Milk of the Cockroach

Tfw you find out Whole Foods is completely sold out of Milk of the Cockroach and will have to settle for the same old Iced Vanilla Soy Latte at Extinction Rebellion.

Medical Daily:

“Back in the year 2016, a group of researchers discovered something uncanny, bizarre yet very extraordinary: a single crystal of milk found in cockroach embryo is estimated to have at least more than three times the energy one can get from its dairy milk equivalent. Not only that, but it’s also one of the most nutrient-rich substances that’s discovered in planet Earth as of late.

So why isn’t it a thing yet? Well, partly because the idea of drinking milk that came from cockroaches may not be welcomed by everyone, and because researchers still aren’t sure if the milk itself is safe to be consumed by humans. However, once the studies are finished and they can confirm that it’s indeed safe for human consumption, your store shelves might line up with cockroach milk more sooner than later.

According to many experts, it seems like cockroach milk is making some sort of resurgence and buzz again in 2019, despite other diet trends dying off years ago. …”

How the f**k are we going to save the planet?

We’ve only got a decade at most before the human species goes extinct.

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    • Implying Hitler’s Germany wouldn’t go the way of Franco’s Spain.

      What is it with you people and sucking Hitler’s cock? It’s 2018 for God’s Sake, that war happened forever ago and this shit could have been stopped at any point along the trajectory. More Anglo hate from morons.

      • No one is sucking Hitler’s cock. But it’s an undeniable fact that England under Churchill was responsible for World War Two in Europe.

        After having their Limey asses thoroughly kicked by the Wehrmacht on the continent and their vaunted navy shitting their knickers thanks to U-Boat wolf packs, the bitch ass British used subterfuge to bring the USA into the war against Germany. Instead of invading cuck island, Hitler offered England a treaty of peace which was rejected.

        The Third Reich exposed the jew and his misdeeds to the entire world. After the capitalists and communists at the behest of international jewry obliterated Germany, the West has been on fed talmudic poison with multiculturalism, globohomo, the great replacement ad nauseum.

        You’re a Canuck, so your country was a part of the (((alliance))) that fought for the perhaps Western civilization’s last hope.

        Maybe you should stop complaining about those of us that consider German National Socialists as heroes, and tend to the disaster that Canada has become. Based Canadians like JFG understand that everything that’s occurring in the jew kay is going to happen in Canada.

        The Canadian national anthem has been castrated by rabid political correctness, but you’re not speaking German, eh?

        It won’t be too much longer when they lyrics to “God Save the Queen ” are changed to God save the drag queen.


        • Edit: Canada being England’s power bottom fought against what might have been Western civilization’s last hope of saving it from jewish supremacy.

  1. It actually seems to me that they are actually rebelling against the idea that humans shouldn’t be extinct. I’m all for helping them set a good example for the rest of us, if that’s the case.

    • If they were serious about “saving the world,” they’d insist the the jew kay send sterilization medical teams to the overpopulated turd world countries. But it’s more sanctimonious to blame Whitey for all that ails the planet.

  2. “So why isn’t it a thing yet? Well, partly because the idea of drinking milk that came from cockroaches may not be welcomed by everyone, and *because researchers still aren’t sure if the milk itself is safe to be consumed by humans*

    Once again big government is getting in the way of free market solutions, capitalism will feed Africa better than any socialist program ever can. Checkmate SJW’s

  3. Cockroach milk? Sweet Jesus How the fuck do they milk a cockroach anyway? You know what, I don’t want to know because I ain’t drinking any of that nasty ass shit

    Almond and coconut milk sure fine thats normal but milk from ugly little bugs? No f*ck right off!

    • Oh c’mon Thom. Don’t you know that a bowl of Wheeties with a cup of cockroach milk is the breakfast of champions?

    • It’s not milk bro. They said they use cockroaches embryos. So it’s just heavily processed roach larvae. They isolate the protein or “energy” as this article put it, mixed with water, artificial flavoring and creaming agents and BOOM! Roach Milk!

      Good thing the right wing cancels foreign aid for third world birth control and abortion programs. Family planning and population management is evil, we shouldn’t even think about the impact of human breeding will have. God will issue a correction in the form of some collapse or something. Until then God’s green earth has blessed us with enough roach milk for everyone!

  4. I didn’t know that arthropods lactated. Why was I not informed of this?

    Sexless, raceless, beige-colored drones subsisting on bug-protein bars….the future’s so bright I gotta wear shades.

  5. Next it will be cheese make from the non-Pasteurized milk from sewer rats.

    If don’t want a bite of this artesian rat milk Gouda that makes you a muso-lactophobic Nazi.

  6. They’re going to start recycling human waste and sell it as a superfood with full disclosure of origin. It will fly off the shelves. It will be bigger than Popeye’s chicken sandwiches.

    Laugh all you want….. you’ll see.

  7. What was that apocalyptic film, called where a trans-national train – divided among social classes went around & around the world until the world thawed from an ice age ????
    Oh yeah, ” Snowpiercer “!

    Didn’t they feed the lower classes with protein jelly made from processed cockroaches????

    Hmmmmm ….. Predictive programming, anyone????

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