Ben Shapiro Attacks The Dissident Right

I finally got the chance to sit down and watch Ben Shapiro’s speech last night at Stanford University in which he attacked the Dissident Right.

Far from just attacking Nick Fuentes and the Groypers who are showing up at conservative events to ask the speakers some penetrating questions, he showed a great familiarity with our scene and attacked all the different factions associated with it. He attacked the AmNats, the Ironybros, the incels, Richard Spencer and the Nietzscheans, the atheists and even the Alt-Lite. He even seemed to know the difference between Pepes, Groypers, Apus and Marvs:

Nick Fuentes reacted to the speech on Dlive:

We’re also just as familiar with Conservatism, Inc.

While there is an amazing diversity of voices in the Dissident Right which differs on everything from religion to ethnicity to class to strategy to tactics to our opinions on various personalities within the Far Right, the one thing we all agree on is the rejection of Conservatism, Inc. Virtually everyone has their reasons to hate Ben Shapiro and the Center Right.

Nick Fuentes was about my son’s age when I began to hate Ben Shapiro and the Center Right. I was in college at Auburn University at the time. I remember Ben Shapiro as being one of the loudest, most obnoxious and arrogant neocon cheerleaders for the Iraq War during the George W. Bush administration. He supported purging Pat Buchanan from the conservative movement. He supported the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from Israel.

There were only a few of us around back then who had these grievances against Ben Shapiro. This was before the Alt-Right was even a thing when Americans were eating Freedom Fries and the Center Right was at the apex of its power and influence. We watched in disgust as these “small government conservatives” set the Middle East on fire and as the housing bubble popped and Wall Street crashed due to their deregulation of the American economy. We watched as millions of illegal aliens swarmed across the border while the GOP promised to BUILD THE WALL in 2006. We watched as George W. Bush was reelected on the basis of his opposition to gay marriage in 2004 only to watch the Republican-controlled Supreme Court legalize it and mainstream conservatives embrace both homosexuality and gay marriage in the Trump era.

I’ve been watching people like Ben Shapiro for almost 20 years now. I have seen what they have done with all the power which has been bestowed upon them in the past ten election cycles. I can tell you exactly what it is that they want to conserve too: the American Empire and the liberal world order it upholds abroad, Israel, low taxes and regulations on the wealthy and multinational corporations. They also absorb and conserve every social revolution launched by the Left. These are the fruits of the Center Right and its ideology which is conservative liberalism.

The Center Right is currently styling itself as the champions of free speech and as the opponents of transgenderism and gender non-conforming ideology which has recently become a battle cry for progressive liberalism. Assuredly, the Center Right will exploit the backlash against Antifa and Big Tech censorship and transgenderism and milk it for all it is worth while losing on both of those fronts in the culture war and within a few years opposition to free speech and transgenderism will be fully absorbed into conservatism and those who dissent from the status quo will be marginalized. None of this will matter either so long as low tax rates for the wealthy, high levels of military spending and OUR GREATEST ALLY is conserved. Does anyone doubt that the future of conservative liberalism is promoting drag queens for low taxes and Israel?

Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk don’t have any principled objection to “identity politics.” Conservative liberals embrace identity politics for every group but their own White Christian base. This is because only White identity is illegitimate under the framework of multiculturalism and political correctness which is what is being conserved by the Center Right. White identity was perfectly normal here in the South for three centuries before the Civil Rights Movement. In contrast, “Judeo-Christian” was created in the mid-20th century. Virtually all of the -isms and -phobias like opposing “anti-Semitism” which have become norms which are enforced by mainstream conservatives are a product of the television era.

The Center Right is “conserving” a false narrative of American history. In this narrative, America is a “Nation of Immigrants.” It is an idea. It is a “proposition nation.” The United States does not have an ethnocultural core especially one that is White and Christian and conservatism IS NOT about conserving the White Christian social order. The core of the “American Founding” are these timeless Platonic abstractions. Americanism is a creed which anyone can subscribe to and we have “progressed” as a nation as we have “lived up to these ideals.” This liberal cosmopolitan vision of America was created in the early 20th century by a group called the New York Intellectuals and only became hegemonic after World War II. Ben Shapiro and conservative liberals are not conserving America, but what America has become since the 1940s and this version of the Right lacks the capacity to conserve the ethnocultural core of the American nation.

Nick Fuentes can be a punk ass kid with a big mouth on YouTube. He can have an army of Catholic Groypers and Ironybros who live with their parents. They might not even like us. And yet, the central accusation hurled by the Dissident Right against the Center Right which is that it amounts to nothing more than conserving liberalism and is therefore incapable of arresting or reversing these dramatic social changes which are transforming our country would still be true. It was true before any of these people were even born. It is true of all Western countries, not just this one. Conservative liberalism is bankrupt and more people than ever know it.

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  1. America has Magic Dirt, is an idea, Somalis and Mexicans are really Constitutionalists just like the Founders, blah, blah, insipid blah. America was set up by Englishmen for Englishmen. After other European ethnicities arrived, America became something else, perhaps a Pan-European republic. But it was always based on, and a part of, Western, White civilization. Until progressives and their (((controllers/allies))) got ahold of the cultural institutions, of course. The mainstream right is hopelessly Zionist and merely a slowed-down form of progressivism, while the left is hopelessly multicultural and hates Whitey. We need to develop a parallel culture within the one decaying and dying around us, because help won’t be coming from the totally cucked mainstream.

  2. “Spawn of Canaan, no son of Judah!”
    This part of Daniel (that the Jews removed) describes Ben perfectly. He is truly a degenerate who hates white people and Christians and only pretends to be conservative for the money. Ben blatantly lies about the Bible, and America and world history and his fans just eat it up. His followers and their brand of “conservatism”, obsessed with money and throwing around buzzwords like “alt right” and “socialism”, have failed to conserve anything.

    His speech was full of falsehoods and was completely cringe overall. Race is just melanin level? How does that explain our different bodily features, level of civilization, IQ, etc.

    • Ashkenazi jews in Israel have deported Ethiopian jews and/or confined to camps with razor wire and armed guards.

      Same sex marriage and pornography aren’t allowed in Israel.

      Genetic testing is to prove ones jewishness in order to become a citizen of the jewish ethnostate.

      Hypocrisy thy name is jew.

      • The ugly treatment of The Other re: Jews is not “hypocrisy” – it’s a power strategy that have been wildly successful for them.

        They tell themselves that they are the only real Humans, with a soul – and that all others are goyim. Cattle beast slaves, to be used as RESOURCES. Non Jews aren’t Humans to Jews. They are things to be USED.

        It’s not hypocrisy. Why haven’t we learned this yet?

        • Their behavior is hypocritical, but since they control most of the communication media, they get away with it.

          Just because it’s a successful strategy for them doesn’t discount the fact that it’s still blatant hypocrisy.

          Wall for Israel. Agitate to prevent a wall on US southern border. Shot to kill or maim Palestinian protestors. Legally defend and fund antifa, black lives matter ad infinitum, and dox and virtually lynch cops that shot or man handle POC. The list of good for me but not for thee activities is not hidden. The goyim just go “Baaaa.”

    • The jews common ancestor were verminous rats, therefore, bibi was just squeaking in their original hebrew.

  3. Putting out for Moshiach is all Ben Shap care out. Moshiach is the son of perdition the anti-Christ. Ben Shap loves Moshiach and would do anything to please his Moshiach. Ben Shap serves the anti-Christ.

  4. Ben Shapiro is a Jew. His religion is and his people are my enemies.

    People and therefore race always matter. The only time ideology is superior to a temporal loyalty such as race would be in the case of religion or an absolute moral principle. Even then moral principles and racial loyalty are not mutually exclusive. Does Shapiro not know that blacks and Mexicans do not share his warped ideology? If he does then he is deceptive and if he does not then he is worse—–he is a fool.

    May I remind the Ben Shapiros of the world what will happen when my people take the Southwest? I and we do not have his ideology, In fact I find conservatism morally disgusting. The Republican Party at the national level is a very strange belief system. Probably some grass roots Repubs. are decent but not the Party.

    Nothing I wrote should be considered as a support for the Democrats. They should just concentrate on economic issues such as taking care of workers, the elderly, etc. and not get involved in bizarre causes.

    • Cristina,

      I appreciate your comments, but you are delusional Jews are ALL OVER Latin American, and have been minutes after Europeans arrived They are in complete control. There control is even more ironclad than in El Norte and Europe.

      Latin American countries send their peasant refuse to America. Most are merely stupid, violent vermin, who leech Welfare benefits from White taxpayers and create nothing but ugliness and mayhem.

      NOTHING will happen when “your people take the SouthWest”. Except it will turn yet another Lateeno cesspit. If the Shapiros succeed in exterminating Whitey – “your people” will serve as the salves of Der Juden for ever.

      And don’t be to certain about the imperialistic invasion of “your people”….things can fall apart FAST.

      • Denise,

        It is not the peons that will rule anywhere. I also do not know any Mexican who likes Jews much less worships them as do many Protestants. Some of our leaders are American educated but their views are different than the average person.

        Latins do not do anything for others like the Anglo. We are not going to bend over backwards for Jew or black. We also are not near as likely to fight wars for anybody’s benefit but ours.

        Do you think we support Shapiro and his republicans now? Then why would those people have any power with more of us in this country?

        You do not know what we are like evidently. The more Mexicans in this country the less power the Republican ideology will have. That is obvious.

        Things falling apart is obviously what I am talking about. It is falling fast. Things falling apart and numbers doom the Shapiros. It is you who is delusional if you think the status quo will continue as before.

        The people most likely to support Republicans/libertarians etc. are white anglo types. I am surprised that you think different.

        • Christy,

          As you are most certainly aware, there is no love lost between myself and denise. I wouldn’t urinate on her, even if she was set on fire by a ‘nigger-rigged ‘ flamethrower via antifa, blm, or any other shekel funded and led anti-White cultural marxist groups.

          That being said, let us go with your estimate of there being 40k-50k jews with citizenship in a country with a 2019 population of 127,000,000. Yes, that would be a minuscule ~ 0.040% of the Mexican populace, but not even accounting for one half of one percent of the Mexican population, a jewess (((Claudia Sheinbsum))) was elected mayor of the seventh most populated city on earth. Mayor Sheinbsum is also a close ally to Mexico’s leftist new president Andreas Manuel Lopez Obrador.

          Please consider too that the US and Israeli intelligent services are tied at the hip, unethical, and work outside the bounds of the law, respect he sovereignty of other nations, et cetera. Mossad would have absolutely no reservations hacking Mexican politicians phones, computers, bugging their cars, homes, and using any and every means at their disposal to obtain compromising information to use against them, in order leverage/blackmail these politicians, Catholic officials, military, law enforcement, or any other leadership elements in Mexico to be their pawns in support of jewish interests and pernicious agendas. It certainly makes the CIA’s and Mossad’s operations against the Mexican elite so much easier due to corruption being so prevalent in Mexico.

          I hope that Mexico is the 111th country to expel the jews for their disloyalty and undermining behavior in host nations. Of course, my unrealistic hope would be that the USA would be the 110th nation to kick out the snake eyed, horse faced, and hooked nosed destroyers of all that isn’t talmudic.

          You’re intelligent and wise beyond you years. Your family seems to be aware of the jews and their ways. Spread your knowledge to those who are ignorant of them, because ignorance is their strength. Deprive them of their platforms to manipulate the truth.

          Remember, I said the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I would have no problem working in concert with righteous Castizo Mexicans to defeat our common scourge.

          • November,

            A few Jews in Mexico with some influence is not the same as running the country. The spy apparatus works across the board. Among the elites it is assumed that government and political enemies are trying to spy on you. It is the corruptness and the alliances and lack of trust that limits any one group from completely dominating national politics despite elections.

            My Family knows not to use cellphones for any personal information for instance. We also do not identify ourselves on a regular phone. Most Mexicans are aware that anyone of influence even State wide always has to be careful. We do not have Twitter or Facebook accounts.

            On the local level mayors and police and the local powers generally control matters. And without Federals and soldiers the cartels are left alone. They have more influence in Mexico by far than Jews.

            In short, we are always after information and assume others are as well. Family alliances with others is a key factor in power—-military, police. If jews are spying well others are spying on them as well.

            Thank you for taking the time to write your informative comment above.

            My father and grandmother has told us that when we are (the older daughters) at a fiesta we are to keep quiet. To be friendly, to smile, to flirt, and to listen. Men always talk. Never to threaten and never to brag. Give out little.

            That is what some aspects of Mexican life is like for me.

          • Cristina,

            Some people ignore a small mole, but because they didn’t address it early when it was isolated, they allowed cancer cells to metastasized throughout their bodies, and now it’s too late to cure the disease .

            The Mossad’s motto is “By way of deception.”

            Being forewarned is being forearmed against an adversary.

            If most Mexicans are traditional Catholics like you and your family, you might stand a chance of countering cultural rot by way if the yid flies.

          • Novemberg – your repulsive opening paragraph betrays your degenerate, repugnant mentality, as your cosset and pander to the Indio – but you will never possess any sort of opportunity to witness or participate in the events that occupy your kosher fantasies. I learned how to deal with niggers as a mere spring of a girl, and I know to avoid grotesqueries.

            I suspect that being urinated on by Nigras, and any other sort of Orc, is an activity you are well acquainted with, however…

          • denise,

            I bet you were really something before electricity, and at you age, your urinary incontinence would put out the flames below your thighs.

            Like you broads, men talk amongst ourselves about women. One conclusion that we’ve agreed upon is that loudmouth female agitators the exact opposite behind closed doors. Those kind of publicly aggressive females are usually the most sexually submissive and more likely to request “degenerate ” kinky sex (e.g., BDSM, “golden showers,” and several other acts too disgusting to write on OD). Why do you think crappy “mommy porn” like “50 Shades of Gray ” was a bestseller and made into a movie franchise?

            As far as slandering Christina’s racial background, and her Catholic faith, if there was a way of taking a poll as to whom people on this site like and respect more between you and Cristina; she would win in a landslide.

            Did you call the pigeons that shit on your car mishlings or jews?

            By the way, your Celtic gods and goddesses are just as nonexistent as the other deities that you mock.

          • novemberg – your urinary fixation is rather tragic. You really should stop paying street trash to….errrr…hose you down – hygiene is unreliable with so many of the of the …umm…hirelings you patronize.

            Of course – the kike porn mindset is your issue. I don’t pollute my world with such things.

            You seem to be obsessed with alleged aging female. Are you having flashbacks of your mommy, or something?

            The funniest part of your febrile attempt at insult is the suggestion of a “popularity contest” re myself and your Indio carthokike. That’s really….childish and sad. And so very JEWISH. That’s like Heebs bragging about their money. FYI – the Indio is tolerated. People may dislike me – I only care about the opinions of those I regard as salient – but I guarantee that most True Whites would be pleased to boot EVERY Tacos Nigger back to their natural cultural occupation of staging Donkey shows in Tijuana bars. Why don’t you go and help? You’ll be right at home!

            I understand you can buy meds like Viagra and Destrigo very inexpensively, in MeHEECo – you’ll love it! Vamose, maricone! Adios!

          • disease,

            I don’t need to have any familial experiences with bladder incontinence. There’s a whole aisle of “adult underwear” dedicated to women your age in just about every drugstore, supermarket, or warehouse club. If you’re too embarrassed to shop for your diapers in public, I believe you can purchase them over the phone with your AARP and Medicare cards.

            No one here for a second believes that I am a jew, but you do have a weird fixation on everything or everyone that disagrees with your neurotic obsession. After all, even the female (they the one that bite) mosquitos that bite you have to be jews because their blood sucking vampires like das juden.

            I don’t need or use heeb pornography. I like my beavers to have pelts, and not look like a prepubescent girl. Plus, my girlfriend keeps my stomach full and my cajones empty.

            I do have one frat boy suggestion for though. Since you live in close proximity to the other northeastern krone (genie, ghost of Mary Phagan, et al), why don’t you two get together and ‘scissor ‘ with each other. That would be the only carnal action that you two could get outside of paying a professional.


            Even your lame insult about conducting a poll was inaccurate (but what else is new). Pro-White Twitter all the time has polls. I guess you’ve been blocked by them, therefore, they must be mischlings and jews, correct?

          • Novemberg – I don’t know or care about your actual genetics, but every obscene trashy thing your spew betrays the kike porn infection of your childish, degenerate shriveled “.mind” You really are kiked. If your aren’t a heeb – and it doesn’t matter at all – you are worse than one. Every word foul, porn based word you spew proves this. All the while you pander to some shitskinned cathokike, drooling over it’s Aztec revenge fantasies of “her people” taking over America. You are a total degenerate, and an example of idiotic, vain, treacherous White male FAILURES. YOUR ilk is exactly why Whites are on the edge of extinction. YOU.

            FYI – your kike porn fantasies of lesbianism are absurd. Every inane comment you;ve written attempting to characterize me, if so off target it’s funny.

            I don’t know how old you think I am, but do find your sneering attitudes towards older women, or men, for than matter, to be more evidence that my assessment of JOO if completely on target.

            Re: Anglo Saxon Revolt/Mary Phagan et al – neither of us are lesbians. (So JEW of you!) We do write to each other, though. We don’t live in close proximity enough to make regular meet ups viable, but as soon as we can coordinate schedules, we will meet. The wildly amusing thing, to me, re:your insults towards her, are I know what she looks like. I’m of Welsh descent, and I’m simply average looking. Nothing out of the ordinary. Anglo, though – whenever pustulant toads like you insult her, I laugh to myself. She’s not average. She’s not pretty. She’s BEAUTIFUL. A jaw dropping knock out. No actress or model has a thing on her. I won’t describe her looks, but the English Rose phenotype is REAL. You have no conception of what a ridiculous fool you are, But thanks for providing amusement for everyone else!

            What your “girlfriend’s” name? Ari or Elliot? Do you wear matching Depends?

          • November,

            The war with Denise is a dead end. I appreciate you defending me from her personal non stop insults. But no contact with her is best.

          • Disease,

            You show your true contemptible personality with just about every comment you post. There’s a dark stain on what’s left if your bio spirit . Rubbing elbows with all those jews and sexual deviants in the jew york-jew jersey theatre scene and in peesonal interaction has by osmosis transformed you into a mosaic of their sickness.

            Any with an IQ above room temperature wouldn’t take anything you say to be true, honest, or accurate. Some of the links that you’ve posted had less credibility than a used car salesman in a cheap suit. Even a kook like Alex Jones would give your references a hard eye roll. But I didn’t expect you to cite anything erudite, but come on. Smh

            Personally, I don’t believe that you’re married. No sane man of any race could put up with such a wrenched harpie. You may not be a lesbian, but your lover most likely takes batteries.

            Genie, the ghost of Mary Phagan…et al is mentally unhinged. It is bat shit crazy and nuttier than squirrel crap. That you are friends with that rubber room straight jacket wearing freakazoid is an indictment of you because the company you keep speaks volumes about who you are.

            I’ve dealt with vile cosmopolitain bitches like you all my life. You’re miserable, hateful, pseudo-intellectual, childless, vain, and scared that someone will discover this about you.

            You’re so very simple to see through . How you’ve been kissing up to a few posters trying embarrassingly hard to appear cordial. How you feel the need to add your comment where it isn’t needed like an ignored middle child.

            So what is it? Am I a faggot or a beta orbiter of what you refer to as a “shitskin” female?

            Though in your mind set to permanent certainty, you’ve forgotten what Christina revealed about her racial background and shade of her complexion. No way could you ever be in error. Oh no, not the wicked bitch of yankeedom.

            Do you share the same paranoid delusion as genie that Christina is a ZOG agent with a handler?

            I have to love or empathy for mestizos. If you had a modicum of insight, you would know this by my comments about the filthy, criminal invading hordes from south of the border.

            It’s not my type of HuWhite male that’s the problem with what bedevils America and the West. If there were more of my kind, you would know your place, and Europeans wouldn’t be on the road to erasure.

            Somewhere inside that jack-in-the-box mind of yours is an angry woman-child that is always on the edge of permanent madness. When your psyche finally breaks, perhaps you can share a padded cell with “WASP.”

            Mangia merda e muori.

        • Cristina – you have a computer. Do your own research It’ll mean more. .

          Who runs the money in Latin America? There are MILLIONS more Jews than they admit to. Everywhere. Mischling are JEWS. Yet they’ve proven that you don’t need a vast majority to run the show – all you need is mono maniacal ethnocentrism, a relentless will to power, and the franchise to run debt script printing presses.

          Follow the shekels – and the names. All your mayors and sheriffs AND priests answer to YOUR Zhidtizos.

      • Denise,

        Please tell me and prove to me that Jews rule Mexico. It seems you believe you know more about Mexico and Latin America than we do. Amazing.

        So all I ask is proof. From sources other than some self serving white nationalist book or article.

        According to what I read there are only 40-50,000 Jews in Mexico. So you are going to tell me that they rule? If so few rule Mexico then they definitely would rule you even more completely.

        • Sos una buena haciendera bi-nacional pero deberías de calmarte un poco con tu revanchismo Nuevo Atzlanero. Recordá que los gringos afanaron las partes de Méjico con las buenas super careteras, represas, plantas eléctricas, alcantarillados/aquaductos, Taco Bells et cetera.

          • Flaxen,

            I do get agitated when someone is anti Mexican but I will still not support illegal immigration into any country including the USA. I will huff and puff but when calmed down I recognize that the USA has the right to protect its borders. But you should be telling your politicians this instead of me.

            I also do not support any Indian nonsense of a New Atzlan. However, I sometimes get dragged into having to support Mexicans no matter what their race.

          • Flaxen,

            May I also congratulate you on the correct use of the word tu. Since I am young you correctly did not use su but tu. You are an anglo woman who seems to know Mexico quite well.

            If however you were working for my family I would demand respect and insist on the word su.

            Cristina Romana

      • Denise,

        Sorry to bother you again but please think logically. If blacks and Mexicans are far less likely to have current Republican ideology then why would millions more Mexicans coming to the USA all of a sudden support the Republicans?

        Remember I am talking about Shapiro’s Republican ideology and his Party being terminally weakened by more Latin influence. I am not writing about destroying or severely weakening Jewish wealth and influence. That is another issue.

        Either you misunderstood me or you essentially believe the conservatives are correct in that we will adopt their belief system. I believe it is the former not the latter.

        • Well Cristina, I ain’t harvesting turnips on your encomendero family’s haciendas (on either side of the border) and I ain’t a woman either.

          • Flaxen

            Notice how the Cathokike Indio thinks it’s going to assert Taco Nigger Supremacy over the poor, desperate Gringos? And the senile beta orbiters lap it up like day old gruel?

            It’s funny.

    • Christina,

      Shapiro and his tribe are my blood enemies too. You can always tell when a jew is lying because its lips are moving, hand is writing, or fingers pressing buttons on a keyboard.

      Of course, I am on Fuentes’ side against cuckservative, inc., but what is irksome is his counter-signaling of other people who also share many of his ‘talking points.’ Nick’s “groypers ” are merely a cloud of pesky mosquitos that jewish bought and paid for politicians and NGOs are being forced to address because Nick’s mosquitos drew blood and humiliated their up and coming next generation of shabbos goy shills.

      Just like Blompf’s famous escalator arrival to applause and to announce his intention to run for POTUS, the crowds of supporters for these judas’ are paid to clap and cheer. Sure, some are low information and gullible sheeple as well.

      If Mexicans are successful (and it looks as though they will be) in their “Reconqustador” of the American Southwest, if I was in charge of the retreating force, I would execute the ancient Roman use of scorched earth. I would go as far as releasing nuclear waste being stored inside Yucca Mountain to make that area inhabitable for thousands of years. As I’ve said before, the worst crime in war is losing.

      I laughed when bibi shitpiro used how much time has passed since the intentional attack on USS Liberty making it irrelevant. It has been almost 80 years since the fictional story of the holocaust was used as (((allied))) anti-German propaganda and continues to be used for their nefarious purposes to this very moment.

      • November,

        I understand. I think the same way. When I first heard of the South African situation a few years ago I thought—you know what? If blacks want to rule South Africa then maybe the whites should return it to it’s pre-white status and go be happy in a white country.

        However, the main thrust of my comments was a belief that the days of the Republicans are coming to an end because of race. It was not a naive belief that Jewish influence will fade away just like that.

  5. Kike Shapiro is an anti semitic caricature of himself. Funny how he’s aware of all the accusations against his kind but never bothers to deny or refute any of them, eh?

  6. So Frenchie the Cuck thinks we’re “pure evil.” It’s quite a spectacle to see a whore for corporate interests indulge in moral posturing.

  7. I watched this last night. I couldn’t find the Castizo Nicky livestream – but I watched on Goy Talk. I knew Nicky would have a lot of fun with this…..

    This “speech” will be used, in the future Ethno World Aryan University classes, as THE MOST CONCISE MERETRICIOUS, DECEPTIVE, SUBVERSIVE LOATHESOME example of a vile, repulsive Humanity hating LYING JEW. That gruesome little spawn of Satanberg and his co-ethnics made sure there was NO real counter to the lies and treachery of Der ewige Kikenvermin. What a rotten little COWARD.

    The Goy Talk guys tend to be more Black pilled in tone than bubbly, effervescent Nick – but every word that malignant little creep uttered was slander and lies. Al par for the kosher course.

  8. As one of the leading and most articulate Dissident Right thinkers, Hunter, I’m sure Shapiro is reading your site.

    Hi Ben!

  9. The WORST thing about that Bagel Insect’s invective was the remarks about the Israeli ATTACK on the USS Liberty. Commenting Guidelines prevent me from opining on the fate that deserves to fall little Benny Shitpiro.

  10. Who exactly are these tru-cons? Are they all jews? Maybe some anti-racist types who havent realized they are actually liberal?

  11. “America would not exist without Israel”

    – Dan ‘Grug Brain’ Crenshaw

    It’s hard to even know where to begin to respond to this Absolute Stupidity.

    “The Alt-Right is evil”

    -Jonah Goldberg

    Did the Alt-Right support the Iraq War which killed millions, wasted trillions, and has irrevocably destroyed parts of Europe from the refugee/migrant invasion?


    • Dissente,

      One of the groypers should as Crenshaw how many “helmet hits” he took during his combat tours for Israel because his thinking does not conform to empirical reality.

  12. Imagine a world where people who define themselves by their ancestral ties are “pure evil” but people who define themselves by their predilection for rectal sex are paragons of virtue.

  13. Normally I attack people I dislike ideologically as stupid, but I’ll admit he’s a pretty bright guy in terms of reflexes and wit and cognition, but honestly his ideology is cringe. It rates higher on the cingeometer than wn.

  14. Is David French a theologian or political analyst? I would reserve the term “evil” for those who thought killing half a million Iraqi children was just collateral damage in the grand scheme of things. Or how would you describe destroying the entire Middle East for kicks and giggles? Neocon warmongers moralize while butchering tens of millions of innocents around the world. Besides free trade, low taxes for rich assholes & protecting Israel against its neighbors these pious frauds have no other interests.

  15. Shapiro is difficult to listen to. He talks way too fast. He may not care about the browning of America but he should because a majority black and Latino America will not give a damn about foreign aide to Israel. Both the Arabs in Israel and the Ultra-Orthodox Jews view the establishment of Israel as illegitimate because they believe the regathering of Israel takes place ONLY after the Messiah comes have higher birthrates than Zionist Jews in Israel!

  16. White Interests are not always Conservative Interests. Conservative interests aren’t easy to define since only a fraction of a fraction of the country in current year shares those interests. The groups they so lovingly embrace hate their guts so they pretend everything is rosy regardlessly. Meanwhile, hell breaks out all around them and they are oblivious to it. They will conserve a horribly broken system up to the moment the last of their numbers goes under and explain, ‘we tried’. Sorry, in a fight for survival one makes enemies and enemies must be crushed not placated.

  17. “Sorry to bother you again but please think logically. If blacks and Mexicans are far less likely to have current Republican ideology then why would millions more Mexicans coming to the USA all of a sudden support the Republicans?”– Cristina (educated Mexican-US bi-national) to Denise (deplorable clinger)

    Some Groyper needs to ask Ben Shapiro and his ass clown entourage that very question.

    • Flaxen Headed Strumpet,

      Based on shitpiro’s bullshit he spew at Stanford, my guess is that he’d retort to that question with his lie of Hispanic voters being “mailable.” All of us know that’s untrue.

  18. “Socialism, like the ancient ideas from which it springs, confuses the distinction between government and society.
    As a result of this, every time we object to a thing being done by government, the socialists conclude that we object to it being done at all.
    We disapprove of state education. Then the socialists say that we are opposed to any education. We object to state religion. Then the socialists say that we want no religion at all. We object to state-enforced equality. Then they say that we are against equality. And so on, and so on.
    It is as if the socialists were to accuse us of not wanting persons to eat because we do not want the state to raise grain.” – Frederic Bastiat

    If he had replaced socialist with Jew, it would have made even more sense. To them justice looks like kidnapping old men from foreign countries they enter illegally and trying them before the Sanhedrin and murdering them in a land they have tortured, murdered, and deceived to obtain.

    Jews are the inverse of all things noble, honest, and just. They are the left, the right, and the middle. They are native to no country, and enemy to all.

  19. Mr. Wallace,

    Your Civility Law is a joke. I was told by this Denise person that all Mexicans/Mexican Americans should be in a Donkey show in Tijuana. That means I should be having sex with a donkey like all Mexicans according to her. Her comment is somewhere up above.

    Where is this Southern Honor you frequently mention?

    The funniest part of your febrile attempt at insult is the suggestion of a “popularity contest” re myself and your Indio carthokike. That’s really….childish and sad. And so very JEWISH. That’s like Heebs bragging about their money. FYI – the Indio is tolerated. People may dislike me – I only care about the opinions of those I regard as salient – but I guarantee that most True Whites would be pleased to boot EVERY Tacos Nigger back to their natural cultural occupation of staging Donkey shows in Tijuana bars. Why don’t you go and help? You’ll be right at home!

      • Mr. Wallace,

        Thank you. Her comments are always foaming at the mouth against me with personal insults. This one telling me I should be involved in Bestiality is sick even for her.

        Is Denise the face of White Advocacy?

        Not that it should matter but I have repeatedly said I was against illegal immigration like in my above comment to Flaxen-haired Strumpet. I am actually better on that issue than American Politicians.

      • Mr. Wallace,

        I will further belabor the obvious. Denise and her donkey sex comment was directed specifically with me in mind. Just follow the threads above.

      • Let me just say that all of this has been instructive, and yes, cause for a chuckle or two at times.

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