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  1. Any dissident that’s still supporting and voting for charlie cuck’s preferred ticket of blumpf/kushner should have to be made to sit in the aisle seat on the short bus.

    Not that federal elections matter due to both parties belonging to the Knesset.

    RamzPaul could add that the fake culture war’s reservoir and vector was/is Washington D.C.

  2. My estimation of RamZ has improved considerably over the past few months.

    I can’t imagine anyone younger than Israel First boomer Sean Hannity being a fan of Small Face and Toilet Paper USA. Yet they continue to make clumsy, embarrassing attempts to appeal to Zoomers and Millennials.

    • I’m going to take issue with your last statement. IMHO sending out Charlie Kirk isn’t to appeal to “The Kids”, but rather to reassure Boomer Conservatives.

  3. RamzPaul, is MUCH more interesting “our guy” kind of thing, then his speeches lead on……

    this is going back almost 7 years!!

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