Showdown In Pittsboro

I see lots of familiar faces went to Pittsboro, NC this afternoon for the standoff over the Confederate monument. It looks like Little Molly, Lindsay Ayling, Goad Gatsby, Josh Mascharka and others where there. I didn’t even have to go to know who was going to be there.


“PITTSBORO, N.C. (WNCN) — More than 200 people showed up in downtown Pittsboro Saturday to either oppose or support the Confederate memorial that stands outside the historic courthouse and the history behind it.

Multiple anti-racist/anti-fascist organizations faced off against Confederate heritage and monument supporters in the center of the town.

Multiple organizations on both sides were said to be in attendance, including members of the Democratic Socialists of America, Hillsborough Progressives Taking Action, NC Raise Up, CSA II: The New Confederate States of America, and — according to the Southern Poverty Law Center — members and supporters of the neo-Confederate groups League of the South and the Hiwaymen. …”

I wasn’t there.



These people are in decline.

A year ago, I concluded Antifa were nothing but a distraction and that the best way to deal with them was just to ignore them and let them fade away into irrelevancy.

We are rebounding and are on the way up. 2019 has been a great year for us. It would have been funny to see this soyboy get runover by that Confederate bulldozer though!

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  1. I moved to North Carolina from Indiana back in 2000. When I moved here majority of the people in the state were of English, Scottish, or Irish descent and of course we had the local negro population. By the mid 2000’s Beaners and every Aztec/child sacrificing tribe from south of the Rio Grande had moved into our state to supply cheap labor on the farms, construction sites, and service industry jobs. When 2008-2010 hit the tech industry really took off and RTP became ground zero for Pajeets who now essentially own half of western Wake county more specifically Morrisville, Cary, and Apex. We’ve now hit the early 2010’s and now at every turn on every street I’m seeing all these New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, and Delaware license plates on cars. So I ask several of these individuals what brought them down to North Carolina? They respond with ohh well Florida is too crowded now and our state sucks. These very same people who fucked up their states with their shitty politics and shitty values have now moved into North Carolina and are espousing the same politics and values that ruined the place they just moved from! Moving along to 2014-present day the real estate market/diversity is now thriving which then brought filthy kikes down from their enclaves in the Northeast. (((Josh Stein))) is our state’s current attorney general for fucks sake! The south has been destroyed by kikes, shitskins, northeasterners, and the WASP elite.

    • – The south has been destroyed by the WASP elite

      lol, dude, the South is the last real stronghold of the WASPs (outside of Mormonism). I’ve seen your other post hating on Anglos, you should go move to cuck states like Minnesota to be with your Germanic brothers.

      For someone who doesn’t seem to like Anglo-Celtic people, it’s odd that you want to live around them.

      • @Outlander I don’t hate Anglos but I do hate their elite and the fact that most modern Anglos lack a spine. The UK, US, Canada, and Australia(all originally Anglo countries) have been on the wrong side of history since the beginning of World War two. They murdered millions of Northern, Central, Eastern, and Southern Europeans for kikes and paved the way for globohomo. You can call what I say hate but I call it facts.

      • Yah, the redpill is that Id rather live around nominally shitlib white wasps than any of the culture and identity crushing mestizos you listed. Sure, the northern white liberal invasion isnt great, but only someone who has never really lived among true hispano diversity would be so mad about other whites. It’s just a fact.

    • We need to OWN THE SOUTH. Edge “them” out. White Christian patriots, move south and vote white buy white hire and promote white. Alt right should be on this but they’d rather waste time giving pseudo intellectual movie reviews.

      Also, don’t fall for the Gabbard Clinton feud bs. Listen to this guy :

    • Croat – kikes have been all over the Dixie since the BEGINNING. Charleston was THE slave hub in the South. It’s been Kosher since it was founded. The Anglo Celtic hillbillies are in the backwoods, They’ve had a ring through their noses for centuries and these ALL these Jew Worshipping Evangeltiards (Muh Save-yuh Beez a Jooish Carpentuh yuh he-ah!) rednecks EVER see are those Damned Yanquis!

      • @Denise I realize this. Jews unfortunately weaseled their way into America and other western countries and have been here since the beginning. I would disagree with your assessment that Christianity is a jew worship religion. Modern Christians especially Evangelicals are Muh Israel types but Trad Caths(like myself), OG Lutherans, and Orthodox Christians are the furthest thing from Jew worshippers.

        • Croat0517,

          Lutherans split into two different branches. By OG Lutherans, do you mean ‘original gangster ‘ Lutherans?

          • @November The OG part was just a joke but basically I’m saying that Lutherans need to go back to the Days of Martin Luther and not worshipping at the altar of the kikes and globohomo. I’m not just targeting Lutherans though, I’m saying all Christians need to return to following Christ and speaking about the evils of the kikes. In order to cast out a demon one must find out its name and call upon it to leave by the power of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The demon we are facing is the Jew and we must continue to name them. Notice how when you call them out for the fucked up things they do and then point out they are Jews they immediately get defensive and then quickly shift to offense to discredit you? It’s an Evil tactic they learned long ago from their father Satan.

  2. Lol..Always some dirty looking white communists fighting for ” muh people uh colored.” You never ever see non whites rally for white people and you never will thanks to Jews news. The hilarious part is so often these types of young burn outs are the ones quietly mugged or worse by blacks during white cuck Intifada..aka gentrification.

    The instantaneous self hatred by whites like these or the ones at the Bernie rally in the communist but in truth uber capitalist hell hole called New York City are just more examples of a never ending list of what happens when whites are drilled and filled by mostly Jewish Marxism.

    If these goofy goons could have their way we would see Mlk dedications even more if that’s possible along with every other black, brown and butt hole American and of course some super far left womanzzz on every street name or statue and stadium.

    No matter what Trump has at least allowed nationalist whitey to come out of the shadows more. I also do have hope for him in a second term. He has a big ego and wants to win. When he gets in again I expect him to push a crypto white agenda more so. This whole silly impeachment mess by Democrat Jews, blacks and browns will push hordes of whites to vote for him again.

    • Jeff -the race traitor White morons deserve whatever they get from their Dark Pets – and I hope they all get it ASAP. They are examples of Bad DNA. Truly spiteful mutants.

  3. HW, you (and Dr. Hill) have what it takes to get a crowd of Southern patriots motivated simply by making a public appearance. “Doctor” Duke does not have that ability, because there’s something about him that turns off a lot of people – myself included. It is my fervent hope that you will not squander your opportunity!

  4. “A year ago, I concluded Antifa were nothing but a distraction and that the best way to deal with them was just to ignore them and let them fade away into irrelevancy.”

    They don’t seem to be too active in Dixie. But where they are, it’s always in proximity to Carpetbagger enclaves and Synagogues.

    In the North and on the Pacific Coast, there’s nearly always a Synagogue nearby, and their actions are always in or near fashionable Yuppie enclaves, neighbourhoods or business districts. But never near biker bars, truck stops, BBQ pits, or anyplace else that the actual working class folks that they claim to champion, congregate at.

    What they don’t tell you is that the community that they’re defending is the Jewish community, not the community of stupid Goys that they happen to be standing in at the time. And that’s how the Jewish Kommissars that run Antifa, want it.

    Towns without Synagogues, or Southern towns without Carpetbaggers and Synagogues, don’t have Antifa activity.

    I wonder why?

    • James Owens,

      In the last photograph, the pos with the black hoodie and hair bun strongly resembles the jew Dustin “Screech” Diamond from “Saved by the Bell.” Surprisingly, he is wearing a yarmulke.

  5. HW, I know you and Dr. Hill are fighting lawfare. Kaplan and her cohort perverts who win cases for other perverts should be stopped. In Leviticus 18 you will read the list of sins that cause whole nations (Israelite and Gentile) to be vomited off the land and Kaplan who, if she was really a real Biblical Jew and not some imposter, would know she is about as far from God as one can get — she and her fellow perverts destroy nations with their perversions. They are trying to condemn white nationalists in the pro-Jew, pro-pervert media to win their case before it even goes to court. I suggest you get good debaters to argue your case to the public — someone like David Duke who can counter all the accusations against the Right and show videos like the one where Dr Hill was attacked by some thug on the Left at the UTR rally to prove that the violent ones who caused the riot at Charlottesville were Antifa, BLM and other radical Communist Leftists. They were the ones who jumped in front of the clergy (who were expecting to be arrested for blocking the entrance) and started blocking and fighting the UTR people. And the crooked Black police chief guided by higher ups just let the fighting break out so they could declare an unlawful assembly before the UTR rally was to start.

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