Group Dressed As Hasidic Jews Raise Awareness About Jewish Question In Boulder

I don’t see what is objectionable about this.

The ADL is objecting to the dwindling audience of Boomers watching television that Jews are being criticized by a conservative activist group in Colorado for dominating the pornography industry. Why can’t the Jews be criticized and called out for that in our society?

Jews don’t have any objections to organizing gay pride parades, slut walks on college campuses or campaigns to destroy our historical monuments. They engage in activist campaigns as Jews to “Abolish ICE” and dissolve our borders. It seems a bit hypocritical to me that this group bashes White people and Christians every single day in their Jewish-owned newspapers, magazines, television channels and social media platforms, but they take great offense at being called out and criticized for their behavior and turn around and say that is off limits.

Why is it off limits? Who decided it was off limits?

Note: Don’t be the guy who gets entrapped by an FBI e-girl on Facebook and Telegram for plotting to attack a synagogue. Study what Jews have done so successfully to us and turn around and use the same tactics against them. By that I mean weaken and dissolve their taboos by unleashing an overwhelming, relentless torrent of criticism against them.

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  1. OK, lets talk about Reuben Sturman. Never heard of him? He was the “Jewish John Gotti” of Cleveland, Ohio. He was the strongest mob boss of his time, and he, and he alone, was responsible for the “porn industry” in America. Now, the “Jewish community” was NOT ignorant of this fact, or had any problem with him being a mob boss of one the largest organized crime syndicates in the US.

    Google his name. Do the research. Look at what the FBI said about him and his crime family. Check out his gravestone.

    His “Jewishness” was broadcast to the world. What is my point? It is this: It is not “antisemitic” to point out that a “Jewish Mafia” has existed in the US since the 1920s and the “Jewish community” has NO issue with this. In fact, Reuben Sturman was hailed as a “hero” for “free speech” because he spent millions fighting FBI prosecution and died in Federal prison doing a life sentence. It is not “antisemitic” to say that Jewish mobsters built the porn industry in the US. They did it. The FBI knows it and sent many of them to prison. Again, do your own research. It is there for anyone to see.

    • Yeah, “Sin City” was largely built and festered by Jewish mobsters like Moe Dalitz and Oscar Goodman. Celebrated and not censured.

      • Don’t forget Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel! Jew billionaires like Steve Wynn and Sheldon Adelson still control Vegas, of course. Maybe the climate reminds them of Palestine?

    • Andrew- Jews are NOT Semites. That is the first deconstruction of their false ideology/identity that NEEDS DECONSTRUCTION. Jewish authors like Benjamin Freedman (“Facts are Facts”) Arthur Koestler (“The Thirteenth Tribe”) Norman Finkelstein (“The Holocaust Industry”) and Schlomo Sand (“The Invention of the Jewish People”) clearly have been trying to tell we [sic] “Goyim” that JEWS ARE NOT SEMITES!

      Then there is the DNA research of JEW Dr. Elhaik, that clearly proved the Khazar/AshkeNAZI origin of this filthy, race-mixed, LYING tribe.

      If a group is NOT EVEN SEMITIC, then ‘anti-semitism’ falls like a house of cards.
      DON’T EMPOWER the CHRIST-Killers.

  2. You want revenge on the Jews, Moshiach is your guy. It has been foretold, the Moshiach, the Jew messiah will enter the world, be accepted by the Jews, lead them all back to Israel then turn on them, wage war on the Jews killing mostly all the Jews. The only salvation for the Jews will be Christ. The one they rejected.

  3. I was thinking about something along these lines today. That lonely and needy incel didn’t want to bomb a synagogue, he was entrapped by a male JBI agent posing as a girl. And now his life is ruined.

    The JBI is manufacturing crimes. But, why? Are lower tier agents trying to produce results for higher ups and get promotions/awards? Yeah, some of that. Is the JBI a fundamentally corrupt institution representing the rotten heart of the Great Satan? Yes.

    Are outside Jewish Supremacist orgs like JDL putting pressure? Yes. Are Jewish JBI agents involved in manufacturing these crimes? Obviously.

    Organized Jewry/Jewish Supremacists function as an organism. What Robert Bowers did caused this organism to launch its poison throughout its myriad tentacled network innervated all across our society.

    Jewish Antifa, Jewish Fake News, Jews openly pushing for Open Borders, Jews shutting down ICE facilities, Jews pushing transsexual and other sexual degeneracy on young children, Jews openly assaulting our rule of law and traditional jurisprudence respecting civil rights. Jews lying 24/7 about everything political, cultural, and historical. Jews openly and viciously attacking ‘whiteness’ throughout their media, entertainment, and academia control. Jews openly pushing for mass censorship to shut down any further ‘gentile knowing’ and resurgence of White Identity/ Solidarity. Jews even reaching for Hate Speech laws and promoting criminalization of BDS and opposition to Israel/Zionist meddling.

    What did Israel do after each Paletinian Resistance attack? Israel sent in troops who killed a bunch of innocent people, kidnapped and tortured many others placing them in indefinite administrative detention without any charges or right to a lawyer. They demolished homes, destroyed olive groves, and then built new settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

    Palestinians then decided a new approach. They would try to appeal to the world and hope humanitarians would take interest in their plight. They hoped to expose the crimes of the Zionist regime to the world and delegitimize the occupation. It’s actually worked to some degree far more than suicide bombings.

    In a similar way, we are engaged in a Herculean struggle against Jewish Supremacy and ZOG who are oppressing us and have been for many decades. Our job is to critique and delegitimize this system and these hostile elites.

    We have already made progress. Many have sacrificed, suffered, bled, and even been destroyed. But, we must press on. This is a noble effort. Bowers thought he was acting righteously but he only succeeded arousing the Beast.

    This Beast will perish one day. It was birthed and it will die. To all spiritual powers, energies, beings, gods, to all our ancestors, to all of infinity and absoluteness……

    Grant us this victory over Leviathan.


    • Once the Trump loving, Israel First boomers start dying off at the hands of their violent brown grand kids or by our elite Day of the Pillow squads the younger generations will say FUCK YOU to the jews and their gay-ass “holocaust”.

  4. Well said:

    ” Note: Don’t be the guy who gets entrapped by an FBI e-girl on Facebook and Telegram for plotting to attack a synagogue.

    Study what Jews have done so successfully to us and turn around and use the same tactics against them.

    By that I mean weaken and dissolve their taboos by unleashing an overwhelming, relentless torrent of criticism against them.

  5. Remember this nugget of wisdom from the degenerate underbelly of Internet imageboards circa the mid-2000’s (replace everyone with FBI agents for maximum accuracy): “On the Internet, men are men, women are men and children are FBI agents.”

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