Greg Conte: Only Through Heroism and Sacrifice Can We Take Our Nations Back

Greg Conte is back to share his thoughts on the Groyper War.

Russia Insider:

“Men are lazy and weak. They are always looking for an easy way out.

Much of the dissident right has, in the last couple years, succumbed to these vices. When they realized that Trump’s election meant nothing for Western Civilization–that things were just as bad as they had ever been–instead of redoubling their efforts to save their race from decline and eventual destruction, the alt-right simply redefined their objectives.

Gone was the dream that whites in Europe and America would reclaim their civilization: that we would wrest our governments and cultures from the clutches of Jewish control, that we would expel our racial rivals, restore our nations to health, and reestablish a measure of normalcy.

Instead, we were treated to a half-baked lesson in political strategy.

It all started with “optics.” …”

I basically agree with this.

After the Alt-Right collapsed in the wake of Michigan State, I unplugged from the internet and took about five months off from writing on this site. I spent that time rereading Alasdair MacIntyre’s After Virtue and Three Rival Versions of Moral Enquiry, Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, Bernard of Clairvaux’s On Loving God and Luther’s works. Mainly, I did this out out of revulsion with the optics war and the nihilism that I saw blooming on the internet and because I wanted to think more deeply about my own moral views before proceeding forward.

The Alt-Right was a fragile movement. I’m not interested in affiliating with something so fragile ever again and the primary difference between a fragile movement and an antifragile one ultimately boils down to moral qualities, not optics. A secular movement that is powered by nothing but optics, memes, snarky humor and a bandwagon effect can and easily will collapse under the pressure of a single bad news cycle. In contrast, Aristotle and Luther’s politics and premodern Western thought in general was based on an underlying metaphysical and ethical foundation. It was this enduring spiritual flame that animated both Catholic and Protestant martyrs. Is there a shitlord who is willing to burn at the stake for his beliefs?

The current Groyper War is making gestures toward American patriotism and Catholic piety, but with some of the people who are promoting this (read: MILO, Baked Alaska, etc.) I get the strong sense that they are only attracted to the latest meme and are jumping on the latest bandwagon. I’m not by any means opposed to what the Groypers are doing and find it hilarious that Charlie Cuck is being booed off the stage at his events, but in light of recent history I wonder how does an optical movement handle bad optics? Does it become cringe overnight? If the Groyper meme becomes cringe after some hit, then how does it not collapse as Alt-Right 2.0?

In other words, I agree with Greg Conte that we need to cultivate moral virtues that can sustain us through the inevitable pushback and hard times which will follow any momentary success that we might be having at the present moment. We need to have the stamina, integrity and constancy to do our duty and push our vision and endure until the struggle is won. Everything that is superficial like memes and optics must rest on a stronger moral foundation below.

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  1. Do you think ZOG and its mercenaries play by rules that are based on moral foundations, HW? We are about to enter a fight for our very lives here. I’ll re-read Aristotle’s Ethics and Thomas Aquinas after I remove the heads of my racial enemies and place them on long wooden poles for the crows to pick at.

    • I can hardly wait for your crusade to start, Spahn. Wear a Go-Pro that will capture all the blood and gore, and be sure to post it all on YT and Bitchute. You’ve been mentioning that you’re on the West Coast now, so why not start with Beverly Hills and Malibu? Or maybe get some practice in over in West Hollyweird, first.

      • Oh, didn’t I tell you, Mr. Little? You will be helping me, after your show in February at the Tropicana.

        • The security staff will be helping you either into the dumpster or the furnace, depending on how I’m feeling at the moment.

  2. I am getting tired of all of this “Why the alt-right failed” BS to be honest.

    To say something has failed, it needed tangible and feasible goals, what were even the goals of the “alt-right”? I think if you ask 10 different people you’ll get 10 different answers, and they won’t even agree with what the “alt-right” is in the 1st place. Let’s suppose, for the sake of the argument the goals were defined as above: to take our countries back. We are pretty much totally flooded with waste, the enemy has damn-near complete control of our media and political system, and our ideas are effectively illegal all over the west.

    The problem isn’t anything inherent with the movement itself then, it’s the goals. To clarify, that is an absolutely monumental task. We thought we had one of our guys in a powerful place that could help us out, but we didn’t. In retrospect, crying about optics or religon is like saying you couldn’t lift this boulder because you wore the wrong shoes.

    The only thing we can do is be the best white men we can be, take care of our own, and ride this thing out. Forget about taking anything back, let’s focus on not dying because shit’s probably gonna get crazy.

  3. Conte’s a Catholic, and this is just another piece of Catholic apologetics. Conte did get fired from a Catholic school teaching job, and hasn’t learned anything from that experience.

    My advice to any White Protestant in politics, expect to get stabbed in the back by Catholics, that way you will be prepared for it. Worked for me. LOL.

    • Here we go …. another Omphaloskopologist in our midst, more navel gazing !

      Rather then brotherhood building between white Americans…….we have some that partake in navel gazing…

      You need to wake up to what is taking place around you and how your own social & economic environment is been turn against your very life and your fathers nation stolen from you and the rest of Americans!!!!!!!!

        • FYI
          I live in a small town, in another continent.

          If the “big word” distracted some from the meaning I wanted to portray in my comment above I apologise, first of all, to myself.

          Navel Gazing, then.
          Let’s go with that.

          My criticism towards those that peddle division – either out of sheer ignorance or sheer stupidity – still HOLDS TRUE.

          Our – European nationalists – believe as a principle that anyone who peddles division among our movements must be marginalised, discarded or even PUT DOWN, if need be.
          (we are not as forgiving as you Americans are – Thank God!)

    • “Is there a shitlord who is willing to burn at the stake for his beliefs?” When the so called (which is unverifiable in reality) “second coming” of a dead jew messiah occurs to establish his global communist rootless identity-less borg empire monarchy, are you going to die for him
      or for your own people?

        • I don’t understand you jewish messianic’s, global jewish messianic monarchy is the same thing as global communism and BOTH are incongruous with ethno-nationalism and sovereignty. I just cant understand the cognitive dissonance!!!

  4. HW, If I may…..

    ” but with some of the people who are promoting this (read: MILO, Baked Alaska, etc.) I get the strong sense that they are only attracted to the latest meme and are jumping on the latest bandwagon. “

    Yes it definitely gives second thought to any nationalist worth his salt, when he sees persons like the one’s you mentioned above, entangled in some way with the groypers.

    My belief is that these persons know that they cannot co-opt the groypers – who are an expression of the Dissident Right – like they did with the Alt-right.

    But they can still cause damage by attaching themselves and thus tainting the movement with all of their personal history, of sodomy/liberalism/egalitarian mindse & pro immigration stance.

    At the same time we have to admit that what we are all witnessing with the push back from the ‘groypers’ has such a momentum and gaining strength which seems that the other side has not yet found a way how to battle effectively the ‘groypers’ and following the Dissident Right.

  5. Without a moral center that is derived from a higher source, we tend to fall into following cults of personality. That hasn’t worked out so well for humanity. Worship of the Prophet Karl Marx led to the human sacrificial cults of Saints Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc.

    Another weakness of the pro-White side is that some of the “intellectual” sites like AmRen and Counter-Currents promote the validity of the HBD stuff, which has a tendency to imply Jewish and East Asian supremacy. I think that is something we would want to avoid. The more I get into HBD, the more suspect the science looks, imho. Some of the research just happens to have Israeli and Chinese backing, but that’s merely a happy accident, I’m sure.

      • @Rich L:

        Wow! Talk about “Jungian Moments!” Your post echos my thoughts on the subject.

        To me, American WN seems to be stuck in the either/or rut that our political system is. With WN, it is the choice between vanguardism or mainstreaming.

        The Unite the Right debacle showed what a disaster vanguardism can be combined with all these Brain Farts called Lone Wolf shooters. However, mainstreaming only has grift righters like charlie kirk trying to ambush our movement into Kosher Nationalism.

        The third option, always overlooked by WN leadership is to take a page from the Enemy Playbook and create our own nation within a nation.

        As long as it isn’t a hot, loud splashy mess like the one Craig Cobb made in Leith, we can create our own PLEs. I’m not talking about the attractive nuisances that are Whitopias, but there are tons of small towns with aging infrastructure not too far from the bigger cities that can be very affordable for family formation.

        A group of Whites could move out to them, take control of the schools and banish the common core crap from school materials and focus more on teaching kids the stuff they need to know to compete with the Hindus and Asians being imported.

        This same group of Whites can build their own churches and local charities which minister to other Whites.

        WN 3.0 must incorporate this third option, because it is doable.

        The one thing I want to point out is Whites can not only survive but thrive if we are a moral and self-sufficient people. And I am not referring to the ersatz moralism of the social justice warriors. I’m talking about avoiding and quarantining ourselves from the cultural contagious out there as much as possible.

        Liberalism incorporates its own self-destruction because the eternal quest for a freedom that leads to irresponsibility and egalitarianism that leads to leveling down superior people to make them more equal to those with inferior ability is nothing more than nihilism.

        White liberals abort their own future, literally and figuratively with their relativism morally and racially. We don’t need to save them from themselves. We need to save whom we can from them.

        We need to have our own alternatives to the Evangelicals as all these endless, expensive wars on behalf of Israel feed growing disenchantment with Christianity. The one thing that Donald Trump did do that was to our benefit, if only we would exploit it, is that he overturned the 501(c)(3) amendment put in place by Marrano Jew, Lyndon Baines Johnson which caused churches to lose their tax exempt status if they spoke about politics or voting. Of course this could be and was ignored where Black churches were concerned.

        The one thing I would like to see come out of building our own religion is some kind of civil discourse between the Protestants and the Catholics on this board. Some frank discussion about what works and doesn’t work for our people.

        No disrespect meant here for the pagans. I think there are many things about pagan values that are full of merit, but I can’t see paganism having much appeal after two thousand years of Christianity. I do think we should see how we can incorporate many of their principles into a new Christianity, however.

        • I’ve advocated moving to less-populated areas, setting up homeschooling groups, interconnected home and small businesses, gradually taking over local and county gov’ts, and so forth. I haven’t mentioned religion, because that has been so divisive here, but I think the house church movement allows religion to be controlled by the locals. No denominational fights means more freedom to not worship in the multiculti manner prescribed by the mainline groups. In essence, doing things our own way without outside interference is what I think is a viable and necessary way forward. We should try to build our parallel civilization within the dying one, and try to maintain Western, White society as much as we can.

          • WN 3.0…. paganism has no continued appeal? giggle! observation of Nature and veneration of it is the reason for the Seasons. disengage pagan cultural practices (including archaeoastronomy) from any xtian holiday. …:) what are you left with?

            xtianity, Constantine’s added layer of management on their geographical acquisitions’ pagan practices and places of worship was a bit messy. at least ancient Rome allowed veneration of ones’ own gods….the xtians were so ‘fragile’ as to the power of their own spooky dogma, they even destroyed ancient trees. what xtianity in either RCC or post reformation couldn’t outright destroy, it perverted or simply co-opted. WN3.0…. No dueling dogma. Deism is the way to go.

        • @ Clytemnestra
          You hit the ball out the park in almost every paragraph or you comment.

          You got my support if you ever want to run for public office !

          I’m from Arcadia, the Capital of old Mycenae….

      • I’m a Minnesotan, with French and Swedish heritage. If you figure out how that fits me into the LOS, let me know.

        • Considering that you are a northerner who identifies with the dissident right, I would assume that you are already something of a seeker. And so, what I’d suggest is that, for a northerner who has already ventured that far outside the mainstream, a decision to join the League isn’t much of a stretch. And I would hasten to add that northerners are eligible for membership in the League.

          I would also urge you to reflect on the proposition that the League is the best organization in existence, on the broad landscape of the dissident right. So a man, on the dissident right, facing such a landscape, has excellent reasons to consider joining the League, simply by virtue of the fact that, of all the active organizations in which he might participate, the League is the one which operates at the highest standard.

      • Richard Lynn has been named as one of the most fraudulent researchers out there by the HBD skeptics. I know that one of his studies started with a presumption that Ashkenazi Joos had a 110 average IQ, so it’s interesting that the list here by Lynn has Israel with a 95 average. I’m just getting into HBD, so seeing the different studies and figuring out which ones have accurate numbers and good sourcing has been a little confusing.

        • Richard Lynn has been named as one of the fraudulent researchers by whom? Do any of his critics have any gravitas?

          Dr. Edward Dutton is one of OUR scientists that cites this study. Dr. Sutton recently spoke at the Scanza Conference.

    • It’s truly remarkable how otherwise smart and intelligent people can believe in something that violates all the laws of nature but still disbelieve the findings of the hard sciences. That is one of the tents in clown world.

      From genesis to the present day, bible thumpers resent anything that challenges their Bronze Age interpretation of the world.

      Let’s see. We have Protestants vs Catholics, Southerners vs Northerners, and faith vs science. What an effing mess!

  6. Greg has a right to preach. He earned it. He put himself out there and was willing to get damaged for the cause. He should be listened to and respected.

    One of the many reasons I’m not voting for Trump is due to what happened to the RAM. I don’t hate Trump or Trump supporters but people like Patrick Casey need to check themselves.

    Identity Europa and AIM have been relentlessly attacked by Antifa doxxers such as Unicorn Riot and IGD News. Trump appointed Thomas Cullen who used Antifa propaganda in the indictment against RAM. RAM, who did nothing wrong in Charlottesville. Which Antifa has Cullen indicted for rioting in Charlottesville?

    RAM, dedicated to physical fitness, not using drugs, learning, martial arts and defeating Antifa in the streets. Trumps appointee used an Antifa info indictment to get them sent to prison.

    Just think about how insane and wrong that is. What has Trump done to right the situation and release his voters from prison? Nothing. Why doesn’t he pardon them like Rubashkin? What was that Black thug rapper he lobbied to get released from Sweden? When has Trump lobbied to get the Proud Boys or RAM released?

    What does Patrick Casey, Nick Fuentes, and the Groypers and Amnats have to say about that? RAM had great optics and seemed pretty Amnat. Where are these peoples integrity and moral character in this matter?

    What’s the defense of Trump here? He doesn’t know about it? He’s being attacked by the Media and Deep State relentlessly! He can’t do everything! But, he could pardon Rubashkin and tweet about helping a Black thug who actually hated him?!?

    I actually think Trump does know something. He knows that Antifa is and has been attacking his supporters at his rallies. What has he done to stop Antifa? Nothing. He didn’t even say anything after Minneapolis. Why?

    Because maybe his team thinks it’ll turn up the outrage factor and get out the vote for him in 2020. What has he done about censorship? Nothing. Why do the Amnats support Trump again?

    If the Groypers and Amnats think they’re superior to Richard Spencer and Alt-Right 1.0 then they need show their manhood. Confront Conservative Inc/TPUSA/Trump Jr. regarding Antifa, Cullen, RAM, Proud Boys, Rubaskin, etc. Put the vote for Trump on the line. Pardon RAM/Proud Boys or no vote.

    Why has Trump abandoned and betrayed those who put him in the White House who were even willing to fight and defend against violent anarchists?



  7. It seems that Conte’s defense of virtue is misguided, since his article fails to acknowledge the superior example of the one organization on the dissident right which has the best, if not the only, claim to a coherent worldview and concept of virtue ethics: the League of the South.

  8. Hong Kong gamer geekboys are taking to the streets to defy the world’s biggest (overtly) totalitarian power. If they can do it…

  9. Greg Conte?! more like Greg Cunte I hate the superior ‘I know whats best’ stuck up tone of his in this article, he makes some good points to be fair but hes got spencers superiority complex going on

  10. @ kraftywUrker “My advice to any White Protestant in politics, expect to get stabbed in the back by Catholics, that way you will be prepared for it.”

    pattern recognition. well done. (golfclap)……. over the last decade i’ve noted with regularity….. this extends to online groupings of Whites; inevitably there will come an issue/moment where the core-mindset/values of Prot/Deist v Mick is exposed. Prots have a much longer history of persecution by Mick, but even if these ancient wrongs are overlooked to tag team a common enemy…. the Mick’s invariably play the victim card, then outgroup the Prot or the freethinker. like blaks, their grievance accounting runs from the Pelagian Heresy, thru the Inquisitions, to the Enlightenment, thru the Reformation, their own unforgettable hUlacost, the unpardonable sin of heretics/free thinkers, and of course those eeeeeeeevil Freemasons. heretics are responsible for all their current ills, including Vatican II, rampant buggery, nun impregnation, the irony of crypto-converts subverting their beloved ‘church frm within’, and the current fishhat telling Europe from atop his Walls, to just ‘go bend over and go with it’ on African/ME/muzzi immigrant horde replacement.

    never forget….. Pius V and his jez priests gave absolution before the act, when they sent their minions out to assassinate E1.
    nope, don’t expect your 6 to be covered.

    • It was Protestants who along with their Wall Street jewish allies that are responsible for the two cataclysmic world wars in Europe last century.

      Can you see the tomb of Henry VIII from your high horse?

      • Pelagianism is opposed more by Protestants then catholics, lol, and for good reason. It leads to worship of the rich

      • although reared Prot, i don’t cotton to either. xtianity of either extractionb….prot/mick dogma is still yahweh worship, which has murdered more humans than even communism. as a Deist, i don’t do ‘yahweh the psychopath’. Prots responsible for the last 2 WW’s? well, you’re half right as to da jooooooz……. please do furnish some doc to support your claim inre the Prot as responsible for the “two cataclysimic WW’s in Euro last century”.

        • Kikz,

          Seriously?!? It’s not even a matter of debate that Great Britain and its hyper triggered aggressions against any Central European powers that challenged its hegemony on the continent and their royalty and parliamentary elites being under Rothschilds bank control.

          Shit dude, Henry Ford wrote in “The International Jew,” how he was on a ship going to Europe to attempt to broker a truce or peace treaty, and the wealthy jewish oligarchs that were traveling on the same ship told Ford that only they could end hostilities because they controlled allied powers in France, GB, and Russia.

          Do your own research. I suggest as a good place to begin.

        • bob.. you really should read up on the Council of Carthage 431 which occurred much earlier than the Council of Orange 529. funny bob… dogma aside, that was one of the main push backs by Pelagius/Colestius or Morgan/Kelly, their utter disgust at the corruption/wealth of the RCC. both prot/rcc were of the opine that Peligianism in any form was a threat to their tyrannical hegemony as gatekeepers of heaven, w/the power of life/death over their ‘flocks’ of fleeced.

          • November: “it was Protestants who along with their Wall Street jewish allies” and “parliamentary elites being under Rothschilds bank control.” so which is it? are they allies or coerced under Rothchild control? pick one dear…….

            I’m quite aware of H. Ford’s stance on J’s. it pains me to see what his legacy has become.. weaponized philanthropy against Americans/America.

            We can’t discuss WWI w/o a cursory glimpse back to WWI.
            Do enlighten me as to the events that set off WWI, please, and where are your responsible Prots and or Brits/Americans? What was/is the national religion of Austria and Austria-Hungary?

  11. I read his article, and his points are cogent. All this pecking at the granite colossus of Zog will never bring it to its knees. All the critique in the long run will accomplish is merely scratching the edifice of the beast.

    We do need heroic men that will inspire a multigenerational uprising against the beast.

    Just as you Christians worship JC and await his “second coming,” my hope is for the second coming of another ‘Man against time” like Adolf Hitler to lead the legions of men who already are onboard with his ideology.

    • I think those nukes in their silos already have preprogrammed coordinates, so unless somebody in that fictional battalion had the key codes and technical prowess to reset targeting software, they’d pose zero threat to TPTB. Those poor suckers would be equivalent to “The Mouse that Roared.”

    • @ November,

      Well said and I agre whole heartedly.

      I think the comment made by good old A Hitler, of the ‘coming’ Man the Übermensch, is needed.

      Just like another Alexander III, or a secular Constantine. Or even a Christian Nationalist groups in the old traditions of East Orthodox Christianity i.e. Chetniks.

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