Greg Johnson Has Been Arrested In Norway And Is Being Deported

What is totalitarian liberalism?

It is Dresden declaring “a Nazi emergency” because of PEGIDA marches and AfD surging in Saxony and eastern Germany. It is comparing Greg Johnson to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and arresting and deporting him from Norway for speaking at a conference. It is The Washington Post calling for the abolition of the First Amendment because it is unable to control the narrative. Essentially, it is using authoritarian means to preserve the Open Society.

As far as I am concerned, the strategy debate is now settled. The correct strategy isn’t violent accelerationism or mainstreaming. It is critique because the one thing the system is clearly worried about and unable to withstand is relentless pointed criticism. Finally, the idea that Greg Johnson is inciting terrorism at the Scandza Forum is particularly ludicrous as he delivered a whole speech condemning rightwing terrorism there earlier this year.

They’ve increased Greg’s international Nazi power level!

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  1. I don’t trust Johnson at all. Might as well be a psyop as the arrest of David Duke in Prague a few years ago. Real enemies of the system will probably spend time in prison. When they immediately deport you it might be just theater to boost the credibility of an agent.

    • Sure, tinfoil hat. The guy who has written eloquently about European ethnic nationalism, who generally keeps out of the limelight… that’s your controlled opposition.

      I suppose with that attitude, EVERYONE is controlled opposition.

      • If a fool has no arguments the words “tinfoil hat” will be spouted out. No, the jews would never employ agents to lead the people who have some kind awareness of their malice (in your case probably a very generous description) into various blind alleys. Everything is like it seems, all “leaders” in the “movement” are true heroes. And now it is time to go to bed.

    • Is there anything he’s said you actually take issue with? Or are you just another in a long, long line of terminally malcontent WN fucktards? (My money’s on the latter.)

    • And now I remember, that a similar thing happened with Richard Spencer in Budapest a few years ago. Duke, Spencer, Johnson are all agents who got this tired publicity boost via the jewish controlled governments in Europe.

      • Ok, old hag, if you say so without any argument it must be true. And everybody who disagrees with you must be a jew. That’s the standard for a good discussion.

    • Actually, the thrust of this post was completely the contrary.


      As far as I am concerned, the strategy debate is now settled. The correct strategy isn’t violent accelerationism or mainstreaming. It is critique

      (If this were my site, I would have banned an unregenerate loon like you a long time ago.)

      • Silver,

        So you’d ban spahnranch1969? That would be the behavior of a jew and/or shabbos goy that doesn’t want transparency acting as parasitic disinfectant. Good thing this isn’t your site.

        • God, you, Spawn and Denise are peas in a pod. Rotten peas, but peas nevertheless.

          Gast, what? Is Johnson a faggot? That surely wouldn’t be a cause for banning, but rather a cause to rejoice, Charlie Kirk style…..

    • Wow, all we need to start a revolution is “critique”. After all, it worked for the Bolsheviks, the Blackshirts and the Jacobins, right?

      Could you be any gayer if you tried?

      • Your examples disprove your point.

        The Jacobins, Bolsheviks and Nazis succeeded in overthrowing establishments which had already been de-legitimized by decades of critique at the hands of philosophes, socialists, and anti-semites, respectively.

        First Voltaire, Marx and Wagner laid the foundations, then Robespierre, Lenin and Hitler turned up the pressure with simple, easy to remember, popular slogans “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”, “Land, Peace, Bread”, “Versailles, stab in the back”.

        By the time the actual coup d’etat occurred, the establishment was so rotten it fell to the slightest gust of wind.

        Speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, without fear or favor.

    • Spahn,

      If you are sick of people saying that we should debate our enemies into submission ou should come check out the content of like minded folks at

  2. What a disgrace !

    This is showing us a microcosm of what they plan for us, but in ever escalating degrees. They will tighten the noose in steps, small at first then by. Leaps.

  3. Norway likely sees espousing white nationalism as equivalent to terrorism. And Jizzy Johnson has written the WN Manifesto and the two WN Guides to the movies. Suspicion of terrorism alone may be sufficient for deportation. He’s with Ezra Pound and Yockey now.

  4. Stupidly, they are feeding the beast they are trying to kill. This just ups these guys credos….they sure are acting scared….

  5. Greg Johnson does more for our people than many on this site – including me. I wholeheartedly support him yet many on here continue to condemn him.

    Thank you, Greg, you are deeply appreciated!

  6. Hey, Greg, would you mind taking a swing at the royal family while on your way out? Even just one would bring applause. They are not useless relics but ARE behind the agenda.

    Know your enemies including the secret ones.

  7. They’re fighting against the Twentyfirst Century. A place where they and their old fashioned and discredited Nineteen and Twentieth Century ideas are irrelevant.

  8. “As far as I am concerned, the strategy debate is now settled. The correct strategy isn’t violent accelerationism or mainstreaming. It is critique because the one thing the system is clearly worried about and unable to withstand is relentless pointed criticism.”

    The strategy is hardy “settled”, our (your) rulers would love that. All action isn’t “accelerationism”, it’s more akin to “velocitism” meaning any net movement at all. If we all just sit on our asses and critique the latest outrage, nothing is going to change. Nationalism, Populism, Reaction. Reaction implies action, otherwise we’re all just mumbling to ourselves as the ship goes down. Which is just what the censors/overseers of your site want.

  9. It’s a ridiculous overreaction by Zog-Norway. While Norway isn’t Sweden (yet), it does have a communities of jihadis living there due to their leftist Nordic open door policies. But it wasn’t muslims that pushed Norwegian authorities to arrest and deport Greg Johnson, it was very likely Ervin Kohn who is the president of the jewish community in Oslo and deputy director at the Norwegian center against racism.

    One of Kohn’s objectives as deputy director of the Norwegian center against racism is to bring minorities into Norway , and teach the Norwegian natives how to behave with third world ‘cultural enrichment.’ In other words, Kohn is the Barbara Spectre of Norway.

    Jews made the name Quisling mean traitor, but what Norway and Norwegians are desperately in need of is another Vidkum Quisling.

    The arrest and deportation of mild mannered men like Jared Taylor and Greg Johnson illustrates that Zog-Europe is scared of honest debate of what and who are the causing the mud flood of violent predatory migrants into their countries.

  10. I see CNN is now labeling Greg Johnson a “white supremacist” with an article on its website today. The un-bribed, un-controlled intellectuals are far more of a threat to them than anything else. Yes, as another poster commented, Greg Johnson has risen to the respectable level of Ezra Pound. Good job, Greg. Unfortunately, the golden trophy has some unintended consequences. Now, who’s going to be Greg’s prodigy in the form of another great man, Eustace Mullins?

    A threat to the administrators is a threat to everyone. Or, so they tell the herd. The only threat to the entire planet is them.

    Remember, if we don’t get to the ROOT of the issue, we’re punching thin air. Our focus should be on the cause of the disease and not the symptoms. Spend some time investigating our secret rulers. But, only if you can handle going down the proverbial rabbit hole.

    We can only hope that unintended consequences are just around the corner for these demons and their foot soldiers.

    • CNN writes an article about Johnson because he is a ZOG agent, and they wish he becomes more popular because he can mislead more people with his nonsense. Johnson is not “threat” for ZOG. But you are a fan of Jared Taylor as well, if I remember it correctly. And have you read his boring and misleading articles? After every psyop shooting the same guilt-tripping of his followers. The “level of Ezra Pound”? You women here make a perfect case why women should abstain from political debates altogether.

    • Same thing would have occurred in a muslim country, so christians and muslims have more in common than you’d like to believe.

      Christianity, Islam, and judaism are are derived from the Abrahamic tradition.

      If you want to witness unadulterated faggotry, inspect the ‘closets’ of clergy and laypersons who demanded the strictest adherence to anti-sodomy. I believe that you’d be overwhelmed by the blatant hypocrisy from the holier than thou crowd. Mind you that I view homosexuality as a Darwinian dead end, and something that should go extinct under progressive evolution due to genetic drift and survival of the fittest.

      No matter what your personal views are of Greg Johnson and his “lifestyle,” he wasn’t arrested and deported for being a queer. Zog-Norway apprehended and deported him because they chose to stifle his speech due to jewish political pressure.

  11. Interesting that a few years ago I went to a screenwriting seminar, and the speaker was a jew who had done scripts in Hollywood, and recalled how he got a writing gig in Norway. The Norwegians wanted a crime/procedural show like the US has a freaking overabundance of. He discovered one problem was that there was no crime in Norway…certainly not like the US TV shows revel in, so he set much of the scripts with the ‘immigrant’ community, since they have most of Norway’s murder, drugs, sex trafficking, etc., so a Norwegian show wound up having a one half multiracial cast, and the speaker thought depicting the immigrant community was a great thing.
    Just an example of how Hollywood works.

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