SPLC Loses Witch Hunter-In-Chief Heidi Beirich

Is it a sign?

Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead.

I just got finished writing that review of Rusty Reno’s thoughtful new book about the postwar era of liberal totalitarianism. I scanned over the news on Twitter and only minutes later learned much to my delight that the Heidi Beirich era is over at the SPLC.

The Daily Beast:

“The leader of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project is stepping down amid an ongoing leadership shakeup at the anti-hate organization.

Heidi Beirich will leave the SPLC, ending a 20-year run with the organization, she told staffers Monday. Her exit follows several resignations and terminations of SPLC leadership this year—including its cofounder, who was fired amid sexual harassment allegations, and a deputy legal director who said the organization had “more work to do” to guarantee a respectful workplace. …”

What can I say?

October has been one big white pill from Joker to this.

BTW, I read that last article that Heidi wrote in the SPLC’s Intelligence Report.

“Resolute: The Battle Against Hate Demands Vigilance

Hate persists. It’s relentless.

History demonstrates that through the centuries, across civilizations, humans consistently kill or marginalize one another. Slavery, racial oppression, ethnic cleansing, pogroms and genocide reign through the ages. They are the greatest of human atrocities, given the special designation of crimes against humanity. And they are driven by hate.

Hate endures.

That’s why we have to fight it. Every day. …”

I persisted.

I was relentless.

Driven by a combination of virtú and thymos and fueled by the occasional generous donation from our highly disaffected audience of repressed whiteness, I have fought these people at the SPLC nearly every day for almost 20 years. I’m still standing and hitting my stride.

Even after Charlottesville, I remained resolute. I can now proudly say that I have outlasted the whole nest of snakes at the SPLC: Heidi Beirich, Mark Potok, Morris Dees and Richard Cohen. They’re all gone and I am still here. I think our best days are ahead of us too.

Are you ready for the 2020s and 2030s?

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  1. Great news, Hunter. It’s nice to see your enemies, with all their resources, get outlasted, out hustled, by an ordinary guy who just doesn’t quit. Heh

      • Jews aren’t “demons” the don’t possess any supernatural powers. They are the ruling class. Thinking Jews are demonic or all apart of the same secret plan that is carried out with direct orders where everything is scripted is dumb and is empowering to them.

        Jews are simply the ruling class and the same efforts to over throw any ruling class applies to Jews as well.

        They’re constantly juggling 6 million things at once and are not invincible.

        • I FERVENTLY disagree. I think Jews ARE demons. Demons are malevolent, willfully destructive things. Jews are not immortal, nor are they supernatural, but they do practice Black Magic. The kabbalah is their guide book. They certainly can be defeated and destroyed – but in order to do so one must know what one is dealing with.

          White men, for centuries, have failed to be thorough in expunging the Jew. Whites in general are individualistic, and judge others as individuals. Whites, too, are suicidally generous. This all must END. Whites need to understand the Jew IS The Other, and a poisonous, murderous force.

  2. Lol. I always thought that this beached whale was more fitting for Greenpeace, than for the Orwellian misnomed SPLC.
    Their whole raison d’etre ‘to combat hate’ sounds ridiculous. Hate is a normal and natural human emotion, the wish to combat a human emotion is about as stupid and as juvenile as the wish to combat flatulence.
    It will always be there, no matter what.
    We all know of course that the true mission of the SPLC is as an extortion racket, one of many that the clever self-chosen ones are currently running.

    • That SPLC building looks more like a Federal Detention Center than the headquarters for a “non profit” “civil rights” organization.

    • James Owen – no. The building will serve as a holding facility, for Zionist Nation Wreckers, in their was to permanent deportation.

      I was always struck by the stunningly beautiful, traditional architecture of Dixie. The hideous monstrosity of the loathesome grifters of the SPLC is not appropriate for ABNY Southerner, or any other White ethny,. We create beauty, symmetry, and balance. Our works are exquisite. The abomination will defile the psyche of any True White that happens anywhere nearby.

  3. I too lost a job over her. I am glad to see her go. Perhaps Hell awaits. Remember Glen Allen has a class action lawsuit against the SPLC. Come one come all!

  4. I will just simply give God all the credit and all the glory. I pray several times a day for the SPLC’s (and other wicked organizations’) destruction and that all the evil they have done is reversed.

    May God do the same to all these anti-White, anti-South organizations.

  5. This is just shows applying pressure works. Jews operate under the criminal pretense of “it’s not illegal unless you get caught”

    If they weren’t afraid of exposure they wouldn’t try to shut us down. Don’t be a retard and think Jews are invincible, don’t let yourself get frustrated and take an isolationist approach.

    Going on offense works, but it has to be serious and levelheaded attacks. Don’t wrap up your attacks into some conspiratorial version of the jq, simply shine light on what they’re actually doing.

  6. I completely agree….
    ” I think our best days are ahead of us too. Are you ready for the 2020s and 2030s?

    Their narrative placed within our societies for the last 70+ years, is dying out, it is losing momentum and it won’t be long till it comes to a dead stop, where it will be ridiculed even by its own supporters.

    As the song, that defined a whole generation, says, “Tomorrow belongs to me!”

    • Besides the corporate donations, look at who donates to the (((SPLC))). It is typically an older Gen X or Baby Boomer Woman employed in Social Workie type positions (social worker, teacher, etc). She is the type of broad who can not tell the difference between an Alt.-Righter, Cuckservative, WN 1, or Religious Right type–they are all “Nazis” in her world.

      White women are a bigger enemy than Jews in far too many cases.

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