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  1. Maybe us White Americans should jump on the Impeach Trump bandwagon. Maybe this way Trump will actually start caring about our White American interests and care about our well-being. Because the Jews in the United States want Trump impeached — about 90% of the Jews in the United States want Trump impeached and yet he cares about the Jews a lot more than he cares about us White Americans. Hardly any Jews voted for him. White Americans voted for him in very large numbers and put him into Office. Yet he always caters to the Jews who didn’t vote for him and now want him impeached — the Jews are doing everything they can do to get him impeached and kicked-out of Washington. He loves the Jews to no-end-of-the-loving. He never does anything for us White Americans. He doesn’t even mention us in any of his speeches, like we don’t even exist. Yet it was White Americans who put him into Office.

    The Jews for the most part detest Trump, he loves the Jews and does everything for them.

    White Americans for the most part love Trump, he ignores White Americans as if us White Americans don’t even exist.

    The fat slob in service to the Jews, Pompeo, I think he’s really a Jew in his blood/DNA.

    • Republicans don’t care about screwing Whites over, because Republicans know we will vote for the lesser evil, which means voting for them.

      We don’t own mass media, we don’t bankroll election campaigns, we don’t blackmail politicians, and we don’t vote third party, so we have no political leverage and don’t matter.

      • Yes, that’s exactly why we shouldn’t vote for the lesser of two evils. While Republican donors don’t care about losing an election here or there to protect the Republican ideology. There is a breaking point, and it’s less than people think. The kosher sandwich needs both sides in a multi racial america. One party rule multiracialism slides into chaos extremely quickly. States like California can get away with it because conservatives can flee to another state. As a nation its way more volatile.

        The electioneering DC political class is hyper focused on it, a consultant can’t become a top tier consultant without winning elections. They will start to make concessions, even if just rhetorical that makes the donor class very uneasy.

        There’s no one path out of this mess but we have to apply enough pressure that they start cracking under pressure and creating opportunities for us where they currently do not exist.

    • We can jump on the Impeach bandwagon, while auguring for PARTITION.

      The United States is DEAD. Grey Ghost is correct. Partition of our race, religion, reality, culture, Church, and commerce is the ONLY way.

      We don’t want a Civil War II…. but (((they))) do.

  2. Ordinarily I’m either indifferent or downright hostile to Evangelicals…but I admit that I really like the few who are anti-zionist. I like Trunews…those guys are on Fire!!

    • Mike Enoch commented on this in an early Daily Shoah Episode. Texe Marrs’s webpage looks incredibly dated, while John Hagee flies in a Jet given to him by Israeli interest. It really does pay to be a Shabbos Goy.

  3. I hope the Buttplug is the Democratic nominee for Prez in 2020. The Democrats will have to support him and his sick fuck of a “husband/wife.”Put the perversion on display 24/7, shove in the normies’ faces. Opinion polls show (according to the Left) that the majority are OK with faggotry so give it to them, good and hard.

    • I agree with your sentiment my friend…although I think it might shake out something like warren/ buttplug for D’s. Which could be as big a loser for them.

  4. Didn’t Trump recently say that he could be prime minister of Israel or something stupid like that? Well, impeach and remove him and deport him to Israel where he belongs and where his dream might be realized, there in his favorite country.

  5. It fascinates me that Evangelicals can’t put 2 and 2 together. They cannot/will not see that (((They))) are behind everything they detest: Faggotry, Feminism, Abortion, and Pornography.

  6. Quite simply put.

    If one pro jewishness and israel the terrorist state, then that person IS NOT a Christian and is CERTAINLY NOT an American !

    That how simple reality & TRUTH are !!!

    Who ever claims to be a Christian and at the same time supports jews that person makes SATAN look good !!

  7. I saw a video clip of Trump saying that people who vote Democrat are being disloyal to jews and Israel.


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