Conservatism, Inc. Has Fired Michelle Malkin

UPDATE: Benny Johnson of Turning Point USA has an interesting past.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has been FIRED by YAF over refusing to disavow Nick Fuentes.

The Daily Beast:

“A conservative group cut ties with right-wing columnist Michelle Malkin on Sunday over her support for an anti-Semitic internet personality, ramping up a growing conservative civil war centered on college campuses.

Malkin’s firing from Young America’s Foundation, whose speaker’s bureau had booked Malkin for speeches across the country for the past 17 years, marks the latest battle between supporters of Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes and more establishment conservative figures.

“Michelle Malkin in no longer part of YAF’s campus lecture program,” a YAF spokesman said in an email to The Daily Beast. …”

Maybe all these people will go away, stop asking questions and we will be taken seriously again if we all virtue signal in our Twitter circle jerk about them?

Hurr durr … the dream scenario of the mainstream media and the Left is having to fight the culture war against the Dissident Right, not us.

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  1. True Cucks follow and enforce the left’s rules, just a little slower. The slow-witted cucktards are now enforcing the ban on “hate speech,” like the globalist tools were already doing. Their jooish donors want it, too, which is a bonus.

  2. Funny how this started as White Nationalism, but now the shills at Daily Stormer say the “leader” is a spic, and all these brown people are “based.”

    boiling frogs boil

  3. I’m not on Fuentes’ side. I think he’s a SISSY, no different from the sissies who are trying to ban/block/ mute/deplatform him. When sissies fight each other it makes me laff six million times.

  4. In some ways, this is similar to the purges within The Right that occurred in the 60s to the Birchers. The big difference now, is that “respectability” no longer matters.

    I’m going to make an analogy. From time to time, I meet men of Generation X or some Millennials that are involved in Fraternal Organizations. They are usually the youngest members by 30 or more years. When you ask them why they are involved, they light up and tell me that they will take over the organization when the members die off. The problem with this, is that hardly anyone under 50 has any interest in joining. Kirk and the other Shabbos Goys fail to understand that Kosher Conservatism does not have an audience other than Baby Boomers. “The Kids” want no part of Conservative, Inc. and Kirk is little more than a well paid prostitute (and he knows this deep on the inside).

  5. One of the identifying signs of a right wing grifter is the use of the phrase “there is no room.” You will never catch the left using it because they don’t patrol their side for the benefit of their opponents.

    • “There is no room” is a Jewish thing.

      There is no room in academia for X
      There is no room in the marketplace for X
      There is no room in respectable media for X
      There is no room in public spaces for X
      etc. etc.

      X being anything Jews don’t like.

  6. Clearly, Donny Trumpstein Jr. is a shill for his Judaic master’s perverted sexual tastes. Drop him.
    Drop Charlie ‘Church of Satan’ Kirk.

    DEATH to the ENTIRE Jew World Order.

  7. I don’t understand the support among White people for Malkin. She is Asian. She is married to a jew who is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Think about the ramifications of that. She says we must close the borders now. After her family is here now we close the borders. I say DEPORTATION FORCE for her and every other non White like her. It’s not her politics that matter it’s her race.

    • I suspect people like her and Fuentes will be ushered in as respectable conservatives Part II once boomer conservatism goes bust. I don’t trust any of them.

  8. Enough with the Jim Crow stuff. Who cares? ‘Oh, I had to drink out of a different water fountain.’ Big f—ing deal…oh no, they had to go to a different school…

    LOL, I love Nick’s comedic delivery & timing. The thing that the Boomers and pearl-clutching Xers & Millenials don’t understand is that Gen Z doesn’t give a crap anymore. All this whining about the supposed injustices in the past when our country is becoming a sh*thole in the present just pisses off the younger generation.

  9. That’s a big development in the War on the Conservative Inc. The Conservatives and Republicans are focusing on Capitalism vs Socialism in 2020. However it’s not that but Trumptard is focusing on a racial platform against Illegal Immigrants plus supporting the National Anthem. However it’s all propaganda. It’s propaganda focused on the base of the Republican Party who are probably now more on our side than ever before on White Race Survival. However this development is solid for us because it shows the Conservative Republicans will never allow any form of Nationalism in Conservative Inc or Republican politics. Geee and mean look at her…..she’s not a White Nationalism I mean obviously. LOL However she’s now seen as “racist” by the establishment Republicans. The same party who is running on racial issues will literally kick somebody like this out of Inc. LOL I mean how does these people even keep up with the whole fake politics these people run. These people are liars through and through. Have 0 ounce of Truth! Our problem is people are so brainwashed by the Republicans and Trump. People actually believe that he’s representing Nationalists and overall White People. I mean really? Why don’t people look at these on a daily basis? All he does is talk talk talk but don’t do anything about anything. He made a Tweet about South Africa but nothing was done in support of White South African Farmers. The list goes on and on. He says Robert E. Lee was a great General but does nothing about the removal of our Confederate Monuments. However brainwashed idiots keep showing up at Trump’s rallies and will vote for him. Why? Because he’s not Obama? y opinion is it wouldn’t matter who’s in office between Trump or the other candidates who ran against him in the Republican Party. The Cuckservatives and Republicans would support whoever was the Republican President. Trump might have a bigger pop culture feel. However we would have the same result. I think the focus should be on picking off Trump voters and turning them into White Nationalists. Our goal should be focus on the facts. Trump’s talk isn’t the same as his actions. We can get a bunch of his base and turn them into White Nationalists. All it takes is for people to stop believing the Democrats and establishment Republicans are focused on bringing Trump down and instead see that Trump is now the establishment and nothing will change. He’s no different than Bush or other Neocons of the past who’ve been in elected office. These people will see that politicians don’t save our People…..and the only hope is working together for White Nationalism. Deo Vindice !

  10. I’ve always had contempt for her. After 9-11 she was all over the media bashing all Muslims, including innocent ones, She jumped on the bandwagon spewing anti Semitism; against Semitic Islam that is. [ the pervasive acceptable 21st century kind]And she ending each performance by saluting like she was in the military fighting some great war!. She just wanted to be more American then the Amerikans, [imo].Her anti Semitism[though it was against Semitic Islam, and she thought that made her a great Amerikan warrior has backfired albeit ironically. there is a God and he loves Muslims too.][lol]

    • Yes, but 9/11 and the subsequent rape of Iraq and Afghanistan happened almost 20 years ago. People who held certain opinions about those events at that time may very well have different opinions now.

  11. Malkin is a very questionable figure, for reasons Babs has enumerated.

    This controversy seems pretty fake.

    I assume they are raising her profile for a reason.

    On the other hand, it kind of feels like everything is being set up for Blumpf to lose in 2020 and for Groypers or WNs to be blamed, and for Conservatism Inc. to try and take the party in their own direction.

    In some ways, that aligns with the objective of discrediting Blumpf and Conservative Inc.

    So “we” might still benefit IF we can resist accepting the “leaders” who are being appointed for us. (Unfortunately, “we” tend to get fooled by the leaders that are appointed for us by the media).

    On the other hand, if there is a story arc where the Groypers get rehabilitated and become good little CivNats, that’s pretty bad, although at least it gets rid of some cancerous people.

    • I agree with you that it’s fake, but I think this is an arc set up to get Trump to win in 2020, since Trump being in office is pretty much good for the left. This whole thing is to get the youth and energy behind Trump’s campaign like in 2016 and I think it’s working. Eventually, we are going to see Trump and TPUSA meet somewhere in the middle with Fuentes and the AF movement. The result will be in their goal of a Trump victory followed by some symbolic pandering to the increasingly watered-down populism of the groypers. With that, Trump can continue to do nothing while the left normalizes more and more extremist ideas to prepare for a 2024 revenge presidency against whites.

      The good news is that the groypers are pretty much the alt-lite from 2016-2017 but pushed further right on most issues and the alt-lite is now conservatism. They aren’t quite as right-wing as the alt-right was, but the alt-right isn’t necessarily gone, just not in the spotlight. In that sense, the alt-right was successful in pushing the overton window to the right since we now have tons of young conservatives woke on jews and demographics.

  12. Holocaust denial? No. It’s called scientifically examining the past without fear to determine what really happened and why it happened in as broad a context as possible. And when you remove the blinders of political correctness and allow the JQ to act as a compass you clearly can see that the Holocaust Religion is myth. Just ask Norman Finkelstein about ‘The Holocaust Industry’.

    White Nationalism? Yes, people of European descent created America. People of European descent have a right to their own lands, spaces, nations, and sovereignty over such like ‘muh greatest ally’ Israel.

    Street Brawls? Well, Antifa and a consortium of anti-whites and other leftists were physically attacking Trump supporters during his rallies and elsewhere prior to his election and it’s still going on today. Breitbart noted at least 600 attacks in their recent analysis. They also shut down Ben Shapiro, Ann Coulter, and attacked TPUSA representatives. Of course, they shut down the Alt-Right as well but we’re Nazis so that’s allowed.

    Conservative Inc gets shut down routinely by this leftist collective of anarchists, anti-whites, etc. YAF just had their table at Binghampton College shut down by a bunch of black students. Where is the Conservative Inc self defense organization? Oh, yeah……Mossad directed Florida police officers keeping Nick Fuentes away from Charlie Kirk.

    Racists? That word according to graphical analysis came into cultural being from 1920-1940, around the time that Ashkenazi Jews began to invade our institutions and exponentially began to dominate our culture proportionally to the chosenites domination of our culture. It’s Jewish subversion. Nothing more and nothing less.

    Glad to see Malkin refusing to bow down to our Supremacist overlords.

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