Old Earthling Carl: White Ethnostate, Orania, Is Heaven on Earth Admits The Guardian

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Orania is booming.

It could use a Chick-fil-A though.

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  1. The next move will be forced integration by the ANC/EFF, just as in America, at the behest of the nose behind the curtain.
    ( my dark foreboding.)

  2. What a beautiful Aryan girl. KInd, intelligent, loves animals, works on a farm….what more could you ask for? Compare her to a spoiled, vulgar, hooked-nose, kinky-haired Long Island JEWESS.

    I’m just waiting for the judenpresse to start pressuring ZOG USA for sanctions against that white ethnostate. They are “turning back the clock” on race relations, they are terrorists who support the old apartheid regime, etc,etc. The Jewnited States is the biggest enemy of freedom, peace and happiness in the world.

  3. Integration? No, given ANC/EFF rhetoric I guarantee Orania will be razed to the ground and everybody there killed. It won’t even make the evening news in the US.

  4. We need to make the South a safe haven for white Southerners. Penalize carpetbaggers in every way possible and take away all affirmative action for non-whites. And prevent out-of-state citizens/foreigners from attending/teaching at public and private universities in the South. Add 100 points to all test scores for each generation a family has lived in the state for a student applying to a Southern university. Make speaking against the South/Southerners, vandalizing their symbols a hate crime with long prison sentences with no parole.

    Make sure Southern white people retain their white privilege indefinitely. At least this would be a start.

  5. How crazy would it be if Whites started flooding South Africa and pushed out the nigs through sheer numbers like the Hispanics have done in the American Southwest

  6. Why do the Whites of Orania speak to hostile reporters. They must know that their words and very existence will be vilified by the jewsmedia. They should do what the cops use to do to unwanted interlopers, and dump the leftist media zogbots in the worst possible areas in S.A. Tell them to enjoy the hospitality of Wakanda, as you drive away.

    • The reporters come off as very friendly and interested. They interview for days, then edit out the all the positive material and cast the subject in the worstlight.

      The folks in Orania can’t read the editors mind. Sometimes the reporters are sincere, then it goes to a malicious editor.

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