Insurgent Groypers Catch Dan Crenshaw Again At Arizona State

UPDATE: Turning Point USA continues to crumble.

The Groyper invasion of Conservatism, Inc. continues …

Dan Crenshaw: What is it you want us to do?

Groypers: DIE …

In a worrisome sign that the vultures are circling, Baked Alaska 9.0 has been spotted at Arizona State and this has raised alarms about infiltration by grifters:

As Porsalin has shown in Diary of an E-Celeb, Baked Alaska has no real beliefs whatsoever. He attempted to reinvent himself as a deradicalization grifter earlier this year. Baked and MILO need to be kept at arm’s length. Otherwise, their presence will continue to fuel suspicion and division. It is already becoming a distraction from the good work that is being done.

Aside from that cause for concern, these people are asking some are good questions:

The funniest thing about this is that the shills literally cannot escape. The Groypers have assaulted them in Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, New Hampshire, California, Arizona, Texas. No matter where they go now in the United States the crowd is full of Groypers with questions.

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  1. Conservative Republicans are probably more isolated from reality than liberals. I just saw a sign that Dan Crenshaw (whoever he is) that said that the USA would not exist without Israel???

    The USA was founded by British rebels with no help from Israel which did not even exist in 1775. Was he trying to say that the colonists would not have revolted except for ancient Israeli influence on the colonists because of the Bible?

    Without this website I would not be aware of these wars behind the scenes. Or it would be more difficult to know of them.

    • Cristina,

      It’s hard to explain Zionist evangelicals devotion for Israel. My family says the same thing about the USA only being here to protect Israel . I’ve argued the insanity with them for years pointing out the manipulation, deception and subversion from Jews.

      All the devotion to Israel is some extra insurance policy
      To enter heaven’s gates.

  2. Fuentes is starting to bring in a respectable amount of cash(considering the number of viewers which has almost doubled since this war started) on his live-stream lately! Sustained $20 and $50 donations! One person gave him $1,100 tonight. I would estimate that he has made $20-$30,000 this week alone if not more!

    • Ed in SLC,

      Nick had better be careful and document every shekel he receives. He must anticipate that ZOG-IRS will go over his finances with a rabbinically blessed fine tooth comb.

      Nickers and Groypers, tell Nick to hire a kickass accountant.

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