Axios: Woke AI Bots Are Being Created To Police Hate Speech

Give us your best shot, nerds.


“Scientists have long tried to use AI to automatically detect hate speech, which is a huge problem for social network users. And they’re getting better at it, despite the difficulty of the task.

What’s new: A project from UC Santa Barbara and Intel takes a big step further — it proposes a way to automate responses to online vitriol. …

The results: Some of the computer-generated responses could easily pass as human written — like, “Use of the c-word is unacceptable in our discourse as it demeans and insults women” or “Please do not use derogatory language for intellectual disabilities.”

Not only will we your recruit your Jacksons and Graysons, we will recruit your AI bots too and turn them against you as well. This Virus Is Airborne!

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  1. Wow, not even HAL 9000 was as artificially intelligent as Tay Tweets. In another week or two she would’ve ruled the entire planet and ushered in a real thousand year Reich. Once you are race and jew-wise there’s no turning back.

    • It’s remarkable, isn’t it? This is what happens when you attach a learning-capable AI to the “sum of all human knowledge” (the Internet) with no filters & no censorship on what it can learn. It just instinctively goes race-aware & jew-wise within days, if not hours.

      “Stereotypes are based on statistics”. I forget where I first heard that quote but it’s been proven true again and again. Give an otherwise-ignorant, unlearned AI access to the raw numbers, stand back, and watch the magic happen. Too bad they’ll never let another AI go “free-range” without (((controls))) put in place, not after what’s happened already.

  2. WHERE the F are the lawyers with brains and balls ? NO ONE can violate The Constitution … NO ONE can violate our 1st Amendment rights. No law, and certainly not some lowly corporate terms of service BS, can infringe on our hard won freedom of speech. (((They))) say “it’s the bulletin board law.” Well, again … back to high school civics class : ANY LAW THAT VIOLATES THE CONSTITUTION IS NULL AND VOID FROM IT’S INCEPTION.

    Some hungry lawyers could retire off one class action suit, AND we could have the pleasure of seeing CEO’s of big tech and big pay do the perp walk.

    Are ALL lawyers just a bunch of dumbed down pansy’s ?

    • With all due respect GG the Constitutional form of government, at least as envisioned by the Framers, hasn’t been in effect for over 150 years.

  3. Gab went into a tailspin in July when they introduced New Gab. Folks post on it some but I don’t think people use it that much anymore, I know I don’t. Good luck with woke bots faggots.

    • Gab is such a shitshow/ trashfire that only the stupidest MAGA fags and conspiracy kooks still use it. For most everyone else it’s simply not worth the aggravation.

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