UN: Zimbabwe Is On The Brink of Manmade Starvation

Oh … I thought it was on the brink of Wakanda status.


“Zimbabwe is on the brink of man-made starvation, a UN official has warned.

More than 60% of the country’s 14 million people are considered food-insecure, according to the findings.

Hyperinflation, poverty, natural disasters and economic sanctions were among the identified causes.

Women and children were “bearing the brunt of the crisis” with 90% of children aged six months to two years not consuming enough food.

Hilal Elver, the UN’s special rapporteur on the right to food, reported her findings following an 11-day visit to the country.

“I cannot stress enough the urgency of the situation in Zimbabwe,” she said, adding that the crisis continues to worsen.

She said many of the people she met could only afford one meal a day and that most of the children she met were stunted and underweight. …”

Don’t mind me.

This isn’t our problem. We’re over here listening to Rhodesian songs.

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  1. well would I be a bastard if I was to claim, POETIC JUSTICE ???

    It is what it is !


  2. During the 2000’s when the white farm’s where seized in Zimbabwe. It was not big news during the Bush war presidency in the west. The big news of anything Africa, was a photo op of him and Bono teaming up fighting AIDS and using whites money.

    China did try and prop up the agricultural failures of the black run farms to look altruistic and keep a footing in the mineral resources.

    The only thing keeping Zimbabwe operating with the lights on is the hydroelectric dams built by whites in the 1950’s and some power pumped in from South Africa.

    You can blame Great Britain’s Tony Blair for not protecting these white run farm’s from black theft, murder and destruction.

    • It looks like the Zimbabwe chicken is going to be the fastest animal in Africa.

      Out of curiosity, why aren’t the über advanced Wakandans assisting other Africoons?

      • the million dollar question.

        To attempt to answer your question one needs to refer to Anthropological empirical studies that were discarded and banned pre 1960’s.

        One has to refer and therefore VALIDATE, biological Anthropology !

        Who dares to do such a thing these days ??

  3. It only gets worse for the Africans. In a few decades that entire place will go completely tits up as the number of charitable Whites continue to diminish in number. Nature will take its course in the dark continent very soon.

  4. I’d love to be able to laugh a bit, but this just means more money from our coffers will go to feeding them and more unwanted immigrants will be escorted on to our soil.

    Uncle Sam will make sure to reward them for their crimes.

  5. “Man-made starvation” says they did it to themselves, without specifically blaming them. For years, we were told that if us ebil crackas got out de way, Wakandas would naturally bloom all over Africa. Are we going to allow Africans to take responsibility for their actions? After the lectures about how sending grain to them destroyed their ability to feed themselves, are we going to bail them out again? Anyway, what usually happens is that Africans furiously breed in-between periods of drought and starvation. Our elites then compound the problem by flooding the West with the dim, dysfunctional and ungrateful excess. Let them deal with the consequences of their own decisions without interference.

  6. This is the second time I know of that they’ve been on the brink since White Rhodesia ended. The West bailed them not long ago, due to hyperinflation and starvation. They probably bailed them out in the 1990s as well.

    Starvation was the norm in the Africa until Whitey conquered it. Now Whitey has been kicked out by our own liberals, Africa is returning to its natural state. “Starvation in Africa is good. Starvation in Africa is natural. It is good for the environment. It reduces the global population, which makes the Global Warming go down.”

    • Nature did an exceptional job controlling the African population for tens of thousands of years until White do-gooders started interfering. Just as water always finds a level so too will nature again control the numbers of blacks in Africa.

      The soo er the better. The blacks are like locusts.

  7. “I’d love to be able to laugh a bit, but this just means more money from our coffers will go to feeding them and more unwanted immigrants will be escorted on to our soil.”

    Spot on. “Somehow” (or should I type, (((somehow)))) they’ll pour in from Mehico to a white state near you (I look for W.Va. to get hammered with this goddamned genocidal bullshit).

  8. ” . . . Hilal Elver, the UN’s special rapporteur on the right to food, . . .”, WTF is the “right to food”? Who’s food by the way, the agricultural surpluses of the U.S. and Europe created by scumbag politicians buying farm votes? How many bushels of wheat are these primitives entitled to? Are they also entitled to new Ford pickup trucks (with AC of course) to get their free food?

    When the wheels come off the West it will be as a previous commenter noted, “tits up” time again for Africa. Let the Africans eat the UN experts, there is their “right to food”, the 250 Lb. idiots from the NGOs in the cannibals’ pots.

    • I agree, “right to food” makes me think that any mans labour is not his own when globalist demand other people have rights to the fruits of my labour.

      I can own nothing because everything on earth belongs to everybody?

      Unless it’s my body my choice crowd.

      “You didn’t build that”

      A malaise could set in once the pyramid scheme finally bursts.

      I’m not sure exactly how this ends..
      But I think a lake of fire is involved.

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