The Search for a New World

Editor’s Note: I feel like chilling out this morning and watching some new documentaries. I’m not a Catholic but I basically agree with this E. Michael Jones take this morning. I think that our Jewish cultural elite pushing transgenderism is the ultimate example of this.

Liberalism is disorder.

At the most fundamental spiritual level, it is a leveling movement that is a revolt against order, hierarchy and authority. The conservative liberal transsexual Deirdre McCloskey recently defined the essence of liberalism as being opposition to social hierarchies.

For those us who are non-liberals or antiliberals or on the Right (champions of order, hierarchy and authority), we were born into this world and have spent our whole lives living in a perpetual state of social revolution. Traditional marriage fell in 2015 as the result of Anthony Kennedy’s swing vote on the Supreme Court in the Obergefell decision. The current fronts in the culture war with liberalism are now open borders, transgenderism and the gender binary.

Liberal democracy is said to be the best system of government because it promises more of this slippery slope, forever. There is never enough liberty and equality because liberalism can never be satisfied. Things which were normal and uncontroversial yesterday like sex being inherently grounded in human biology or men and women’s restrooms become unjust and the latest battlefield in the culture war because of that disposition to rebel against order. It can be exhausting spending your whole life at the levees trying to hold back the endless flood.

So anyway, I also get tired of talking about trannies day after day, but that is where our society is at now and I feel a sense of duty to resist it. That is what is being jammed down our throats by our cultural elites. Assuredly, it will be something else as soon they get that done and mainstream conservatives are all posting their pronouns and purging transphobic extremists in 2025.

What if we could escape to another planet though? Forget a White ethnostate. Imagine having a whole planet to ourselves. It is fun to think about. It recently occurred to me that one of the most important developments of the next 25 years is likely to be finding another habitable world. Perhaps more than one. Maybe even dozens of planets like this one.

I’d like to imagine our descendants homesteading, say, Keppler 186f or Proxima b or Trappist 1 with AI and robotic slaves. No Jews would be allowed to enter our system.

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  1. “Liberalism” is a hijacked word. The ‘masters of lying’ have transmuted it to camouflage crypto-communism. Just as they have stolen and corrupted ‘gay’ and ‘integration’. Everything turns toxic, in there hands.

    It’s all about ‘hasbara’: control the narrative.

  2. This constant characterization of anti-white forces as “liberalism” is misguided.

    The anti-white forces are in no way opposed to “social hierarchies.” That is false on its face; they are creating a new social hierarchy with them on top and whites on the bottom. They are not “leveling” anything.

    champions of order, hierarchy and authority

    The anti-white left champions order, hierarchy and authority too. An order with them at the top of the hierarchy and whites at the bottom, enforced by their own social and legal authority.

    There is never enough liberty and equality because liberalism can never be satisfied.

    Do white people have more liberty now than we did 50 years ago? After waves and waves of censorship, do we have more, or less, freedom of speech? After Obergefell, do white Christians have more or less religious liberty?

    “Liberalism” proper was a specific movement among mostly English speaking peoples from the 18th-19th centuries. It has essentially died and been replaced by a globalist technocratic oligarchy based on order, hierarchy and authority that is anything but “liberal.”

    Whites are not being attacked by abstract political philosophies – we’re being attacked by people, people we can name, using tactics we can observe.

  3. P.S. There is no other ‘earth’. Christ incarnated on THIS world, for ONE Adamic Race, and only them will He bring to Heaven. Our future is here and any attempt to avoid this godly work is shirking your godly duty.

  4. when the left wins in 2020 the agenda will be ERPO’s on a federal level. further gun restrictions on the federal level )mag sizes, calibers, lead based ammo etc) and then INCOME INEQUALITY. this will start as a tax on the middle classes, but will eventually (in 5 years or so) be a straight up WHITE TAX

  5. Dwarf stars and red giants cannot have earth like planets in their orbit, HW. These documentaries are so dumb and dishonest. They all use that cheesy computer animation, 1980s era synthesizer music and have narrators with snooty British accents.

    • Spahn,

      Would you care to provide the evidence that dwarf stars and red giants are incapable of providing the necessary amount of solar incubation for life to exist on exoplanets?

      Most of us anthropomorphize what conditions life would flourish under. For example, take the superheated thermal vents at the bottom of the oceans where no light from the sun reaches, but there is a whole ecosystem that doesn’t use photosynthesis and adapted to near boiling temperatures, anoxic, and completely dark conditions.

      Life finds a way.

  6. We need starships. But the Oligarchs won’t allow the peasantry to have access to interstellar travel. Especially not the White ones.

    The Jews need to be sent off world to a star system in another dimension, with a race of self replicating androids to serve them.

  7. Tbh, I’ve noticed that the push to find other Earth’s is often wrapped up in climate fear mongering. For example, I recently stumbled across an article along the lines of ‘maybe we haven’t seen aliens because they were wiped out by climate change’. Another argued that we’d be able to find aliens by looking for signs of atmospheric geoengineering (the argument was that tech savvy aliens would eventually have to modify their atmospheres to counter carbon pollution released by their equivalent of coal mines, oil use, etc.)

    Maybe a bit off topic, but I’d really like to hear your thoughts, HW, on the push to normalise geoengineering. Would you mind talking a bit about this issue? I’ve seen articles in Forbes, The Atlantic, The Guardian, New York Times, WaPo, etc. all of which advocate Solar Radiation Management (using aerosols sprayed from aircraft to reflect sunlight and create a cooling effect).

    For example, here’s a recent one from Forbes:

    As a biograd, the negative effects that such aerosols would have on humans are very obvious to me.

    Anyways back to aliens…

    Based off of what we know about the development of life on Earth, sentient life is likely incredibly rare and I’d guess that most alien words that do contain life would either have simple microbial life, or in the case of multicellular life, only non-sentient animals. Technologically advanced aliens would probably be incredibly rare.

    • While a high tech exobiological life forms maybe the exception and not the rule is most likely true. One of the hurdles that these civilizations must transverse is not destroying themselves in their nuclear adolescence. Another is not to be wiped out by an extinction event (e.g., super volcanic eruptions and planet killing meteors), before they’ve developed countermeasures to such threats.

      All I know is that had the Second World War not been fought in Europe, our children or at the very latest grandchildren would be scuba diving in the oceans of Europa.

  8. While I am a ‘legacy’ Christian and believe that Homo sapiens need some form of moral foundation to prevent descending into our default setting of barbarism, but it is from the scientific “Tree of Knowledge ” that we actually ascend to touch and explore the heavens.

    European man cannot continue to be held back by an Iron Age ‘ball and chain,’ if we are to ever achieve our destiny.

    NS Germany was on a “Gattaca” trajectory, and we need to pick up the baton that was dropped due to the Anglo-Saxon Protestant and Jewish war for liberalism against Western civilization’s Prometheus.

    The Dawn of Man: From bone to the stars.

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