Jews Protest Trump In Pittsburgh and Blame Him For Anti-Semitism

I don’t have any sympathy for Donald Trump.

He condemned and demoralized his supporters for he could reward his enemies and use his presidency to push their agenda. They are impeaching him to return the favor.

The JC:

“In a statement, the protesters said that Trump was “not welcome in Pittsburgh.”

“You have spent a year emboldening white nationalists with your rants about invasions, loyalty, and savagery. You have spent a year claiming that immigrants and people of colour are a threat, encouraging the conspiracy theory that Jewish people intend to “replace” white people through immigration,” they said, addressing the president .

“You have spent a year putting children in cages and tearing families apart. And you have spent a year accusing Black and brown people of antisemitism, when you are the one sowing fear amongst all of us for your own personal gain.

“Is it any wonder that the murders in our neighbourhood were followed by more white nationalist murders in Poway, El Paso, and far beyond?”

I’m starting to get blackpilled on Jexodus.

All that political capital was spent pandering to Jews in 2017 and 2018 seems to have been for nothing. Blompf and the GOP are the cause of anti-Semitism.


“It is no wonder that the AJC poll showed nearly three-quarters of Jewish voters disapprove of Trump’s handling of the anti-Semitism threat, with more than six in ten showing strong disapproval. Only 22 percent of Jewish voters have a favorable opinion of Trump’s performance; 76 percent have an unfavorable opinion.

Trump’s irresponsibility contaminates his party. 41 percent of respondents to AJC’s survey believe that the Republican Party bears all or close to all responsibility for the current levels of anti-Semitism. And 58 percent stated that the Democratic Party bears no, or close to no, responsibility for it. …”

As these Jewish activists told Steve Scalise, they will settle for nothing less than complete open borders and gun control. They are less concerned about Zionism than advancing domestic policies to weaken the rapidly dwindling White Christian majority population.

Imagine a world where these people were told “no” for a change. Believe it or not, but this country wasn’t founded to revolve around Jewish values and interests. It was a different country back then. It was a much better country than it is today. It was our country.

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  1. The stupid thing about this is that all those different groups from around the world the Jewish community want to let in, all have little use for Jew’s. The one group that does, conservative white Christians, they are on the road to making enemies of by behaving like these many whites are beginning to notice this…

    • Jews are crazy and evil. They are cunning, selfish beyond comprehension, devious, and ruthless – but in the end, not terribly smart. They are relentlessly destroying the BEST Host they’ve ever had, and will have. In the end, Jews are dumb as a box of dirt.

      • JEWS are the cause for Anti-Semitism. End of Story.

        And the ONE THING they NEVER WILL ADMIT TO- “WE will NOT have this king [Christ] to rule over us.”

        And for that, they are eternally damned.

  2. Is it a chihencidence that the backlash jews face is never their fault?

    Have they ever heard ‘that you reap what you sow?’

    Good thing that Hugo Boss to still in business.

  3. I want Trump to lose so I support people who attack Trump, even if their reasoning, linking Trump to the alt right, is totally stupid.

    The alt right just overestimated its weight in the thing. It has the ability to perhaps play kingmaker and make Trump lose a close election, but most Trump voters also voted for Romney and the alt right just gave a tiny boost (which happened to be just enough).

    • I want Trump to lose, also. But my personal vendetta revenge fantasies are less important that avoiding the DEMON-crats from winning So, I’m voting Trump, because the destruction of a nation is more important than my own little ego’s satisfaction.

  4. Fuck kikes and the white trump supporters. Its sickening to see all these whites who support Trump even after all he’s done to betray them. So far we have no action on immigration, our troops are still in the middle east, we have a fucked up healthcare system, the opioid crisis is continuing to claim many young white lives, the wealthy(kikes and corporations) got tax cuts, dindus were released from federal prison, white civil rights activists have been locked up by kangaroo courts for peaceful assembly, antifa roams the streets attacking people while the cops do nothing, red flag laws are being used to illegally disarm rural whites, Israel gets more money every year that passes, whites are dying younger and are unhappy, ect.. Trump needs to lose in 2020 to wake whites the fuck up and even then most probably won’t.

    • In addition to all the worthless slugs a lot of decent whites are going to get holocausted in RAHOWA / Helter Skelter. But after it’s all over the 10-15% of whites who do survive will be the cream of the racial crop.

      • The problem is most Western whites have become so weak and naive they are just useless idiots or willing participants in the entire Jewish plan. It’s like the wealthy Anglos. They sold their souls to Jews and in return they receive money, status, and power. The UK is the perfect example of when a country’s elites sell their population and homeland to the Devil(Jews).

    • Won’t forget how Trump fingered fields as a hateful nazi murderer before he even had his trial

      He sided with antifa in charlottesvile and jeff sessions is a traitor cause his DOJ oversaw that case complete juden justice with roberta kaplan falsifying records and trumped up charges

  5. No matter what Blormp does he will never get more than 20% of the kike vote and maybe 10% of the jigs. I’d rather have a flaming liberal Democrat in office who gets white America all riled up instead of this god damned orange fraud tranquilizing millions of white idiots into complacency with his bullshit.

  6. Just some more ” dear fellow white people” doing their treason but say zilch on the fact Israel tosses out Africans by the ton and does not allow the same rights for goyim.

    I still have hope for Trump. He is a stepping stone. What president in recent times has been remotely like him? None. 75 miles of new wall has gone up with many other miles done fixing garbage fencing. I agree he waited too long but now it is picking up. About 400 more miles are expected by next year. What other Republican would do that? Forget a Democrat.

    Yes he kisses Israel butt too much but he also deviates at times and really is not a warmonger. Gee, Democrats used to like that. Lol.

    With this impeachment madness I expect Trump to truly go on the offensive when he wins again. That offensive includes finishing the whole wall and going after sanctuary cities with more intent among other things. The second term is the haymaker term. There is nothing to lose.

    • I have to say, I mean you can believe whatever you want to believe but this is some real qanon qtard bullshit jeff and Trump is alot like Reagan and Bush he just hasn’t gone full zog yet

      • Wait until lukewarm blormpf supporters see what the “king of the jews” has in store to betray Europeans when its “kiss my ass time” during his pre-determined second term!
        War with Iran is inevitable.
        The continuous crumbling of whats left of the USSA’s infrastructure , medical system, morale and countless other things will continue to deteriorate and evaporate completely.

        I predict homeschooling will be totally outlawed in the next 5 yrs along with any other
        “white flight” type of freedoms.
        Cities will continue to become third world shanty towns with culturally enriching favelas everywhere.
        Economic austerity and the falling value of the petro-shekel are inevitably increasing and will completely destroy whats left of the middle classes’ financial security.

        Automation and UBI (when they happen, not IF)will be the death blow for white America imo.

        When the idea of automation is spoken of , what our people are failing to mention is that the same system that railroads white political dissidents in the judicial system , censors our free speech and pushes the ideas of transexualism ,radical white guilt/hatred and open borders to our children will be the ones who decide who gets this government handout.

        When a currency free society that has a social credit system in place finally comes, maybe when our people are starving to death and living in the dark -maybe then our people wake up to what needs to be done, but i doubt it.
        I am pretty black pilled about what is coming and what our people will do to fight back.

        We are in desperate need of a more openly anti-white candidate imho.
        The complacency and disillusion of what trump brought to the table in 2016 is all by design.
        And even IF whites manage to wake up en masse , IMO demographically, its already too late to save jewMerica.

      • Thom, you can slam dunk on Trump all you want but border walls and actually defending white people were simply dreams from previous presidents.

        Trump, be it crypto or not, many times does send out pro white messages going after communist black Congress people or finally getting some wall up among other things. It’s just whites have been so frustrated from the mostly Jewish controlled media and pitiful non Jewish Republican leaders over the decades that pro whites get mad at Trump from time to time but in truth he is the first white president in a long time to enter the whitey ring. He is a stepping stone for others and that is why I am voting for him again. I absolutely do not want to see cucked to the core Biden or that wacky pretend Indian as president. Just the thought of it makes me want to down a six pack….for breakfast!

  7. It is not exactly accurate to claim Trump has done nothing on the immigration problem. Every time he has tried to do something judges strike it down. This is a good as a gets! No matter who is elected the powers that be will negate his policy if it interferes with their agenda. If he or she supports their agenda it will be smooth sailing in Congress and praise from the media. Example- Barrack Hussein Obama. Enough said!

  8. Stunning and brave what these kind semitic people are going through right now… Even after all the shootings and trials these jews go through they still find the time to demand open borders and tranny story hour That trump just needs to go to buttmitzvah already and celebrate with his backstabbing friends sodomy style bring pence with him he loves Israel and jews too

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