New York Times: A Darker Side of Hungary

Last week, The New York Times published a surprising editorial called The Case for Populism that defended Viktor Orbán’s project of illiberal democracy in Hungary. This week the Congolese figurehead of George Soros’s Open Society Foundations has written a letter to the Times in which he denounces Hungary’s rank authoritarian organic nationalism.

New York Times:

To the Editor:

Re “The Case for Populism” (Op-Ed,, Oct. 16):

I believe that Maria Schmidt badly mischaracterizes what is happening in Hungary today. The brand of populism she champions is in reality rank authoritarianism.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has converted Hungary’s democracy into a one-party state, doling out favors to cronies and using his powers to punish all those who dare to dissent. He has imposed draconian restrictions on the media and NGOs, and there is ample evidence of his packing the courts, trampling the rule of law.

He has demonized immigrants and refugees — harming his country’s economy and drawing the wrath of the European Parliament. As he tightens his grip on power, civil society — including the Open Society Foundations, founded by the philanthropist George Soros, where I serve as president — have been driven out of the country or forced underground.

Thankfully, the people of Hungary have begun pushing back. The opposition elected a new mayor of Budapest and a number of other Hungarian cities, dealing Mr. Orban his biggest setback in more than a decade.

Patrick Gaspard
New York
The writer is president of the Open Society Foundations.”

Oh no …

George Soros has been marginalized and crushed in Hungary! The Right in Hungary has jettisoned conservative liberalism for organic nationalism! By “civil society,” Gaspard means all the unaccountable Jewish NGOs like the ADL that are lording it over this country under the cloak of progressive liberalism vs. conservative liberalism.

It is important to understand that the Open Society and the Jewish Question are traveling companions that infect and dissolve nations. They are too sides of the same coin. Jews had enormous power and privilege in the Weimar Republic only to suffer a devastating collapse in their fortunes in the Third Reich. They have accumulated enormous power and privilege in this country because our social order is also based on liberalism and capitalism. The Open Society is the cause of the Jewish Question which is the effect of that type of social order.

This is why Jewish wealth and power promotes Left-Libertarianism as an ideology. They are in favor of everything weakens their host countries. It is very important for the flourishing of Jews to promote the “weak gods” – pleasure, profit, self expression – while demonizing the “strong gods” – patriotism, racial and ethnic identity, strong religious faith – with their laundry list of -isms and -phobias. The people who believe in the “strong gods” suffer from an “Authoritarian Personality” which is bad for the Jews. The only form of “patriotism” that can be tolerated is one that promotes deracination and the interests of Jews like Christian Zionism.

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  1. Soros is often referred to as a Nazi collaborator on the cuckservative radio.
    It gets tiring to listen to this drivel.

  2. I suspect that the blue checkmark character on Twitter known as “Noah Berlatsky” is really a sophisticated troll account, HW.

    For all intents and purposes the New York Times (aka, the Gray Yenta) no longer exists except as a neo-liberal opinion blog. It should have a disclaimer at the top of the page stating that it is strictly for entertainment purposes only.

  3. Stalin must’ve been an exceptionally ruthless character, because Eastern Europeans didn’t rise up against the Soviet occupation of their lands until after his death in 1953. Hitler by contrast was mild, although his SS men certainly were not.

  4. Victor Orban has been successful in restoring Hungary as a normal nation, it’s that which is intolerable. He then compounded that mortal sin by refusing bribes from George Soros then kicking his Communist organization out of the country. Good for him. If only this country had leaders with an ounce of Victor Orban’s courage we would be in a much better position.

  5. Is Orban another one Bibi ‘s fanbois? A lot of right wing populist figures insist on associating with that terrorist.

  6. Patrick Gaspard? I recognize him as the AA Obama-appointed asswit who caused a diplomatic crisis while Ambassador to South Africa. Yeah, this ultra-PC incompetent actually managed to p*ss off the ANC with his idiotic antics.

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