Bryan Caplan: The Case for Open Borders

The Far Right holds these three truths to be self-evident:

First, liberalism is a solvent that destroys nations and conservative liberalism and libertarianism – the organizing ideologies of the Center Right – are thus philosophically incapable and uninterested in arresting social change and satisfying the psychological needs of the Right which is fundamentally driven by the desire to conserve the White Christian social order.

Second, the Far Right must triumph over the Center Right and its ideologies of conservative liberalism and libertarianism, which should be replaced by a form of authoritarian organic nationalism which will satisfy and quell populist resentments by unabashedly preserving the White Christian social order and extirpating the Open Society.

Third, the primary beneficiaries of the liberal order are Jews like the economist Bryan Caplan who ascended to the top of the social pyramid in the West in the 20th century and who from their elite perches have pushed things like pornography and mass immigration to weaken and topple the White Christian social order because of their historical grievances against it.

Foreign Policy:

“The world’s nations, especially the world’s richest nations, are missing an enormous chance to do well while doing good. The name of this massive missed opportunity—and the name of my book on the topic—is “open borders.”

Critics of immigration often hyperbolically accuse their opponents of favoring open borders—a world where all nationalities are free to live and work in any nation they like. For most, that’s an unfair label: They want more visas for high-skilled workers, family reunification, or refugees—not the end of immigration restrictions. In my case, however, this accusation is no overstatement. I think that free trade in labor is a massive missed opportunity. Open borders are not only just but the most promising shortcut to global prosperity. …”

Luke Ford:

“What would happen if Mormons were a solid majority of the U.S. population? Maybe they’d be as wonderful as ever, but I readily picture a sinister metamorphosis. Given enough power, even Mormons might embrace a brutal fundamentalism. Despite my lovely experiences with Mormons, they scare me.

To be fair, they’re hardly alone. You know who else scares me? Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, and atheists. Sunnis, Shiites, Catholics, and Protestants. Whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and American Indians. Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives, Marxists, and reactionaries. Even libertarians scare me a bit. Why? Because given enough power, there’s a serious chance they’ll do terrible things. Different terrible things, no doubt. But terrible nonetheless.

If you’re afraid of every group, though, shouldn’t you support whatever group has the minimum chance of doing terrible things once it’s firmly in charge? Not at all. There’s another path: Try to prevent any group from being firmly in charge. In the long-run, the best way to do this is to make every group a small minority – to split society into such small pieces that everyone abandons hope of running society and refocuses their energy on building beautiful Bubbles. …”

I rest my case.

I present to you the root cause of “online radicalization” and “rightwing extremism.” It is people like this who are shaping public policy who push and push until these people snap.

Note: If all that sounds radical to you, remember I am the moderate. I’m just an analyst and social commentator and my hand is stayed by Christianity. I’m not the guy in the skull mask who is lashing out to start the Boogaloo, but that is who is being summoned by these people. Libertarian extremism will bring down to its authoritarian counterpart.

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  1. I think that explains the jewish mentality most. It’s not so much anti-white in principle, but it’s anti anyone who could potentially turn on jews. If communists took power and things started turning sort of stalinistic the jews would speak out against that too. Some with black extremists.

    A subset of Jews are socialists but that’s not really as widespread as this desire to keep out anyone who could potentially be anti-jewish. Which is like accusing someone of a crime just because they could potentially commit a crime.

  2. The globalist wet dream. Whites would be completely marginalized, and with Liberians, Guatemalans, and Sri Lankans, etc., pouring into Western nations by the millions, they can pay us all a few cents an hour. All our systems, from electricity to health care to sewage treatment, would be overworked and collapse in short order. We would all be similarly destitute, they would be unimaginably rich and completely in control. Their rule probably could not be effectively challenged, because conflict and disease would be unchecked, unending and ubiquitous in such a nightmarishly Hobbesian world. The elites would be ruling over the multicultural hell they envision for the world, with them as the powerful demon princes they truly want to be. It’s not only a Jooish dream, of course, but they’re the ones pushing it the hardest.

    • @Mr. Little: I have read some of Leviathan, Hobbes’ famous 1651 essay on statecraft. But nowhere in any of the passages I am familiar with did he advocate jews bringing countless millions of nonwhites into Western countries.

      • It must be in the revised edition for autistics that are too literal. It’s the version with a Latin phrase on the cover: “Victus impetro a vita.”

  3. If what he says is true and good for the world shouldn’t Israel also open its borders to the world? Since he is Jewish he should demonstrate how than can be done using Israel as an example so we brain dead Goyim can learn!

  4. @Mr. Little: Is it true that Letterman got you blacklisted from appearing on any more late-nite TV talk shows?

  5. Looking at that book cover, I notice that the brown fellow up front, lower left, is the only one whose teeth are not showing when he gives that opening welcoming Downey smile. This will have to be fixed for the next edition, and the original cover artist will have to be…well…spoken to.

  6. An Irish Jew? Where are the Micks? Where are you? This guy is of your blood. This guy is your kind. Traitors, whores and thieves are the best of the Irish.

  7. Caplan is 1/4 Jewish. Zach Weiner, the artist is some greater % Jewish and openly includes a note on his relatives killed in the Holocaust in the opening pages. In some ways, Caplan’s phenotype reminds me of economist Greg Clark and Representative Thomas Massie.

    The book is bad and dumb, and will convince noone.

    If it had been titled “The Palestinian Right of Return: A Defense” it would be taken more seriously, and would have been written much better.

  8. Simple, rebuttal to EVERY SINGLE jew ANYWHERE in the world.

    Put in to practice what you profess to believe regarding diversity, multiculturalism in your beloved zionist state israhell, then and ONLY then I will discuss the merits in what you ask of me !”

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