Democrats Announce Plans To Tear Down Confederate Monuments In Virginia

I went to the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017.

As I have said all along, I went because I opposed the removal of the Confederate monuments in Charlottesville like the majority of Virginia voters. I traveled to New Orleans to oppose the removal of the Confederate monuments there as well. I traveled to both of these places from Alabama because I saw where this cultural genocide was going at the time.

The Hill:

“Democrats in Virginia’s General Assembly are poised to again attempt to remove Confederate monuments after last week saw the party claim a majority in both houses of the state legislature, according to The Associated Press.

“This is about what do we remember? What do we honor? It’s the right to decide what we celebrate,” said Del.-elect Sally Hudson (D), whose district includes Charlottesville, the site of a deadly 2017 white supremacist rally. …

The city of Charlottesville is currently embroiled in a lawsuit over its decision the same year to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee, as well as its relocation of another monument to Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, with a judge temporarily ruling against the removal of the statues. …

Gov. Ralph Northam (D), who has said the monuments should be in a museum, has suggested he will sign a removal bill if it comes to his desk, according to the AP. “My thoughts are that the localities are in the best position to make those decisions and that’s what I’ll continue to support,” Northam said at a recent news conference. …”

I will continue to oppose the removal of these monuments.

It is time for the conservative normies who were asleep in 2017 and who didn’t come out to support us in New Orleans or Charlottesville to wake up though and take the lead. The Democrats have boasted in The New York Times about how Virginia was flooded with Third World immigrants to transform the state into East California. Now that Democrats control Virginia, they plan to destroy your Confederate monuments and take away your guns. They also want to transform your sons into girls and your daughters into boys.

This is your future.

An equestrian statue of a negro with dreadlocks on horseback.

It is not enough to dishonor the memory of your ancestors. It is not enough to deny you alone in our society a positive sense of identity in the present. Your enemies also intend to erect monuments to your former slaves to literally mock you to future generations. It’s your choice though to continue to live in this world and under its absurd norms.

Don’t shoot the messenger for telling you the truth.

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    • ALL Democrats are traitors, as are most Republitards. Keep a list of names like Potok has over at SPLC Jew-quarters. Come the Restoration, traitors will hang. Deo Volente.

      Exaudi Oratione Nobis, Domine. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  1. HW, great post!

    Pray for the Virginia Flaggers. They put their flags up on private property.

    It would be great if the South could move all the monuments that the liberals succeed in taking down to a centrally located privately owned Confederate Park for permanent display and 24×7 protection.

    One day in the future after God pours His Wrath down upon these Communists/Antifa/Leftists, these monuments can be relocated back to where they were originally if the original location is at that time a secure enough location to display them.

  2. Is there any point to keep the statues up when the culture that created them is already defeated? We live under Jewish neo-liberalism so our public spaces may as well reflect that harsh reality.

    • Yes, the south has lost but keeping up the statues is a major win. Whites have to become comfortable making demands. Winning emboldens people.

      • It’s not a win, they should be taken down. It’s providing a false sense of comfort and security to our people, much like Trump being in office.

        “Oy vey! White people are still supreme and ruling over everything, these horrible racist statues are still up and a nazi kkk white supremacist is president!”

        All the while we have lost total control of our countries and are living under a brutal Talmudic theocracy. It’s important to the Jews that this false sense of security remain a little while longer while we are viciously butt-fucked and bled-dry.

        If the majority of whites think everything is hunky-dory, we will never win, that has always been our problem.

    • > Is there any point to keep the statues up when the culture that created them is already defeated?

      There is not. It is natural and just for people with no instinct for self-preservation to go extinct.

  3. It is understandable that Southerners want Dixie back, but at some point you will have to face the truth, that it is not going to happen. Either the White race is your nation, or you have none.

    • He will see it when there are no more > 90% white neighborhoods to run to in ‘bama and every building he goes to is full of some 80% hispanic hodge-podge of brown people that give him the stink-eye.

  4. I suspect there is more to these Confederate monument removals than humiliating White Southerners. “Woke” corporate donors support any leftist initiate that doesn’t cost anything. That’s why all these billionaires support “social justice” causes which are more designed to harass the White working and middle class than increase their profits and/or cut their taxes.

    It is any coincidence that this push for tearing down monuments of “White racists” is occurring when there is a big push for slavery reparations by African-Americans who enthusiastically support it. Interestingly enough, “woke” White liberals are less enthusiastic as will be the Latinx, the Hindus, and the East Asians. Then there will be all those Whites whose ancestors either came here around the turn of the last century and/or were too poor to afford them and simply picked their own damn produce.

    If this reparations gains momentum, one could see where all people of all colors who had absolutely nothing to do with owning an African slave might insist that only those who directly benefited from slavery should have to pay. And if that is the case, then it will be banks and corporations who might end up being sued for trillions of dollars, so having Confederate monuments and even monuments to other White “racists” being torn down is a small price to pay if it makes African-Americans forget about reparations.

    Mind you, many of these corporate owners set the precedent with reparations for their cousins in Europe since WWII. They bilked a neutral country like Switzerland, they are going after a country that was occupied and certainly didn’t ask to have concentration camps built in their homeland, like Poland. But they honestly think Blacks are stupid and will be appeased if there are no more Confederate monuments, in particular, or any other White racists.

    From my own particular and peculiar POV, I’d rather see all monuments to White “racists” end up in museums where people have to pay to get in, where they are guarded, and there is no fear of them being defaced or covered with graffitti. I have no problem with “Shitavious on Horseback” being a bird dropping depository. But if the Usual Suspects believe that any Black in full GibsmeDat is going to walk away from Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money, they have another think coming.

    Hunter, I think that OD should start writing some investigatory articles about which corporations facilitated and financed slavery and who owns them now. Just for shits and giggles.

  5. They have to put up a statue of this this magical negro!

    Here’s a quote from Chester A. Pierce, Professor of Education and Psychiatry, Harvard University:
    “Every child in America entering school at the age of five is mentally ill because he comes to school with certain allegiances to our founding fathers, toward elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, and the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity. It is up to you as teachers to make all of these sick children well – by creating the international child of the future.”

    Truly an unsung “Hidden Figure” in the shaping of young bugmen’s Nintendo Switch interface organ.

  6. Doe that include all the statues of MLK,jr who was a KNOWN rapist (White women), a COMMUNIST and received funding from the Rockefeller foundation ???

    Oh and how was that Endorsement of his to the founder of “panned Parenthood”, M sanger ???

    (in their own words)

    MLK jr & Communist training schools

    So FCK this brown piece of SHT !!!!!

  7. It was always about the art. Nothing else really matters beyond standards of beauty. Let’s get this war started.
    Tear diwn those statues, start a new civil war.

  8. We need thousands of Southern Normies, along with the Virginia Flaggers, marching with all kinds of Southern flags, even state flags.

    The Left are holding a “March against White Supremacy.” We could hold a “March against Northern Supremacy.” “Or a March for Southern Rights.”

    Folks could carry signs that say;

    “End Reconstruction, End the War.”

    “Yankee Go Home.”

    “End Northern Rule.”

    “Southern Governments, For Southern States.”

    The best part will be when a bunch of spoiled, upper middle class Yankee college kids and their Jewish Kommissars counter protest and call the marchers “Nazis,” “Fascists,” and other terrible things.
    It’ll expose them for what they are, to the Southern People.

    It’ll also open up opportunities for ruthlessly and relentlessly attacking these people on the sociopolitical front.
    Lots of grist for our propaganda mills, too.

    • I like that Idea.

      I believe, there needs to be some revisionism brought back to the American Civil War.

      Where certain events are questioned and REVISED. I think it is time to have the American Version of David Irving !

    • I think highly of you Mr. Owen but dammit, you still don’t “get” it. If they march against “white supremacy” then we march against JEW supremacy, you dig?

  9. Removal of statues on that scale will provoke a new war it always does. Have at it leftists.

    • We had a few statues of George III that were pulled down in Boston and Newport at the start of our Revolution. I would not have approved of that.

  10. Yes and I believe Conservatives, Republicans, and Trump supporters agree with us on these issues. However these cowards are looking for Trump if he will do something. Not gonna happen. The Republicans will never be “ok” with being called racist! Never ever gonna happen. Same goes for other elected officials. The solution is embrace Racism! Yea I know it’s a crazy concept but it’s reality. Stop worrying about being called names. I’m a hardcore Confederate 100%. However the Heritage community has been poor about fighting back agsinst Black Racists and Liberals. I’ve always believed the White Nationalist community is really the only way we can save the South and our Heritage and Culture. It’s us having influence with establishment politicians but who will step forward, not be afraid of the “R”, word, and get it done? Trump? LOL! Yea right. We should look past Trump and put our people in office especially at the local level. The White Citizens Council / C of CC has always had it right…..organize local! Deo Vindice !

  11. It’s only fitting that they be torn down. We are a weak and conquered people and that is what is done to a conquered people. When they erect enough “‘groid on horseback statues” and God knows what else to racially humiliate us it will cause whites to burn with hatred and be constantly reminded that we are now a conquered slave race.

    Let it fuel the fires in our hearts, and when we win we’ll have statues to tear down and new ones to build.

  12. Ideally I would like to see all those statues of Confederate heroes put into a Pantheon type building where they can be admired altogether. To have them scattered about in various parks and squares does not do justice to the memories of those fine men.

  13. America is a defeated country . This is exactly what happened in Germany in 1945 . All the streets were renamed after Communists and the Ideals of Marxism were taught , with anyone dissenting either sent to a Gulag or Executed . Americans in those days served the Beast of Bolshevism , now they reap the Whirlwind .

  14. Need a third party made up of Southern conservatives to draw enough votes away from the party of Lincoln to finally kill it and with enough power to stand up for all the issues facing the South during this Second Reconstruction. Repubs don’t care if there is a Second Reconstruction taking place and are are worse than the Dems when it comes to protecting heritage and history because they attack the far Right trying to virtual signal to no one who even cares. The Far Right are the ones who champion nationalism and moving the country back to more conservative lifestyles and who helped Trump get elected despite the Never Trumpers. And the Dems never go after their Antifa or Far Left (and neither do the Repubs for that matter).

    “Dixie National Party” or something similar …

  15. Blacks are not hired by NFL teams for their speed, or athletic abilities. They are hired for their ability to act out on the field. It’s just an extension of the “they sure can dance” department.

    There are tens of thousands of White sprinters out there in all NCAA divisions, and they have stamina and endurance something that Blacks lack.

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