Hundreds Protest Radical TERF Meghan Murphy In Toronto

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What’s going on today in liberal democracy which we all know is the greatest and most glorious form of government ever devised by the genius of man?

What is a TERF?

A TERF is a pejorative term for what is called a “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist.” The Canadian writer Meghan Murphy has been branded a TERF.

In case you were unaware, there is a war brewing within progressive liberalism between transsexuals and gender fluidity activists and feminists who are being marginalized as all these weird men move into and hijack women’s spaces. It is like being transported back to the French Revolution and watching the radicals lose their heads to the guillotine.


“Women’s rights depend on the public’s recognition that women are different from men, said Canadian author Meghan Murphy, as hundreds of pro-transgender progressives shouted threats and tried to blockade her speech in a Toronto library.

Women who have raised concerns about the impact of gender identity ideology and legislation … have been fired from their jobs, threatened, punched, kicked out of their left-wing political parties, ostracized by friends and fellow activists,” Meghan Murphy told her audience at the Toronto Public Library October 29.

Murphy, the influential editor of Feminist Current, argues that the gender-identity movement will eliminate the legal and civic recognition of all women. Unless women are legally defined by their biology, she explains, men will declare themselves to be women and take over women’s private spaces, cultural events, sports competitions, legal rights, and political movements …

The agreement between feminists and conservatives comes as the two political movements remain far apart on other issues, including abortion, sexual autonomy, and the relative status of women in what some describe as a “patriarchal society.”

It’s not just us being deplatformed now.

The new rule is that we can’t talk about the biological basis of sex either because it was recently decided that gender is a social construct. Science can’t tell us anything about being male or female. This makes Meghan Murphy as dangerous as Abu Bakr al-Johnson.

Freedom of speech is becoming an issue for feminists now under liberal democracy. Who would have thought that feminists would have been pushed into becoming reactionaries on the grounds that they are women and are defending women’s spaces?

There’s no stopping this train. It is ACCELERATING to Thermidor.


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  1. Although feminism is nowadays identified with liberalism, it was not always the case in the past. Victorian feminists in general tended to be strongly racialist and aristocratic and supporters of imperialism. With all these excesses of liberalism, I can see the return of those good old-fashioned feminists.

  2. Let all the freaks that hate the human nature and biology we were all born with eat each other. Let the sick infect and kill each other off, instead of allowing the pervs to turn what is healthy and natural into a sickness.

  3. Hunter said… “There is no stopping this train. It is ACCELERATING to Thermidor”

    What will be the political form that takes shape over the next few months? There is a long thread that does trail itself back to when the ancient regime was brought to its knees by the poison of ‘democracy’ and the ‘will of the people.’ Thermidor was the collapse of ‘revolutionary fervor’ and Robespierre! Our Commission of Public Safety is strengthening by the day and thirsting for dissidents. The danger is when the French Revolution transitioned itself from being a political revolution to being a SOCIAL REVOLUTION. That is our danger as well! That is when the bottom fell out and heads began to roll!

    • We have the lessons of the French Carnage and the witness of Burke. No one listened to him then- Will we listen to him, now?

      “Russian communism was a derivative of French Jacobinism, which was a derivative of Satan’s liberal revolt against God. That revolt has been institutionalized throughout the Western world in the form of democracy, which is incremental Jacobinism. Judaism is also part of the liberal revolt; it is not the synthesis of the derivative parts of the revolt, as the neo-pagans, who are spiritually akin to Caiaphas and his Sanhedrin gang, try to make it. ”

  4. More from Cambria:

    “Liberaldom has provided the European people with institutionalized blasphemies and cruelties that mirror the blasphemies of Sodom and Gomorrah and the cruelties of Jezebel and her ilk. Such blasphemies and cruelties turn us to Daniel and the Book of Revelation in an effort to understand a “synthesis of evil” that is unfathomable without reference to the Bible. “

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