Good Morning Britain: Should ‘Rule, Britannia’ Be Cancelled?

In the United Kingdom, our British cousins are debating whether ‘Rule, Britannia’ should be cancelled this morning on Good Morning Britain.

Let me get you up to speed on recent events:

These are only a few of the stories I have shared here this fall.

Britain has become a dystopia under liberal democracy. The same is true of the rest of the Anglosphere as we saw with Don Cherry being cancelled in Canada.

Note: I would like you to notice how we are confronting basically the same issues in every corner of the Empire. Woke culture is global.

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  1. She’s straightened her hair, she’s speaking a language, she’s wearing clothing and probably perfume, she’s using the wheel, electricity and just doing her overall best to be a faux European so she can chew away, like a bubonic rat, at the foundations of our civilization..if this interview doesn’t show that, no matter what we do, no matter how much we give, no matter how comfortable they are… they will always attack us..the juden did this!

  2. “””….No one asked the British people …..”””

    Well, unfortunately a lot of people asked , Enoch Powell and BNP most notorious and firm British answer was no and still is.

    All other Western European nations were also asked and they keep rejecting nationalist parties election after election already 50 years.

    Maybe it is time to seriously analyze cucked white electorate ?

      • Well. Somehow most successful countries today are those who got their elite and aristocrats properly killed. Russia, Eastern Europe, China..

        UK has monarchy, Sweden and Norway too and look what is going on down there.

    • In defence of the British, they were devastated after WW2 while Bolsheviks secretly flooded their island and took over the narrative..they were overwhelmed before they knew what hit them and most ppl there still don’t know what hit them…military intervention/civil war is the only thing that will save Britain now.
      I was talking to a Brit the other day, those boys are FAR from out of the game, they’re just gtn organized.

  3. Debating, people with a means average IQ level of 90-85, is futility in action.

    What would be an appropriate question to ask this ungrateful second/third generation immigrant would be:

    And who the FCK cares what you think about our Anthem??

  4. The Brits don’t rule themselves. They, like us, are weak imitations of their forefathers. But as Juri wrote, when presented with nationalist alternatives, most western Europeans turn up their noses at them. If they won’t help themselves, they deserve what they get. That goes for us, too.

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