Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Cancelled

Victoria’s Secret has been found guilty and cancelled by progressive activists after accusations of sexism, transphobia, fatphobia and a lack of diversity in its models.

Daily Mail:

“The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has been officially canceled this year as the company works to save its reputation amid plummeting ratings and ongoing backlash over its lack of diversity.

The lingerie giant’s parent company, L Brands, confirmed the end of the holiday runway extravaganza in an earnings call on Thursday, four months after model Shanina Shaik leaked the news. 

The decision was part of a move to ‘evolve the messaging of [the company],’ Fortune reports, indicating that the over-the-top event is well on its way to becoming a relic of the past in today’s #MeToo era. The brand has also faced declining sales figures and a fall in the number of viewers tuning into watch the catwalk showcase. …

The brand has also come under criticism from Jameela Jamil, who accused the company of being a ‘transphobic, fat phobic company that sets out to exclude most women’, during a Twitter spat with model Sara Sampaio. 

The brand has also come under fire for its lack of size diversity, with curvy model Iskra Lawrence among the outspoken critics. 

Iskra shared an Instagram video of herself in a bikini in December last year alongside a caption that read: ‘That cellulite, those rolls are cute, that jiggle is sexy and everybody deserves to feel confident in the skin they’re in.’

In related news, The Washington Post Magazine has a new article on the rise of non-binary fashion in menswear. We’ve already seen GQ make the case for being a cuck and last month’s issue was dedicated to how black effeminacy is the new masculinity.

Washington Post Magazine:

“The Collina Strada devore-velvet dress and dangly vintage star earrings are purely girlish. The man-spread — augmented by a mustache and beard shadow — is aggressively masculine. With this jarring image (above), the American Colombian photographer Ruven Afanador insists that the viewer contend with what it means to choose to be feminine or masculine, or something in between, in a world that is far less binary than science has claimed.

Ever since British designer Jonathan Anderson began showing gender-bending menswear collections in London in 2012, fashion has been musing on notions of binary dressing rules. These days it is often challenging to discern the gender of models on fashion runways. Young, flat-chested men in Gucci blouses look much like young, flat-chested women in Gucci blouses.

This is not androgyny, which has always been mainly focused on women wearing traditionally masculine clothes that obscure or neutralize gender. Androgyny is the absence of sex. Afanador’s daring characters in these photos, styled by Bernat Buscato, flaunt sex. …”

Young, flat-chested men in Gucci blouses …

The man-spread — augmented by a mustache and beard shadow — is aggressively masculine. …

That cellulite, those rolls are cute, that jiggle is sexy and everybody deserves to feel confident in the skin they’re in.’ …

Note: It is her cellulite.

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  1. I have to plead guilty of ignorance as to being aware that VS CEO was the primary shekel provider for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

    As far as the annual VS pageant is concerned, I stopped watching, after (((they))) promoted pozzed mudshark Heidi Klum. My big three (i.e., Audrianna Lima, Gisele Bündchen, and Alessandra Ambrosio) VS models from Brazil are retired, so…

  2. I predict this guy puts a beating on his bride before too long, they are not cut out for fatherhood. Burn the coal, pay the toll.

    • Yeah, but I don’t appreciate paying the toll……..welfare, crime, affirm action, waste assets, ruined cities etc.

  3. What is Jameela Jamil’s problem? She wants to be a VS model? I daresay most men would find her extremely pretty, why care what shape of woman the gay men that run the fashion industry prefer?

  4. HW,

    How about a ‘heads up’ warning on that “I’m pregnant ‘ video. From thumbnail, I thought the negro was claiming to be “pregnant.” It didn’t take more than a few seconds into the video, before it became obvious that the blonde British or Aussie mudshark is knocked up by the jigaboo.

    Maybe next time, they’ll post a video of the mullato’s head crowning.

  5. It’s no secret that most fashion designers are male fags and that they design their couture with little or no regard for the female form.

  6. Normal people will just continue to wear normal clothing. Just focus on being clean, well groomed, and wear clothing flattering to your coloring and form.

  7. Rhetorical question: Why would any guy (like the Buttplug) chose another guy instead of a woman? What is the attraction? Not all women look like VS models, true, and VS models will not retain their youthful looks forever, true, but still? I don’t understand, I just don’t understand.

    Not trying to be difficult here but . . . ?

    • make it simple for ‘ya:

      diabolical narcissism.

      Buttplug would do himself, but can’t quite manage it anatomically, so

      it gets another fag to do it, and

      versa-visa. These satanic creatures are literally in love with

      their own shit.

      More detailed discussion over at

      Ann Barnhardt’s site.

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