SPLC Refuses To Recognize Employee Union

The Poverty Palace is refusing to allow their own employees to unionize.

Montgomery Advertiser:

“Southern Poverty Law Center management said Tuesday they would not voluntarily recognize a union organized by employees at the civil rights nonprofit and have hired a Virginia law firm whose website boasts about victories over labor organization attempts.

In a memo to employees sent on Tuesday, Lecia Brooks, the chief workplace transformation officer for the SPLC, said that directors of the nonprofit had voted to allow an election to go forward, saying they wanted “to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to be heard.”

“There are employees at SPLC, mostly women of color and lower-wage workers who are often left out or often ‘spoken for’ instead of engaged and given a space for their own agency,” the memo said. “We want current and future employees to know and feel that their voices matter and their needs are met.” …

Management’s refusal to voluntarily recognize the union and decision to hire a law firm that specializes in ‘union avoidance strategies’ are counter to SPLC’s values,” the statement said. “The Center cannot truly claim to support workers’ rights, while also hiring a ‘union avoidance’ law firm to prevent its own workers from exercising our right to collective bargaining.” …

SPLC had $492.5 million in assets on Oct. 31, 2018, according to its most recent 990 form.” 


How about those progressive values? Am I right?

The SPLC’s business model is hiring a revolving door of freelance journos like Michael Edison Hayden and Hannah Gais to demonize people like me as “racists” and “hate groups” so that it can raise hundreds of millions of dollars from wealthy Jewish liberals to protect their interests. The management lives in wealthy enclaves around the Montgomery area.

I stand by my proposal from earlier this year. I should be hired and put in charge of the SPLC. My proposal to reduce hate and racial tension is a pilot program of allowing every resident of the Montgomery area regardless of race to withdraw $1,000 a month from Morris Dees’s old piggybank until the money is gone. That way all the money flowing into the SPLC would be of some use to the people who live here rather than being stashed away in the Cayman Islands.

I would also recognize the SPLC Employee Union, relax the policing of all these toxic taboos, promote free speech and put an end to this self serving grift. As your president, I’m confident that I would be more liked by black women of color in this area than Morris Dees.

Note: I am a populist at heart.

They care only about the money. I don’t care about the money. I would let you have all of it. I only care about White people being allowed to have their identity and dignity back.

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  1. Has this “nonprofit” organization ever been audited by the IRS? What about “Reverend” Jackson’s Rainbow/Push coalition?

  2. It’s a mystical Talmudic formula of Jews using black slaves to demonize whites who never owned slaves by using black resentment towards whites that did own slaves, but were actually Jewish.

    My advice – convert to Judaism, change name to Charles Benjamin Shapiro. Move to Israel, start an organization called Turning Point Israel, convince everyone that Theodor Herzl only cared about Jewish ideals and not race.

  3. Hopefully this will causes even traditional Communists-those who still believe in Class Struggle instead of cultural infiltration like cultural Marxists- and create another rift in the ranks of the Lunatic Left. Has the Community Party of the United States heard about this shocking betrayal of workers and people of color? How will Antifa deal with his? It is-after all-the very personification of malignant corporatism!

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