The Claremont Institute Engages With Bronze Age Pervert

Occidental Dissent is monitoring the ongoing dialogue between Bronze Age Pervert and the Claremont Institute. I will be back later with some more thoughts on this development as it is one of the funniest things going on right now on the internet.

There is a lot of material to sift through here. I’m only vaguely familiar with Bronze Age Pervert who is best known for supporting Trump and posting homoerotic photos of bodybuilders on Twitter. He was also part of the Twitter gang back in 2016. I don’t have a take on BAP because I haven’t read much of his work. He is on the periphery of our sphere but shares many of our ideas and beliefs as we saw in his response yesterday to Michael Anton.

The Deep State vs. The Deep Right (Mencius Moldbug)

“Under any stable regime in any time or place, from 19th-century Petersburg to 21st-century D.C., it will be found that the general population has no effective procedure, legal or illegal, by which to either control or replace the central organs of the state.

This is normal and not weird. Autocracy is a human universal. Apparent exceptions to universals suggest sensor malfunction.

The 19th-century Russian intelligentsia could at least dream of hurling bombs at the Czar. The modern administrative state, no less autocratic, is quite czarless. It is an oligarchy, not a monarchy. It has no one who can be effectively bombed. …”

An Epic Pervert

“Where were you the day Michael Anton discovered Bronze Age Pervert? Hyperbolic as it may sound, many more Americans than subscribe to the Claremont Review of Books will be asking one another this question in the coming years. Anton’s review of Bronze Age Mindset is a watershed: its publication crosses two deep currents in right-wing thought—one high profile and mainstream, the other chthonic and forbidden—that until now had run on parallel tracks. 

Yet the simple fact that overshadows the event is that Anton is late to the party. …”

Why Not Actually Engage With Bronze Age Mindset?

“Last month I published an article about the re-emergence of ideological writing on the internet, which focused on orthodox leftist and Christian political writing published in the wake of the Trump election. Some of those writers explicitly invoked Bronze Age Pervert (BAP) and his book Bronze Age Mindset (BAM) while others simply focused on the evils of left- and right-wing Nietzscheanism or fascism and the dangers posed by its re-emergence on the internet. …”

Bronze Age Mindset

“Never one to tread lightly, Michael Anton has written in the Claremont Review of Books that no one is reading the Claremont Review of Books. Or rather, not exactly no one: just not the cool kids. Supporters will be relieved to note that readership numbers for the CRB are actually at an all-time high. But Anton’s point is about something more worrisome than circulation—it’s about the signs of the times. It’s about an energetic coalition of gifted college kids and young professionals who should be the next generation of conservative American patriots, but aren’t. …”

Mycenaean Rhapsody

“Michael Anton’s extended review of Bronze Age Pervert’s reactionary manifesto-slash-self-help book Bronze Age Mindset, perhaps predictably, set off a mainstream media firestorm. Among the most serious (and lengthy) approaches to a text equal parts absurd and historically-situated, “a simplified pastiche of Friedrich Nietzsche written by an ESL-middle-school-message-board troll” (I prefer the “lolcats Nietzsche” myself), Anton’s review is correct to take elements of this seeming internet troll seriously. As a phenomenon, Bronze Age Pervert is perhaps the most fascinating figure to emerge among the networked reactionary Internet—all the more so because, well, he spends more time posting homoerotic pictures of Aryan men on Twitter than actually expounding philosophy. …”

Digital Vitalism

“Among the issues raised by BAP, what is the most potent and undeniable? Here is my answer. Rapidly, irreversibly, to the shock and incomprehension of our elites, the definitive modern framework for conceptualizing politics in the West is being denatured in the biochemical sense: its characteristic properties are being destroyed at the most fundamental level of its formation by certain powerfully disruptive effects. …”

Conservatism In The Bronze Age

Bronze Age Pervert, or BAP, is the anonymous creator of both a popular Twitter account and the independently published Bronze Age Mindset (BAM), a hit on Amazon. BAP’s approach is unorthodox but profoundly compelling to his followers, one of whom recently called BAM “the deepest introspection into the human soul you’ll read in decades.” The book is addressed directly to these followers, whom BAP enjoins to become “a brotherhood of men” and fight against “the grim shadow of a movement” which is oppressing all valorous life. Otherwise human society will remain the drab, weak prison of conformity BAP calls “bugworld.” …”

Who are you more aligned with here?

If you could only choose one side in the culture war, would it be Lord Humungous or David French?

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  1. Thought experiment: If Jack Donovan decided the limp French fry needed to be forcefully introduced to anal sex, would Frenchie consider that “a blessing of liberty,” too? If it’s okay to program kids to accept alternative sexual lifestyles through making them participate in drag queen story hours, why isn’t something similar alright for adults? Enjoy the blessings of freedom, Frenchie poo! Right where the sun doesn’t shine.

  2. Hunter,

    Bronze Age Pervert is a gay Jewish guy. I’m sure he’ll get doxxed eventually. He’s been affiliated with the Claremont Institute in the past.

    I suspect he’s gradually trying to engage more with the mainstream so that he can maintain his mainstream cred when he’s eventually doxxed, or if he eventually decides to doxx himself. He’ll play up the “irony” and “performance art” angle to cover for his more controversial or extreme output when he’s doxxed, and being Jewish will protect him somewhat.

    He’s basically yet another Jewish guy trying to get ahead of the burgeoning online youthful right-wing movement, to be a gatekeeper and control it to a certain extent, so that it doesn’t become completely independent of Jewish influence.

    BAP used to be on the Phora as you probably know. He also used to hang out with Niccolo/Darko online on other sites.

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