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  1. ZOG isn’t afraid of darkies with guns, but they are terrified of armed and organized white gentiles.

  2. Mr J Taylor, does have a knack of presenting the most complex issues in a well broken down easy to understand format.
    He is aware that he does not speak to the converted, but he aims to explain to the normie, boomer what is hidden from them through lies and dialectic and bring to light for them, normies and boomers to see.

  3. Rich Lowry is in Tucka babbling about – get this – “Nationalism”. He’s very, very deftly skirting around the essential racial core of Nationalism. He is hitting solid points about a treacherous Ruling Elite, though.

    Are we…making headway, or something?

  4. Isn’t is the Washington Post’s motto is “Democracy Dies in Darkness” Amazon bans books. The CEO of Amazon owns the Washington Post and yet his same Post had a feature article urging doing away with the 1st Amendment. The Washington Post is the harbinger of darkness despite what its motto says.

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