Hundreds Of Teens Riot At Queens Mall

Oh well, at least we will still have the Constitution!

Daily Mail:

“A fight involving hundreds of teens who were scrambling to grab fake dollar bills which they thought was real money at a Queens mall prompted police to shut down stores while officers removed the rowdy kids from the area.

The chaos at the Queens Center in Elmhurst involved some 200 schoolchildren who descended on the mall after being let out of class early on Friday. …”

Just kidding.

In hindsight, it was Anglo-Americans who made the Constitution possible. The U.S. Constitution grew out of their unique culture, historical experience and ethnic makeup.

Slowly though, Anglo-Americans were replaced and their customs were transformed into a universal abstract ideology called liberalism in the wake of the Enlightenment – the idea at the time was that human societies were governed by universal natural laws like Newton’s physics – which was held to be true for all peoples in all places and in all times. All evidence to the contrary was dismissed as “racism” or “bigotry” or other meaningless buzzwords.

Note: Haiti has been through 23 constitutions.

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  1. Teens? All I see is future slaves fighting, because the Founders excluded any possibility that they could be citizens.

    According the US Constitution, that Trump’s Cucks and Ron Paul keep saying they love and support, these “teens” are not citizens, because the Constitution that was written and signed by Whites, who were Indian fighters and Slavers, was not addressed to non-Whites and it still isn’t.

    If America was as Trump’s Cucks say, just an idea, rather than a home created by Whites for Whites, why did the Cuckservatives even need to make an amendment granting non-Whites rights???

    I don’t think any of ya’ll have thought about the implications of this.

    What non-White would want to remain in America if at some point in the future, a President Führer enforced the Constitution as the Founders wrote it, instead of the way Cuckservatives “interpret” it for the dumb boobs that vote for them?

    Would any non-White want to remain in a country where they aren’t allowed to assemble, discuss politics, or vote in elections, and could be enslaved at any minute?

    Nationalist Whites keep repeating it is impossible to deport 10s of millions of non-Whites, yet they wouldn’t have to deport a single person if the Constitution was applied as it is still written, because most of the non-Whites living here would head for the hills.

    Only in ‘Murrica would nationalist Whites keep quiet about their constitution being dedicated to Whites, with the “Ourselves and Our Posterity” dedication in the Preamble. I mean, how else could one lose and entire country and with it the entire West, in just two generations?

    You can embarrass Trump’s Cucks and Ron Paul by raising this with them in public. “How can you claim to support the Constituton, when you haven’t even read it?” Embarrassing.

    • A lot of things are easier supported without examination. Apartheid South Africa had millions of Africans outside her trying to immigrate.

    • “Nationalist Whites keep repeating it is impossible to deport 10s of millions”

      You may see the inverse of this.

      Whites with resources and skills fleeing to other countries. It’s already happening in small scale, it could become massive.

    • Problem is now, as then, rich/middle class Whites need their big pool of non-white cheap/slave labor to keep themselves living high on the hog. We whites need to do our own work instead of paying some illegal standing outside Star Nursery.

    • Fire,
      ““Nationalist Whites keep repeating it is impossible to deport 10s of millions” “

      I think ‘Aryan’ is right.

      There WILL be mass deportations parallel to other programs with the “proper” incentives to kick out MILLIONS of non Indigenous citizens mainly in European Nations when they acquire Nationalist governments.

      I believe also there is a good probability for America after Trump is gone, to act likewise.

      • What planet are you people living on?

        Take a look at what is happening to the liberal cities on the West coast. They can’t keep their lights on, or the human excremement, and drug needles off their streets.

        In 10-20 years starvation and dying of exotic diseases like Black Death or Ebola will become trendy in the West, and there will be no rich White countries to bail them out of it.

        Do you seriously consider people like that a threat? LOL

  2. The media grossly underreports crime at malls, because they are primary ad revenue. Lots of muggings, rapes and some murders.

  3. “Haiti has been through 23 constitutions.”

    WOW !
    And none of them worth the paper they are written on, because of the “people” who enforce them.

  4. You can never relax around blacks. Never.

    You can take Homo erectus out of the jungle, but you can’t get the jungle out of Homo erectus.

    • “You can never relax around blacks. Never.”

      You can’t be in A constant state of high tension. You don’t have eyes in the back of your head.

      Hellll, apeoids will even hide in trees and drop onto women in parks and rape/murder them.

      Does anyone have eyes in the top of their head?


      Blacks are dangerous miles away. When they have “devil’s night” and fire guns in the air, ppl are killed far away.

      How are you going to see a falling bullet?

      Bullets come through walls and kill innocent Whites while sleeping.

      Drunk speeding niggets plough into houses and kill families.

  5. I must have racially filtered eyes.

    All I saw from the video was a a mob of Africans, being .. well, Africans !!

  6. Clearly, Haiti is a hotbed of budding Platos and Aristotles who wish to test as many constitutions as possible to find the best, a veritable laboratory of democracy.

    • If you have ever been to Caribbean islands, they are paradise on earth.
      How anyone could wreck them, is beyond understanding. Leave it to the muss.

      Look at what the Germans did with bougainville, they turned a dismal diseased swamp into a lush tropical oasis.

  7. The niggers have lost their fear of white authority, so this kind of nig-noggery is only going to get worse.

    • Even when slaves, they were dangerous. Lots of murders and rapes. Uprisings and mass murder.

      You can’t do anything good with them. Like cooking a turd, no matter what you do, no amount of seasoning, it’s still a turd.

    • Yeah, “teens” so nice White kids suffer for the behavior of muss and apeoids. Really nice, the good suffer for the actions of the bad , SO JEWED !

  8. TY, HW:

    nothing more enjoyable than watching a chimpout from a safe distance.

    once upon a time in Brooklyn, though, Haxo was right in the middle of one. Fortunately,

    it was hundreds of niggers rushing a truckful of watermelons,

    so they didn’t even notice me.

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