King Elijah Cummings To Lie In State At U.S. Capitol

As many of you have no doubt already heard, Kang Elijah Cummings of Baltimore unexpectedly died yesterday of “longstanding health challenges” which we understand to be a reference to the stress of living as a person of color in Trump’s America.

The New Yorker:

“By the time Representative Elijah Cummings left the pulpit during the funeral services for Freddie Gray, on April 27, 2015, he had delivered a word, as the church elders are prone to call it. “I’ve often said our children are the living messages we send to a future that we will never see,” the congressman told the congregation of New Shiloh Baptist Church, in Baltimore. “But now our children are sending us to a future that they will never see. There’s something wrong with this picture.” Gray, who died on April 21st, a week after sustaining injuries while in police custody, at the age of twenty-five, had become a symbol for the relationship between black people and the police in Baltimore, and beyond. (Charges against officers who were involved were later dropped.) When I visited the city, two days before his funeral, it seemed to be edging toward detonation. Not long after I arrived, a protest march wound through downtown, then past the courthouse and the inner harbor, before concluding in sporadic rioting just outside Camden Yards, where the Orioles play. I watched from an overpass, as groups of young men smashed the windows of police cars, and officers in riot gear marched toward the demonstrators. The violence there resulted in two people being injured and a dozen arrested. ….”

Cummings was a champion of liberal democracy and his body will lie in state at the U.S. Capitol before he is laid to rest in his beloved shithole, Bulletmore, Murderland.

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — Representative Elijah E. Cummings, whose death on Thursday left both Republicans and Democrats mourning the loss of a lawmaker they praised as passionate and decent, will lie in state in the Capitol, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday.

Mr. Cummings, a son of sharecroppers who rose to become one of the most powerful Democrats in Congress and a central figure in the investigations into President Trump, will lie in Statuary Hall, the grand, two-story semicircular room between the Rotunda and the House chamber.

A formal ceremony will be held there Thursday morning, Ms. Pelosi said, for members of Congress, the Cummings family and “invited guests.” After the memorial, Mr. Cummings’s coffin will be moved just outside the House chamber for a public viewing, a spokesman for Ms. Pelosi said. …”

He leaves behind a city which is known to be infested with some of the largest rats in North America, millions of more bags of trash to be picked up by Scott “The Persistance” Presler and where the murder rate is at a higher level than when The Wire was on television.

The Baltimore Sun:

“BALTIMORE—Seventeen people were shot over the weekend in Baltimore, including four who died, police said, bringing attention to a rise in the city’s murder rate after a decline last year.

The city’s homicide toll so far this year is up 12% to 272, compared with the same period last year. Nonfatal shootings have jumped 22% over that span to 634, according to police.

Homicides are also up this year in some other U.S. cities, including Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and New York City. In Chicago, by contrast, police say homicides are down 11% compared with the same time last year, and down 31% from this point in 2016, when killings soared there.

Baltimore’s burst of violence over the weekend included an apparent road-rage incident in which a 2-year-old boy was shot in his stomach as he was riding in a car with family members. Police believe the incident began when a driver honked at another car for not moving after a traffic light turned green. …”

Although it was ugly to others and a disgusting, crime-infested and polluted shithole in the sight of the world, Baltimore was always a lovely place to him.

RIP King Elijah

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  1. Cause of death ???

    Too much gin, coke and hos.
    (As Alex Linder says, ‘ you have to fight the reporter for the story.)

    Our ancestors would hang their heads if they could foresee our giving vote and power to field monkeys.

    • Well, maybe I’m nitpicking, but to be accurate, we must adknowlege that in fact it was our recent ancestors who first gave blacks, or allowed blacks to be given, the vote and political power. Neither you nor I had any say in the matter. Maybe some of our ancestors, wherever they now are, shake their heads with regret.

  2. Kangz only know how to make hellholes out of the cities built by the pale folk. Which is why they follow whitey out to the suburbs, destroy those areas, then whitey moves away again…rinse and repeat. Will our duskier brethren keep following us out to Hooterville or Mayberry? If they can, of course.

    Do you want to be ruled over by people like Cummings or Omar? Then start supporting people wanting Orbanesque policies here. We will need numbers in the future, if civilization is to be saved. Start developing networks of people thinking like you, as close as you can. Support each other through connected home and small businesses, home schooling groups, clubs that pool resources to get everything from insurance to real estate, etc., etc. Make a healthy society within the diseased one, making sure to discard the CivNat and multicultural programming that helped to ruin us.

    If you build networks outside of the power structure, you can eventually have your own little island of freedom of association. Which you may be able to eventually build into a large enough grouping that get politicians and parties wanting your vote. That means supporting policies that benefit your interest group. Or at that point, your group might have enough influence to field their own candidates. Well, it’s a hopeful thought.

  3. “…ruled over by people like Cummings or Omar?”

    Well, our apex overlords are not these people, but another ancient more cunning, insidious folk. Otherwise your post is what I like to hear: Encouragement to start tackling those things that we can control here and now.

  4. Flags at half mast again. It seems as though the Flag is half way up the pole more than it is at the top. Has anyone been keeping track of how often it is lowered? I can think of several times in the last few months where it has hovered in the middle. The El Paso shooting, the St. Louis Hispanic Bar shooting (which Fox News assured us was not racially motivated while showing pictures of the two Hispanic perpetrators. But, why miss an opportunity to exercise the power of suggestion; such as the absurd notion that more Hispanics are shot by White Supremacists than by other Hispanics?), and, now, the death of the venerable, highly respected, honest and hard working, Elijah Cummings.

    How do I know that he was such a paragon of virtue and an ideal role model for everybody regardless of race, color, gender or creed? Because, both Democrats and Republicans can’t say enough about his iconic standing in the House, and his unwavering commitment to making America a better place to live for all Americans.

    A Flag perpetually at half mast is a sign, not of a thriving, vibrant and upwardly mobile, proud Nation, but of a funeral for a Country that has passed away. Why not just lower it the rest of the way and bury it? I’ve got a Flag to replace it with.

  5. I feel sorry for the dog. He looks like he’s thinking, “can’t somebody get me away from these N*ggers? They hate me because I’m blonde.”

  6. All this fuss over some old shoe-shine boy is preposterous. I can hear the Chinx laffing at us all the over in Peeking.

  7. All the WAY over in Peeking. This verkakte commenting system has got to go!

    So, did that old colored fella at least do any tap-dancing or scat-singing?

    When your sweetie tells you
    Everything’ll be okay
    Just skeep-beep de bop-bop beep bop bo-dope

  8. ” I may be dancing with the angels when all of this is corrected, but I’ve got to tell you, we must fight for our democracy.”

    Two points. Blacks (especially those not in Historic, Apostolic Churches (i.e., Orthodox, Catholic, Anglican, even Lutheran- who hold to the Seven Ecumenical Councils, have a historical Episcopate, etc.) are not Christians:

    in that they are- severed from both the Vine of Apostolicity, as well as the oversight of the Elect of God- i.e, White Christendom. Their ‘churches,’ therefore, are little more than synagogues of Satan, with their charismania, their jungle music, their ‘religious’ histrionics, and their utter disregard for the reality that the Scriptures bespeak ONLY of Adamic Humanity- via the line of Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

    Scripture clearly notes that slaves both: a) can be ‘saved’ but b) are not ‘freed’ from their status as slaves, simply because they are included either in circumcision or baptism! [Only ETHNIC Israelites- i.e., Admites, could be ‘released’ from voluntary servitude, due to the Jubilee year/seven year lease] Because the salvation of a slave, in both the OT, as well as the NT, is much like that of a woman to her patriarch- there must always be someone ‘over them’ so that they don’t sin (go astray, become corrupt, whore after others- whether man or gods).

    For a White Woman, whether that man is her father, husband or brother, in that ‘women shall be saved in childbearing,’ as it is written, without a Man to ‘cover her’ – either to keep her a chaste virgin, or to wed her to a godly man, that physical act cannot occur- save with the BVM. The same applies to slavery. Doug Wilson’s book, ‘Slavery as it was’ –

    lay down groundwork for the needful correction of the Bolshevik Heresy known as Egalitarianism.

    FYI, NOTHING in the Book of Philemon shows that Onesimus was relieved of his state as a slave, save for pious post-Abolitionist eisogesis, ever since the WBTS.

    So, I doubt that this evil man, (like most darkies) by either his ruling (please read the history of the Kings of Israel and Judah, who often had the appendage , “they did evil in the sight of the Lord” added to their life stories) or his faux religiosity, (like almost EVERY Republican and Democrat Politician out there!) will be admitted to the Pearly Gates, save for the mercy of Christ. And what did HE say?

    “I am come ONLY to the lost sheep of the House of (pre-talmudic) Israel.” [ i.e., White Adamics= Europe=Christendom]

    Don’t hold your breath, folks for Elijah Cummings.

    Oh, and we don’t HAVE a ‘democracy’ – we have a Representational Republic. When it truly DOES devolve into a ‘Demon-Crazy’ ruled by such as these, Whites have every right to overthrow such a godless form of governance, and begin again…. Just sayin’….

  9. When the Blacks were “set free” (Lincoln wanted to send them out of the country–Colonization) they should have all been rounded up and put on reservations like the native American Indians. (Actually the Indians were much better than the Blacks and helped the Confederacy fight this invasion from this perverted northern aggressor. The Indians knew how to fight.)

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