I’ve Been Banned From Facebook

I’ve got some news to share.

As Facebook recommits itself to the American principles of “inclusion” and “free expression,” I have been personally banned from Facebook.

Apparently, I have been identified as a “Russian troll” like the Southern Magnolia Facebook page and TRS and all the other Dissident Right accounts which were purged from Facebook this week to “protect the integrity of the 2020 election.” By that Facebook and its NGO partners like the ADL mean rigging social media to favor progressive narratives.

This doesn’t come as a surprise. Just yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg told Congress that Facebook would be “extending our longstanding ban on white supremacy to include white nationalism and white separatism.” As you can probably imagine, “white supremacy” is defined as any perspective that is remotely sympathetic to White people and their interests or too harshly critical of the cherished values and beliefs of progressive liberalism.

The funniest thing about this to me is that I don’t even use Facebook. I concluded years ago that Facebook is a negative force that is primarily used to stir up drama and infighting within our circles, to collect our personal data and make it available to Antifa who scrape Facebook in order to dox people and to data mine its users to sell that information to advertisers. In light of my experience with Facebook, I am always telling friends to delete their Facebook accounts to protect their privacy. I wasn’t even posting content from Occidental Dissent on Facebook when I had the chance to do so because it is the most insecure platform in existence.

There is no difference between American and Chinese social media platforms. Both engage in censorship of known dissidents. The difference is that China’s social credit system punishes people who are critics of Chinese nationalism while America’s social credit system is outsourced to the private sector and punishes critics of progressive liberalism.

I agree with Ramzpaul that free speech is a myth. Whether it is free speech or freedom of assembly, none of the benefits of the liberal order apply to us anymore as a caste. The former has been nullified by Big Tech censorship and the latter has been nullified by violent leftist street thugs who are protected by the media and the courts. I mostly used Facebook to keep in touch with real world friends and family and now I will use WeChat to do that.

Public opinion is solidly with us on this issue, not crybabies like Andrew Marantz, but True Conservatism holds that Silicon Valley’s oligopoly should be allowed to censor social media for political reasons because of free-market principles or something.

Nothing is being done about the problem. So all we can do for now is hope that Zuck is beaten in the free market by his Chinese competitors.

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  1. That’s how big corporations work. For no reason you get a notice that your card has been pulled, when you weren’t explicitly violating any rules (I assume you weren’t back then). But the problem is it’s not just platforming it’s also employing. People like james damore are being financially damaged by snot nosed big tech employers.

  2. People always ask me why i’m not on facebook, I don’t need the drama that is facebook is what i usually tell them. If facebook finds out my unacceptable political views will i in the future be turned down a job? I don’t like having a negative viewpoint on everything but with facebook whats the positive to using it? I knew the previous kvetching from gods chosen in the last month was preceding some more purging of white people

  3. No matter what these Jews do it’s not going to stop people learning about far right ideas.

    Like others have said, people are realizing something has seriously gone wrong. They can keep deplatforming but it’s going to keep popping back up because radicalization by reality is occurring.

    How can we draw more in? By being better stewards of platforms. Checking that list of sins and vices of 2.0, I know where I need to work.

    This site should be fully funded. It’s one of the best out there. But, the latest doxing, which I think is immoral, adds another layer of self-defeatism. Not only do we have racial enemies trying to actively harm us but we are harming each other.

    Maybe we should thank Jews for helping to remind us what we’re fighting against. What are we fighting against?

    Hopefully, as we enter 2020 it won’t be each other.

  4. Cowardly Jews and don’t the guts to speak from their heart and express their hatred for the innocent Christ and all his children so they relabel you, to mask their hatred.

  5. Samizdat brought down the USSR using fax machines and facing far worse penalties than us for getting “caught” . This gives me hope

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