Groypers Take a Loss In North Carolina

UPDATE: I still haven’t watched the stream.

By all accounts, the Groypers were defeated at North Carolina State tonight. Charlie Cuck is taking a victory lap on Twitter.

Here is the livestream:

UPDATE: It’s a shame that no one is civil anymore.

UPDATE: Turning Point USA supporters are being bullied by Antifa at NCSU.

FWIW, a good question to ask Charlie Kirk would be why should the Center Right police the Far Right while the Center Left does not police the Far Left.

Charlie Kirk will be in North Carolina tonight with Lara Trump for the next stop on his Culture War tour in the South.

Kirk will be in Raleigh at North Carolina State University at 7:00 PM ET. The event will be held at the Talley Student Union. Smash Racism Raleigh will be protesting Kirk’s white supremacist rhetoric. If you want to witness tonight’s entertainment, you can get your tickets on Eventbrite. I won’t be there either but will be monitoring the situation on Twitter.

Here is what you should do:

  • You want to come across as completely normal and not as some kind of autistic internet weirdo. Dress like you want to be taken seriously. Blend in with the crowd. The single most important thing you can do is not become a distraction.
  • If there is a Q&A session, let the Groypers ask the prepared questions. If it is a funny question, applaud like everyone else in the crowd.
  • If there isn’t a Q&A session and the crowd starts booing Charlie Cuck or chanting Q&A, then join in with the boos and chants to make them as deafening as possible.
  • To repeat: Watch as a spectator. Do not draw attention to yourself. Be invisible. Focus on meeting interesting new people in your area at the event.

The reason why I advise you not to draw attention to yourself and not to ask Charlie Kirk any questions is because of what happened at the University of Florida last night. There was one individual who asked an awkward question and who seemed to lack confidence and who was denounced by Nick Fuentes as a “cringenat.” There was also a group of Fuentes supporters who were preparing to shout down someone who was wearing a Murdoch Murdoch t-shirt.

We’re only interested in giving Charlie Kirk a hard time because attacking conservatives advances our preexisting goals. We’re not interested in getting involved in any weird Alt-Right drama where Murdoch Murdoch t-shirts are “cringe” while The Weekly Sweat t-shirts are “cool.” If there are any screwups or incidents at North Carolina State, we want them to be internal to the optical crowd. They are already blaming “wignats” for anything that goes wrong.

Something inevitably will go wrong in the course of time because reality is messy and this optical movement will not be able to handle it. In the meantime, the weakening of conservatism is in our interest and the fire should only be in that direction.

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  1. “Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake.”

    I have a feeling this will apply tonight. Get ready for Kirk to call the antifa protesters “alt-right, america firsters.”

  2. Nick’s perpetuation of the Wignat meme is very gay, fuck Ricky Vaughn too. I absolutely think Nazi larping is retarded and cringe but Nick and his crew think anyone who isn’t in their teens/early 20’s and openly calls themselves a WN is a so called Wignat. I guess they’ve made the calculation that our end of the spectrum will support them no matter what. I highly recommend everyone hop into the sperg chat of Nick’s stream tonight and let your inner Wignat out.

    • Absolutely, this whole movement stinks more and more like a big nasty dog turd every day.

      Someone pointed out on twitter that basically anyone vaguely right-wing that Fuentes disagrees with is basically smeared as a wignat now. We now have Fuentes:
      giving praise/approval to the “Jew Groyper” account.
      supporting Don Jr.,
      calling questions about Israel “cringe” now,
      instantly countersignaling any WN as a wignat
      calling for the unconditional support of Trump.

      I am officially writing this whole movement off as some gay controlled op. Someone else on twitter said this and I agree, this whole movement is way to drum up support for Trump in 2020 so he can win again and shit on all of us for another 4 years.

  3. when will PTUSA, have a Young White Leadership Summit???

    I mean they already had a Young Latino Leadership Summit, Young Black Leadership Summit.

  4. Andrew Anglin now goes by Jimmy. There was definitely some unprepared groypers in the QA.
    NC needs some coaching on dates and wording. Jewish media preps Kirk apparently.. The damage is done though. We will see how little the Jewish media covers this. Demographic changes are the main area for concern.

  5. WTF does chosen mean? The Jews believe themselves to be racial superior by virtue of Gods will. How TF do they come off calling everyone else racists?

  6. Many are supporting what Fuentes is doing because we rarely get a chance to stick it to these Jews and the global Kraken they have created. Fuentes is hardly Oswald Mosely! He goes on and on about TPUSA being exclusionary yet he constantly blocks people on Twitter for calling him out on being against Israel, yet being supportive of Israel-obsessed Trump. One guy confronted him on how the Catholic church and its many charities have done their part to bring in the third-world- BLOCKED! Bring up the Jews in the Communism- BLOCKED! Tell CK that Jews dominate Republican funding- your a plant or a moron! And he talked about being cool with Jacob Wohl as if there were no issues with the Zionist-bitch! Child please!

    Fuentes can be a young punk and abrasive at times and has much to learn both experientially and intellectually, but I’m still enjoying this while it lasts! It will be interesting to see how much this little populist tiger will be defanged beginning Dec. 10th! Something tells me Mr. Fuentes will no longer be ‘commercially viable.’

  7. This STINKS to high Heaven of MOSSAD, packaging salesmanship in order to take c.kirk out of the sht hole he/she was in….

    Next question to Charlie Kirk by the groypers should be something along the line:
    “Hey charlie, when you address a crowd of trannies what pronouns do you prefer ??”

    BOOM !!

    Let’s not forget the Israeli Foreign Affairs agent present at one of the TPUSA events.

    “Mossad Agentl Kirk Says That Anywhere There Was a Synagogue is “Jewish Land” ”

    • There is nothing wrong with that young man. Expect he didn’t know how to FIGHT He should have said what have the KIKES got to do with America? And how much do the kikes PAY you, you damned traitor? The Heeb claims to the land in Palestine are BS, firstly – but if Jews can have land – why can’t Whites?

  8. Well said !!

    ” We’re only interested in giving Charlie Kirk a hard time because attacking conservatives advances our preexisting goals. We’re not interested in getting involved in any weird Alt-Right drama where Murdoch Murdoch t-shirts are “cringe” while The Weekly Sweat t-shirts are “cool.” “

  9. At least the forcememe is finally over.

    In a month or so, once all memory of this has passed the public consciousness, Fuentes is likely to be totally wiped off the internet by Zog.

    Seeds of doubt were planted in many “conservatives” I’m sure. Tonight undid some of that tho I’m sure.

    Identity Dixie has a thoughtful piece on whats next (Only the Shadow Knows).

    Its not gonna happen. But it makes sense anyhow.

    • I don’t think so. I noticed even some boomers are talking about this now. This is bigger than Fuentes. Anyone can do this. Confronting Conservatism Inc. at their own events is something that can and will grow no matter if Fuentes turns into an antifa supporter tomorrow.

      The Groypers have shown a better way to do activism than the TRS clique or Spencer clique and that has caused a lot of jealousy. The leadership of much of the alt-right are tail end Gen Xers in their early 40’s. I was in high school with people the same age as say Spencer or Enoch. I know how they think. They have this Gen X cynicism and lethargy where doing anything is seen as “try-hard” and uncool. They value being super honest and candid, even it it alienates people, so the way Groypers genially blend in with conservatives while pushing an alt-right agenda is hard for them to grasp. They think the Groypers are selling out by calling themselves conservatives and trying to work within conservative spaces.

      Activists define the future of any movement. Anyone who has a problem with Fuentes being in charge of the alt-right needs to send their own question askers to these events who do a better job or that’s exactly what will happen five years down the line.

  10. It was quite predictable that tpusa and cuckservative, inc. was going launch a counter-offensive. What was so apparent was when the tide shifted that the groypers would cannibalize each other at their first setback.

    I guess their 15 minutes are over. Hopefully, Joker and Arthur Fleck are still intact to meme another day.

  11. HW,

    OT: Did you know that OD has an “Umbrella block” when using T-Mobile’s free wifi? I connected with their wifi in front of the store, and got a message that OD was being blocked for ” hate and discrimination.” Did the ADL and SPLC get T-Mobile to block certain non-kosher sites?

  12. Who cares what Charlie Cock says ? Don’t give the traitor publicity. And re : the painter … why don’t we ever hear of freak Antifa rolling up on a concealed carrier ??? When more than one person attacks you, that’s life threatening. You can DEFEND YOURSELF.

  13. Kirk exposed America First as a fraud.

    America is a multi racial territory where whites are becoming a smaller fraction by the day with predictable and dire consequences. You either accept that or oppose it.

    If you oppose it, the answer isn’t a hostile takeover of DC, (aka Take Back America) even in the 1960s we didnt have the strength to fo that. Now we must fight merely to survive.

    The answer is Partition, in simpler words, splitting up the United States.

    It’s sad to watch the movement flounder for 3 years because it cannot do basic math.

    The only hope is Partition, by the numbers.

  14. I’d like to applaud Hunter Wallace for the well-timed advice of this article. Everyone should realize the good advice he offered and the following quote had been posted BEFORE the event and the subsequent infighting:

    “Something inevitably will go wrong in the course of time because reality is messy and this optical movement will not be able to handle it.”

    Excellent work, Hunter.

  15. Same shit again.
    When will you people ever learn?
    You have the temerity to call the Left snowflakes.
    Take a look in the mirror!
    A few dumb ass missteps and now it’s about leprechauns and cringey snark aimed at Fuentes.
    Fuentes put out a very straightforward list of 3-4 talking points that is very digestible to the normie right and you guys trash it like little girls.
    What the hell have any of us been doing besides bitching in an echo chamber.
    Snarky comments from Spencer are the worst.
    Catty little bitch that he is.
    So if any of you have a better irl plan to educate the Normies especially the under 30 crowd, please let us know.
    Otherwise slam your gums together (rhetorically and literally).

    • I don’t know what “cringey snark” even means in your book, but there are some valid criticisms of Fuentes and this whole movement overall. This whole thing helped in redpilling some people on demographics and Isreal, which is good and will turn people over to our side in the long run. Having said all that, the usefulness of this movement is probably over. From here on out it’s going to get diluted and become another alt-lite pro-Trump circle jerk. No thanks!

  16. I haven’t had time to watch this = but there are going to be “wins” and “losses” in any “war”.

    What’s the big deal? The end game is what matters.

  17. People blaming this all on the groypers are wrong. Two of the kids blew it. The rest were easily taken down because they’ve been recycling the same four questions.


    •demographic replacement



    Do you not think Kirk and his team haven’t been working on answers? This is why I’ve said people should ask about economic populism. Kirk, Trump and the GOP have no interest in it and it can’t be deflected as easily with claims of bigotry as culitral issues.

    The problem with the groypers is that they *aren’t* trying to drive a wedge in between maga voters and the GOP. They’re trying to concern troll the GOP into adopting their platform. They never asked or cared for future electoral strategies from a 20 year old kid.

    • It was a good performance, overall.

      It was successful on the point that charlie could not really give defining answers and capitalized on the mistakes & lack of preparation some groypers made.

      At the same time I understand why the young N Fuentes was angry with the performance of some groypers.

      Everybody who is is to ask questions, MUST BE WELL PREPARED and KNOW the subject of his own questions. Else he will be over run with counter arguments and ridiculed and that will reflect very bad.

      Even a moron like charlie kirk can be schooled to win an argument from a poorly prepared groyper.

  18. Somebody should get the transcript of the following video interview of J Biden and read it out to the next TPUSA event.

    Joe Biden on Europeans becoming a minority – “That’s a source of our strength.”

    Then put the following question to charlie or to whom ever is on stage PRETENDING to be an American Patriot:

    ” Do you agree with Joe Biden that America must have the White Majority Americans displaced ??
    And if so, does that constitute – according to the UN charter on Human rights – a form of Genocide??

    So Charlie do you agree do you support the GENOCIDE of the White Majority in America??? “

    (Then read to these ANTI WHITES from the TPUSA what the UN Charter say and HUMILIATED THEM!)
    Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide
    ” Article II
    In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

    (a) Killing members of the group;

    (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

    (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

    (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

    (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

    Article III

    The following acts shall be punishable:

    (a) Genocide;

    (b) Conspiracy to commit genocide;

    (c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide;

    (d) Attempt to commit genocide;

  19. I’ve bought books, T-shirts, ‘liked and shared’. I’ve lost friends, family and jobs. I went to Charlottesville, I’ve posted fliers (at least I’m not in prison). The only thing I have ever seen this ‘movement’ be even remotely competant at is indecipherable internet language and taking a giant sh*t on the white working class. I think I may be getting tired of playing Cassandra, I may think that this weak herd of cowards and traitors known as the white race deserves the culling we are going to get as I’m as rural as rural can get and will be eaten last. I don’t know what happened in North Carolina but as sure as the sun rises the disavows, snark, and backstabbing were bound to appear. I think i might be done trying to help. HW love your site, love the comments, love the articles but I think I may forget I ever took the ‘Red Pill’ .

  20. I officially disavow the (((Daily Stormer))), (((weev))), and their divisive bullshit, which can ONLY be rooted in jewry. Either directly, by being paid off by them, or because they’re stupid enough to be manipulated into doing the jews’ will.

    I view Ricky Vaughn as a cuckservative and his entire “wignat” concept as a (((plan))) to sow yet more division among already divided people.

    I’m highly suspicious of Fuentes, he seems like a snarky, giggling little faggot (literally, if he’s not homosexual I would be surprised) even if he has some decent ideas. Let him mess up our enemies but don’t put much trust or long-term expectation in him.

    I apologize to Hunter Wallace, Matt Parrott, even Heimbach. Spenser is still outside the pale,

  21. It’s all just so stupid to me now. I may just pull an Anglin and move permanently to The Philippines and live like Hugh Hefner for the rest of my life. Anything to get away from the insanity that is America.

    Would you charge a machine gun nest because a little twerp like Nick Fuentes told you to? If not, this uneducated schmuck is not the leader we need.

    We’re not voting our way out of our mess. Is Fuentes planning to run for office? No. Even if he does he’ll lose. So then what? He’s gonna pull a successful coup? No. So then what? Twenty years from now these same grifters will still be begging for money. “We’re just about to win guys. Send more money!” Yeah sure.

    Saw a Fuentes debate recently where he mentioned Anglin getting deplatformed. Last I checked Anglin and his jew-dogs were still very much online. But it’s them who are the reason for everyone else getting deplatformed. Almost like it was planned that way.

    But what do I know?

  22. I think the risk for doxxing and being fired/expelled is definitely going to be hanging over their heads for years, but for some reason it hasn’t happened yet. In any case I don’t think it’s worth risking your life to troll TPUSA. These lads would do more good for our race if they focused on getting money and starting white families.

  23. Good for the Groypers.

    As long as the Groypers are pro-White, they should be supported and shouldn’t be attacked. Being against immigration is more important than being doctrinaire “White Nationalists.”

    As long as the Groypers attack anti-White “Conservative Inc.” – especially on Zionist treason against America First – they should be commended.

    Three or four years ago I would have said don’t bother about all the gay shit, but if conservative Christians want to push back against Conservative Inc. trying to turn “the right” into a Gay Tranny Israel First Zionist club – good.

    “Optics” is about getting the majority of White people on the pro-White side. If you don’t have good “optics” you are an enemy. One would think that lesson was learned when the leaders of the “anti-optics” movement were outed as collaborators who had the Jewish, Zionist, anti-White SPLC on the speed dial and were keeping them informed of their personal sex scandals. (Some people never learn, alas.)

    Hunter Wallace’s advice is solid: don’t get involved in stupid “Groyper vs. Alt Right” pettiness. Just be pro-White.

    Groypers and Fuentes won’t last, they will be banned from all social media just like Yours Truly was for my in-depth expose of Jeffrey Epstein’s Israeli blackmail ring and the “anti-Islam counter-jihad” “Jewish conservative” media network that were excusing Jewish men sexually trafficking underage White Christian girls – and their connection to the ADL – just like Ann Coulter was doing.

    Doesn’t matter. The Groyper and Fuentes are doing good right now. They are aiming in the right direction – Zionist Jewish GOP Conservative Inc.

    GOP Delenda Est.

    — HR

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