Australia’s China Problem

Blood is thicker than water.

It is an old English proverb that our liberal world has turned upside down. We now hold that blood and culture are nothing, that abstract ideas are everything and that “diversity is our strength” rather than a weakness. It will prove to be our downfall.


“Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison says allegations of a plot to plant a Chinese spy in Canberra’s parliament are “deeply disturbing”.

The allegations – first aired by local network Nine – assert that a suspected Chinese espionage ring approached a Chinese-Australian man to run as an MP.

The 32-year-old man has since died in unexplained circumstances.

China has denied the allegations, which Australia’s domestic spy agency has confirmed it is investigating.

In a rare public statement, the agency said it was taking the allegations seriously.

Mr Morrison said he found the reports troubling, but warned against “leaping to conclusions”.

Who do you feel closest to on earth?

In my case, I know it is the rest of the Anglosphere, Ireland and other Northwestern European countries. Kinship is a natural and healthy sentiment and a benign prejudice which should order our world. Australia should have kept the White Australia policy. There is nothing wrong with peace and trade with China or international students coming to study in Australian universities. Australia must remain a White and predominantly British country though.

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  1. If we cease to be a white-majority country, and it seems we will no longer be one in a few decades, then it will be partially because we didn’t look to the future of European people. Instead, we got caught up in the selfish, materialistic lifestyle, and let the multiculturalist, globalist elite implement the plans for our nation’s and civilization’s destruction without much (or effective) opposition.

    If the Chinese somehow worm their way into our political institutions and eventually get control, I’ll hate that they’re in charge of the society our forefathers built, but appreciate that the chinks aren’t PC on social and cultural issues. Another small, cold comfort is that in such a situation, the useful idiots that helped sabotage us will be among the first to get disposed of by the new bosses. No one likes to have traitors around. But this land became a Pan-European republic, and should stay that way.

    • I don’t trust them, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend. As the west burns the Chinese will become increasingly dominant on the world stage and I am expecting anything once they take charge. I do think it’s better to be explicitly ruled over by an obviously foreign-race of hard-workers rather than being slowly exterminated by a race of subversive parasites that kind of look like us, so that will be a plus.

  2. The Jews are at war with China. The Chinese will not allow backdoor chip level access to Huawei equipment. Technology the Jews want and must have to spy on the world. So the Jew agitate and make trouble. Huawei, Meng, Hong Kong, Muslim persecution have all taken place after the Chinese refusal. What do expect the Chinese to do? Sit back and take it?

  3. They want the Hamersley Iron Ore Range, and Australia’s other natural resources. The also want the land for colonisation. Like they do in Africa, too.

    The Chinese are slowly taking over. By hook or by crook, and by just plain old Capitalist acquisition, not war.

    No amount of old-fashioned aircraft carriers and battleships can stop this. Nor can gunboat diplomacy, or Cold War strategy.
    It’s war, 21st Century Style.

    The Twentieth Century politicos in Washington, with their Nineteen Century ideas, are too stupid and obsolete to see and devine it, much less fight it.

  4. Australia certainly is in peril.

    On another front, the Chinese are “buying out” the political leadership in the Pacific Rim island nations like Vanuatu, Soloman Islands, and Fiji.

    They invite the dusky pollies around to a motel one evening, hand them a couple of million, and the politicians obligingly disappear leaving their countrymen in the lurch and unable to apply traditional law to land ownership.

    Remaining politicians, smelling the stink of money, start agitating the Aussies for more “aid” in a bidding war against the Chinese, little realizing that when they get the upper hand, the Chinese will chew them up and spit them out.

    The Chinese then start building port infrastructure big enough to eventually house battleships and aircraft carriers. Locals and tourists are forbidden from going near these facilities.

    Thus a line of naval ports spring up along the island chain roughly parallel to the Queensland coast at about 1,500km distance which is not far these days.

  5. And James, you are right. Internal threats are more dangerous at the moment (i.e. buying up the land etc), but it never hurts the aggressor’s case to have a few “gunboats” standing offshore.

    Just a note about the Chinese who I admire as a race, incidentally, having lived amongst them. Overseas, they think of themselves as Chinese first; always.

    In the Malayan War in the 50’s, the great majority of insurgents were Chinese, even though they (the Peranakan Chinese) had lived in Malaya for centuries. They fought the Brits for 10 years in the jungle even though Malaya had been promised independence and there were clear moves in this direction.

    This is what people like the Australian PM Morrison do not understand and never will. They have never lived anywhere else and retain the literal liberal mindset of multiculturalism. He and his entire Liberal Party are ill-equipped to defend Australians from being taken over.

    • The defense and biotech companies are full of them. They work the minority angle like champs, getting hired and promoted and U.S. citizenship which is given out like candy anyway. They howl “discrimination” when accused of anything too.

      They go on “vacation” back to the PRC to visit family and whadda ya know, Raytheon’s missiles/radars are being reverse engineered by the Chinese. The biotech thing works the same way but that is for economic warfare. The leaders in business, military, politics, media, academia etc. all know this but think of the thirty pieces of silver, the thirty pieces of silver.

      This is certainly not a new problem. Here is Bernard L. Schwartz, (((yes))) selling Loral Space Corp. satellite launching technology for multiple satellites per launch to the Chinese in 1996. Multiple satellite technology can also be used to launch multiple nuclear warheads.

      Bill Clinton intervened to approve the original transfer which was opposed by the Defense Dept. Loral exceeded even the generous U.S. Government approvals resulting in a $20 million USD fine, pocket change. Bernard Schwartz was also the largest single contributor to the Democratic party at that time (1990’s).

  6. I don’t understand why the Aussies fought the Japanese in WWII, only to surrender their nation to the Chinx several decades later.

    • Because they are dumb Whites, the descendants of criminals, ostracized Englishmen, Irish and Scots entrepreneurs, and have lived in a ‘mañana’ sunshine state like So Cal, for over 150 years.


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