NY Post: Jewish Professor Who Changed America With One Study Was a Liar

Can you believe it?

After Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Franz Boas, Stephen Jay Gould, Ashley Montagu, Milton Friedman, Betty Friedan, Theodor Adorno, Richard Hofstadter, Irving Kristol, Ayn Rand, Herbert Marcuse, Allen Ginsberg, Al Goldstein, Jacques Derrida and all the rest of their ilk, can you believe that another destructive Jew had a big impact on American culture?

NY Post:

“Stanford psychology and law professor David Rosenhan could transfix an audience in a crowded lecture hall with just a few words.

“What is abnormality?” he would ask undergraduate students, his deep and resonant golden voice building and booming. “What are we here for? Some things will be black … Others will be white. But be prepared for shades of gray.”

Rosenhan would know. His own life, as I would later find out, was filled with shades of gray.

He wasn’t particularly attractive — the word often used to describe him was “balding” — but there was something magnetic, even seductive, about him, especially in front of a crowd.

His students called it a gift, describing his ability to “rivet a group of two to three hundred students with dynamic lectures that are full of feeling and poetry.” One student recalled how Rosenhan opened one of his lectures while sitting on a student’s lap — as a way to test the class’ reaction to abnormal behavior. …

His research work was also groundbreaking. In 1973, Rosenhan published the paper “On Being Sane in Insane Places” in the prestigious journal Science, and it was a sensation. The study, in which eight healthy volunteers went undercover as “pseudopatients” in 12 psychiatric hospitals across the country, discovered harrowing conditions that led to national outrage. His findings helped expedite the widespread closure of psychiatric institutions across the country, changing mental-health care in the US forever. …

Rosenhan, I began to realize, may have been the ultimate unreliable narrator. And I believe it’s possible some of the other pseudopatients he mentioned in his study never existed at all. “

David Rosenhan’s fraud is all exposed in Susannah Cahalan’s new book The Great Pretender. It reminds me of the time Stephen Jay Gould was debunked.

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  1. This is why I never accept any study from a Jew outside of mathematics or the hard sciences which require a formal proof or experimental confirmation.

  2. The beginning of the end for large state-run mental institutions in the US came in 1967, with the release of a controversial documentary film called Titicut Follies, which exposed the unpleasant conditions inside Bridgewater State Hospital in Massachusetts. The director of the film was Frederick Wiseman (???). Then a few years later a young WABC Channel 7 reporter named “Geraldo Rivera” (actual name: Jerry Rivers) did a report about conditions at the Willowbrook School on Staten Island. That report would make Geraldo a household name. By the early 2000s most of those state-run institutions were being closed and demolished, because it’s more humane to allow people who can’t function in society to sleep on the sidewalk in their own filth.

    • I saw “Titicut Follies” when I was in a documentary class. I believe it’s the film I watched, I recall a scene where a patient refused to eat. The staff force fed him with a tube. The instructor was having a hissy fit. Most of the students were either horrified, or bored, and pretended to care. I was the only student who commented that the guy was crazy, and the hospital was trying to keep the patient alive, and crazy people do not make rational choices.

      The teacher did not fail me, but she did chimp out over my insensitivity. I was too young and stupid to back down…..it turns out that the instructor’s Mom spent years in a loony bin.

      Ruh roh.

  3. Jews are never ashamed of their lies, it’s how they manipulate high trust societies of white’s. They have always been a low trust society, and will always operate as such. They will get extremely defensive if you point out the lie and confront them with logical truth over subversive emotion. They are masters of getting away with it, why: low trust society operating in a high trust society that can’t reason the logical truths over emotional manipulation.

  4. Rosenhan destroyed the mental hospital system in this country for his own power and glory. Naturally, he did it through lies. Nothing that is meant to keep a Gentile society balanced and stable is safe around Joos.

    The closing of mental hospitals had been presented to me as the sole libertarian “triumph” in American politics. Imagine my surprise that once again the truth is Jooish actions undermined this most necessary social institution. Not that mental hospitals didn’t need modernizing and reform, but the end effect of sending severely mentally ill people on the streets without support was extremely cruel and unnecessary.

    Now, if there’s no room at the few hospitals left, or if the patient is too difficult to handle, they give the patient a list of homeless shelters and wish them well. Even if there are spaces in supported housing available, the mentally ill person can still wander off. Secure institutions are desperately needed for those vulnerable people.

    • A lot of mentally ill or borderline retarded street people often wind up in jails, which are becoming de facto mental institutions – only much, much worse.

  5. Gould’s theory of punctuated equilibrium was balderdash from the word go. The only biologists that swallowed that kosher malarkey were professors that became college students during the hippie dippy era.

    Punctuation equilibrium is similar to E. Michael Jones hypothesis about Catholicism. They both believe that backwards sub-Saharan Africans can advance by leaps and bounds suddenly under the right conditions. Ridiculous!

      • I would say so.
        He had doctors, certified doctors push camel lucky strike Marlborough and so on…
        What a way to destroy not only the immediate health of the smoking individual but of the smoker’s gene pool !!!

        He epitomised the very nature of the cosmopolitan jew…. Subversive, corrosive and a corrupt, filthy value system

    • geez, you christians worship a jew man as your personal god…. wake up!! yup, y’all are for “patriarchy”, indeed, the patriarchy of the jew… wake up!!

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