FOX News: What Does The Success of Joker Say About Us?

What does the success of Joker say about our culture? Not much.

Joker has earned around $650 million dollars which puts it above It: Chapter Two and in the same range as Justice League ($659 million), Man of Steel ($668 million), Suicide Squad ($745 million) and Wonder Woman ($821 million). It has earned two thirds of that outside of the United States. The American audience was around 64% male and 66% under the age of 35 and was racially diverse with blacks and Hispanics as likely to see the movie as Whites.

In spite of the hysterical moral panic in the mainstream media, there have been no incel mass shootings inspired by Joker only bad hot takes. It was just a movie that was an interesting character portrait of a psychotic clown that has been around since the 1940s. Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight in 2008 earned over a billion dollars.

Note: Don’t miss Gregory Hood’s take on Joker.

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  1. There are a lot of angry, alienated young white men out there. So it might not be a good idea for the jews and liberals to provoke them as much as they have.

  2. All I know is Joker is a movie that I liked so much I saw it twice. The same goes for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. And I almost never go to movie theaters anymore, let alone to see the same movie twice!

      • Hey Brad Polumbo, is it true you like to look at images of “cute” boys in middle school? I guess that means you’re a fag.

      • I guess I shouldn’t read any books, watch any movies or listen to any recorded music because Mark the Boy-Toucher says that I’m giving my money to the jew-controlled entertainment industry. Well Mark, sorry to tell you this but they also control the interracial gay porn industry as well.

  3. Hunter : Thanks for writing and printing articles about The Joker movie! 🙂 It is the only movie that I actually really wanted to see in a movie theater this year , I usually just wait until movies come out on DVD to see them. I have seen the Joker movie 3 times in the movie theater so far. It is dark , grim , hard hitting , factual , and has phenomenal acting by Joaquin Phoenix. It is an accurate portrayal of what life was like in the 1980’s when Ronald Reagan was President.

    Arthur Fleck is a pissed off , frustrated , and marginalized , straight white male living in Gotham City , which is actually New York City. He strikes out at the system which has been broken for several decades , and a system that has failed him. He is beaten and bullied by non-whites , he has white co-workers & friends who talk smack behind his back , and are nice to his face , but backstabbers when he’s not around. He realizes that people are not laughing with him , they are actually laughing at him. He takes quite a few prescription medications and pills for his psychological disorders.

    Due to the fact that his “love interest – romance interest” and also his Mental Health Counselor & Case Manager is a black woman , he is not racially aware. He reminded me of Bernhard Goetz , a New York City resident , who lashed out at black bullies , and shot 4 black hoodlums on December 22 , 1984. That happened just 14 days after Robert Jay Mathews perished in flames on Whidbey Island , Washington. We were just little kids when all of this was happening LOL! I have been racially aware since before I was even a teenager.

    I saw the movie once with a close friend of mine who is also racially aware , I saw the movie once by myself , and I saw the movie once with my mother. My close friend whom I went to school with in the 1990’s he thought it was grim , violent , dark minded , great acting , he gave it 4 stars as did I. My mother felt that it was not quite as good as the Downton Abbey movie that is also currently being played in movie theaters also. My mother blames “budget cuts” and the broken and failed system for The Joker fighting back against a society that has pushed him around , marginalized him , wronged him , thus causing him to go “crazy” and “snap” and kill people. I gave the Joker movie a 4 star rating.

    You write great articles , you have a very wide range of diverse topics you discuss and write about on Occidental Dissent. I have greatly enjoyed your articles and Occidental Dissent this decade. I also greatly enjoyed and also agreed with the angle you came from last decade on The Phora way back during former President Bush’s first term in the white house. Thanks for all you’ve done! 🙂

    • Baron – on behalf of the long time Commentors on the OD – welcome! I really liked your post, and I really like the enthusiastic, positive vibe you give off. Well done!

    • Much appreciated!

      I spent the 2000s screwing around on forums in college and the 2010s largely on activism. I plan to get much more serious in the 2020s. We’re going to grow.

  4. To spahnranch1969 :

    I’m curious as to why you would want to be associated with Charles Manson. What is that all about? Why did you choose “spahnranch1969” as your handle? What are you trying to say with your handle? The Manson Family lived at Spahn Ranch in 1969. You actually like your handle which represents Charles Manson and his cult followers?

    I’m not trying to start a flame war. I’m just curious about your handle, that’s all. With a handle like you got you have to expect to be asked about it every once in awhile. I’m old enough to remember the Helter Skelter summer of 1969 and it was horrible. Why would you want to associate yourself with that? wtf?

    • Joe- Thank you for clarifying Spawn’s handle. I must have been prescient, calling him soon after I started reading his comments, “Spawn of Hell.” Manson? Whew… total demon possession.

      However, he (Spawn) does have some cogent moments, so I have hope he will have a sea change in the future. But the handle clearly shows where he was… when he began it.

  5. “What does the success of Joker say about our culture? Not much. “

    I disagree with the, “not much”.

    the success of this film which I do not like for many different reasons says allot about Western DISENFRANCHISED White man. And all of it is POSITIVE !!

  6. Doesn’t surprise me fox news, also known as neo conservative warmonger inc news doesn’t like the joker film but boy do they sure love Israel

    Fictional comic book violence= bad real life murder apartheid war genocide by Israel= good Never change fox news you pieces of warmonger zog shits cnn and fox birds of a feather flock together…

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