John +,

      Rock and roll was originally called “race music,” but (((promoters))) would pull a ‘bait and switch,’ and create the genre rhythm and blues to refer to music that was for negros.

      Elvis’ first hit “That’s alright momma ” was originally recorded by a negro.

      As usual, the British were unabashedly at the forefront at pushing coon tunes on Whites. I can’t think of one “British Invasion ” band that didn’t ape American blues musicians (e.g., Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, B.B. King, Or Willie Dixon).

      • No-Vem-buh- Fuhgeddaboutit, already! Your attempt to both normalize a perverted form of music, and your own (subconscious) desire for moral immunity from my ordination vows (and what they represent), fails on both accounts.

        I know full and well the ‘history’ of this perverse ‘art’ form. You’re not telling any of us anything new. But perhaps here are some authors who might give enlightenment to your continued ignorance about a ‘music’ that has nothing redeeming to it – except maybe for occasional sarcastic quotes: “Rock! Huh! What is it good for… Ab-so-lute-ly NOTHIN’!”



        The book in question is “Dionysos Rising: The Birth of Cultural Revolution out of the Spirit of Music” – Dr. E. Michael Jones.

        (While I think Jones’ penchant to find ‘links and ties’ to Wagner’s music and Rock, merely to be his warped sense of solidarity with the West’s misguided view of Hitler, and his own unwillingness to note that his own ecclesial communion (RCC) indeed, both the Orthodox and the Romans- [ https://russia-insider.com/en/christianity/russian-church-exile-strongly-and-rightly-supported-hitlers-invasion-russia-amazing ] lauded the National Socialists and their worldview, before Talmudic propaganda ruled the day… I think his thesis both valid, and profound)

    • On the contrary, white people took a base negro musical form and made it something excellent…progressive rock, heavy metal, punk, etc are/were pure expressions of white soul, which no negro or Latino has ever been able to approximate. Listen to some Pearl Jam or Tool and tell me if you hear the devil or the negro in the details.

      • 1960s British rock was heavily influenced by negro blues music, as was what was called “Southern Fried Rock.” I enjoyed it. I’m just saying where it originated from.

        Pearl Jam and Tool are products of the 90s.

        I still have Rush’s masterpiece 2012 on high rotation.

        • I still like Rush too even tho Geddy Lee is a heeb, a very talented band beside that fact . However tool i didn’t really care for aside from a few songs, especially the bands anti christian stance the band strangely enough hated Scientology which is weird when you would consider it a occultic religion. Which the band was very much into dark occult scene especially the bassist and drummer from what i read. You hear tools recent album bleh it sounds horrible

          • Thom,

            Yep. Geddy “muh shorah” Lee is one ugly heeb but a pretty good bass player.

            Donald Fagan is probably the ugliest jew in music, but i like a it of Steely Dan’s catalog.

            I never got into Tool or was aware that some were into the occultists.

            Rush uses a pentagram with a man inside of it as their symbol . Have they explained why they chose that icon?

      • “On the contrary, white people took a base negro musical form and made it something excellent…”

        Gold plating a turd, still doesn’t make it NOT a turd. And is a waste of gilt.

  4. There is not enough chinese rap music telling the chinks their dicks will grow 0.1mm for every 100 niggers they eat. If there was, we would soon see a rapid decline in african nigger population.

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