Northern European Supremacy

I’ve got some news to share.

In 2016, I took a DNA test from These were my results:

Great Britain: 67 percent
Ireland: 11 percent
Italy/Greece: 8 percent
Europe West: 8 percent
Scandinavia: 3 percent
Europe East: 3 percent

Here are my latest updated results:

It turns out that I am much more Scandinavian than I thought:

Settler colonialism is based:

If I go back to having any Southern European ancestry in the next update, I will let you know. As things stand today, I have gone three years without having any Jewish, African or Native American ancestry which is surprising given how I was told the White race was a social construct. I personally appear to be entirely European and nothing else.

Here is my wife’s latest DNA test results:

My ancestors settled the Deep South. Her ancestors settled the Upper South. She has more Scottish and Irish ancestry. It turns out that Germans from the Alsace are lumped in with Northwestern Europe which is why I have more ancestry from Germanic Europe.

Note: I’m proud of my European heritage.

I encourage everyone to take the test and be proud of whatever you are. Don’t believe the nonsense in the media about “race doesn’t exist.” That’s the real myth.

My ancestors came across the North Sea from Northern Europe, conquered Britain and created England and from there conquered the American South and the British Caribbean.

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  1. If not for politics, southern european and jewish ancestry would basically be considered one category, as both are basically a mix of european and middle eastern, caused by more recent admixture. Splitting a Jew from a Greek or Italian is like splitting an English person from a German.

    Also, while north and south europeans differ, northern caucasians are basically depigmented southern caucasians. It’s like a black lab and a yellow lab. They’re still both labs.

    • Aren’t the Basques one of the oldest extant groups of Europeans? Us white folks all started off with black hair and dark brown eyes like they have.

    • Daryl B,

      Only a tone deaf moron would start an inter-European ethnicity beef, especially after Angelo Gage of Italian ancestry kicked major Zionist jew and gentile Zionist ass on social media over the past few days.

      For people that would be difficult to split apart (your words), Limey’s sure have a hard on for murdering Krauts.

      • @November, Daryl B is just another proud descendant of cuck Island. Anglos(US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) are the Judas of the white european race. Just remember they sold out and killed their European brothers for Jews.

        • Croat0517,

          Believe me. I know whose elite sold out European well being, and their surnames didn’t end in a vowel.

    • Nice propaganda. Italy was NEVER conquered by Arabs or Turks, save for a few cities being occupied in the south for a few short years (and if we count that, then no country in Europe is pure). Not to mention Spain, Greece etc. expelled most of their Muslim population (many of whom were converts), so they were never mongrelized like N.Africa and the middle east. Unless you’re referring to ancient Israelites as “Jews” (which is totally incorrect), they were definitely close to European peoples.

  2. My problem with having DNA tested is that the results get passed on to researchers, the feds, and law enforcement. The gov’t already has enough info on me, thanks.

    • Rich L,

      The away around providing personal information related to a DNA ancestry analysis is quite simple.

      Load one of those anonymous credit cards that are available just about everywhere gift cards are sold with the cost of the DNA test. Then use a sock puppet free email account to receive your results. The only personal information you’ll have to disclose is your address in order to receive the DNA collection kit. If you want to go the extra step, you could get a P.O. Box.

      • I’m sure you’re right, November, but I’ll take Arian’s advice and wait for the untraceable home kit.

      • In my state to get a PO box you need to provide a deed or a lease. So a PO box can still be linked to yourself.

      you have NO idea who’s data base you are going into.

      YOU don’t know where it might be held or examined.

      There might be something very unique and valuable about your DNA, that you will be giving away.

      Look in the mirror, if your eyes say you are White, be happy.

      Eventually they will have home test kits, that will provide ultimate privacy.
      Take the test, examine it and toss the test. Only you will know.

      • Arian,
        Sound advice. My suggestion was for those that may want their DNA test results, before home kits are made available.

        I don’t own stock in any DNA testing company, but based on those take at home colon cancer tests they still require that you have your sample analyzed by a laboratory.

        For myself, I was able to connect with some second and third cousins.

    • I agree Rick L. Who knows where your blueprint is going and how many touch it along the way. I would even go as far to say that maybe – and I mean maybe – customized illnesses just for you is only a postage stamp away. is a subsidiary of the Mormon Church:

      “In this part we will explain sealing rituals. I am doing this so that Christians can understand who a
      Keeper of Seals is, and also so that Christians can understand that Mormonism is closer to Satanism
      than it is to Christianity. This article will hopefully provide a written record so that Christians have an
      objective way to determine If someone who claims to be an ex-Satanist really is. I realize that some
      Christians don’t like to learn about their enemy, and that is fine if they do not want to read this. On
      the other hand, I see people who are coming out of Satanism who the Christians are disbelleving. The
      Christians have no reference from which to determine whether someone is legitimate or not. And
      although I believe the Spirit of God is an excellent revealer of men, I have to be frank, even the best
      of Christians sometimes don’t hear what the Spirit has to say, and could benefit from a written
      explanation. The closest descriptions of sealing rituals that I have found that matches the descriptions
      of satanic hierarchy rituais from people who have come out of the Satanic Hierarchy are the Mormon
      sealing rituals. For anyone wanting to do a study about how Mormonism is witchcraft, I sust they
      read the scholariy book written by a Mormon scholar Early Mormonism and the Magic World View
      by D. Michael Quinn.”
      (c) 1995 Bloodlines of the Illuminati, Fritz Springmeier, The Russell Bloodline, Part 2, Page 15

      Be very careful of who you give a piece of yourself to.

  3. ” I was told the White race was a social construct”

    Yeah, and I was told integration would make our schools better.

    • keep redesigning the categories. Renee’s German ancestors who ended up in Missouri via Pennsylvania are from Alsace which is lumped together with the Low Countries and northern France as Northwestern Europe. Germanic Europe is a separate category now.

      • So the “Aryans” are now lumped with “other”? Not surprised.

        All the genetic testing facilities keep “tweaking” everything so that we keep changing. “They” are telling us what we are???? There’s something rotten in Denmark. I don’t trust the system and all of them are part of the system. Question everything including their highly believable reasons. Remember, curiosity killed the cat.

        • I think that genetic ancestry stuff is just a lot of hokum, madame. Not much different from phone psychics and tarot cards, if you ask me.

  4. The National Geographic Magazine is offering a DNA test that looks interesting. Some of you southern Europeans may discover your African and/or Middle Eastern roots. LOL. Just think you might be eligible for affirmative action or Catholic sainthood. I think that’s what Hunter is getting at?

    I don’t understand the English/British result that we (me, and my siblings got), unless what I thought was “Dutch” reflects back and forth across the “Channel” between England and Holland? Or it could be sex in the 17th or 18th Century in early America? LOL.

  5. When the White Republic becomes a reality is must adopt an immigration policy similar to the Immigration Act of 1924 whereby people of Northern and Northwest European ancestry are accorded most favorite staus along with banning some groups in their entirety.

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