Alternate History: What If Britain Became Fascist?

Fascism wasn’t simply a German or Italian movement.

There were fascist movements in other European countries. German fascism and Italian fascism also differed in a number of ways. What would have happened if Britain had gone fascist and liberalism hadn’t triumphed in the West after World War II? What if Germany hadn’t been the dominant fascist power in Europe? How would our timeline have changed under a more moderate and war averse Anglosphere fascism?

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  1. Well, calling nazi germany fascist is more of an approximate term than an exact term. Because Hitler didn’t care about economic policy, he by default let corporations rule. And Mussolini said that the merging of state and corporate power is fascism. Mussolini was a fascist on purpose and Hitler only because he didn’t do anything else to really limit corporate power.

    • Hitler of the 25-point program, huge public works programs, taking Germany off the gold standard and making a currency based on labor value, offering incentives to women to get married, stay at home and have children, military buildup, etc., etc., didn’t care about economics and let businesses dictate to him. Right. But other than that, everything you wrote was absolutely correct.

  2. One thing that is worth mentioning is that standard fascism isn’t extremely anti-jewish. When Mussolini came to power, he disagreed with Hitler’s race laws (and he wasn’t northwestern european anyways). When Mussolini was on the verge of losing power, Hitler saved him, and then forced him to go along with the Jew thing. So it’s possible that Hitler would have been a pariah with his Jew obsession when both Mussolini and Britain would have opposed it.

    Another important thing is that Hitler preferred northwest europeans, but he ranked south euros above slavs. Modern science shows that south and north is a bigger divide than east and west. While slavs and east europeans differ, the major variation is north south (which extends to the middle east), not east west This dosen’t mean though that Slavs have a higher culture than south euros.

    • Does the name General Andrei Vlasov and the Russian Liberation Army mean anything to you? Or the other 180 Red Army generals and officers that defected to the Wehrmacht?

    • To think today that the standard of civilization is Northwest Europe is stunning.
      It took almost a millennium and half to Northwest Europe to start successfully imitating the building of proper cities, the manage of roads, lhousing, baths, sewage, education, irrigation, military, etc
      Middle Ages Europe was such a catastrophe of misery and disorganization.
      To have an idea one needs just to look at the many autistic wars in European middle ages.
      Ridiculous small armies, due to the massive depopulation since the fall of Rome, with little tactics, study, planning.

      The successful Moslem ‘conquest’ of Iberia in the battle of Guadalete fought in 711, involved around 4.000 Moslems and 7.000 Visigoths.
      Both bad equipped armies.
      Much different of the classical armies of Rome, Persia, Carthage, etc

      But on the failed Siege of Constantinople (674–678), it’s estimated that the Moslem army was between 220.000 and 250.000 soldiers.
      Islam didn’t conquer Europe in early Middle Ages because they were not interested in a shithole, they wanted Constantinople.

      Culturally Persia is superior to Germany, for example, since history didn’t begin two centuries ago.
      No matter what a half mustached lunatic’s thinking was

      • Nemo,

        An article called the German Renaissance wrote that Germany was highly advanced in the 15th and 16th century with art, architecture, German armor, etc. and printing which was dominated by Germany for many decades.

        The parts you mentioned about the Romans is true. The Eastern Roman Army (the misnamed Byzantines) were the most effective army in the world for many centuries. They had permanent armies, books on strategy and tactics. The Crusader sack of the city in 1204 was not the beginning of the end but it contributed. The Pope did excommunicate the crusaders who sacked Constantinople.

        They held off Moslem, Turks, Avars, Bulgars, and sometimes even Vikings for centuries. Remember Constantinople only fell in 1453 due to Italians building and manning the Turkish artillery when they attacked Constantinople.

        Always a shame when christians fight christians especially with so many other enemies around.

        The Roman and Spanish Empires are my favorite empires.

      • Captain Nemo,

        A correction. When I looked up information on siege of Constantinople in 1453 I could not find information on Italian artillery supporting the Turkish siege. They appear to have been built by the Turks themselves. Sorry for the Italian mistake.


          • Powell,

            Yes they did. Good catch. One of my brothers has a book by Osprey that shows the troops of the Byzantines and it shows some Rus as trusted elite guardsmen.

      • Nemo,

        Okay now that I have done the research more thoroughly on the Siege of Constantinople in 1453 it appears that most of the Turkish cannon were built by Europeans especially Orban a Hungarian expert in artillery. Without European traitors supplying these cannon and expertise for the siege the city might still have lasted.

        It is interesting that Wikipedia is frequently useless or deceptive on many subjects. I had to go to other articles put out by historians and military specialists to get to the truth. Wikipedia differs alot from historians and military men on many details.

        Actually, an Italian named Gionvanni G. was placed in command of the walls to fight the Turks. The Italians did their part.

      • Hitler was not a lunatic, he is the solution. You are doing the same thing E Michael Jones does where he acts like Germanics were White Niggers until Christianity/Rome came along…if you read Mein Kampf you’d see his explanation for why Germans did not have the same cultural level as Rome. Their cold environment and lack of resources/mass amounts of brown labor meant they spent much more of their time surviving and not able to focus on cultural pursuits

        And yes Indo-European blood is what made us able to achieve these feats. Inuits for example although coming from a Cold climate did not produce high culture when exposed to the outside world, however when Germanics were introduced they produced Nobel Prize winners, inventors (Even before adopting aspects of Roman cultur they produced ships capable of sailing to the new world) , explorers (which again they were before anyway.) Etc

        Similarly, the Romans, and Persians you are oh-so fond of were of Aryan stock with massive amounts of brown labor to build and slave for them, so they had much more time to sit and contemplate Culture. Meanwhile other people in Warm climates such as Nigs did not produce anything of value.

        I suggest you check out Asha Logos history series on the Germanic peoples on YouTube…and also do not talk crap about the man who tried to warn us

        • My take on Hitler is that his foreign policy was a disaster for pretty much the same reasons that Mosley says above. I could expand on why Germany didn’t actually need all that living space in the east.

          • Mr. Wallace,

            The attack on the satanic evil called communism was a crusade that I agree on and so did Nationalist Spain—-the most Catholic country at the time.

            As I have pointed out before voting for, being a member of, or supporting Communism in any way was automatic excommunication. So how much more evil was it to fight for communism? When people fight an unjust war the damage is on their heads.

            In contrast being a National Socialist is not a sin in itself. Even after the war the Pope stuck to our 1933 Concordant with Germany. A few years ago a couple of Cardinals had to admit that being a National Socialist was not sin in itself as well. At least the 1930’s ones. As for nowadays? Depends.

            Is such a concordant possible with a Protestant, Jewish, Moslem, or communist country? Obviously not. As much sympathy as I have for the southern rebels in the war between the states no such Concordant was possible with your side.

            As for the living space argument? i reject it. You cannot kill people for that reason alone.

            With all respect,

            Cristina Romana

          • Mr. Wallace,

            May I trouble you again? The Manifest Destiny argument of the Americans is similar to the living space argument Hitler had.

            Did Americans at the time need all of that land? Was there some moral imperative from God to take it? I think not. It belongs to the USA now and I accept it but no one should tie a pink ribbon around it.

            No malice or ill will was in my comment. Just an observation. I will condemn my own kind as well when necessary.

          • Hitler was reclaiming German territory stolen from Deutschland under the Treaty of Versailles.

            Libensraum/Living Room was only considered after hostilities with the USSR kicked off, before the war on the eastern front, it was a hypothetical idea.

            Your looking at Germany, Hitler, and von Ribbentrop like a Twentieth Century British elitist.

            Are you familiar with Churchill’s quote on why (in his opinion German needed to be crushed)? Churchill and his jewish masters wanted Germany destroyed whether it was run by Hitler or a Jesuit due to their strength and will of spirit.

            If you want to look at an absolutely disastrous foreign policy, look no further than England’s with their insane “war guarantee” to Poland and their imperial expansionism.

  3. Well, let’s try it now that we have clear evidence of everything that Mosley warned us about, what Enoch Powell said would come, and the ‘rivers of blood’ that daily stain English soil.

    DEATH to the Jew World Order.

  4. The tragedy is that Hitler was mentally ill and Mussolini a clown.
    When I was teen I thought Hitler was a genius, then after some years I thought he was moronic and delusional, today I think he was mentally ill.
    Mussolini, just a sad clown that fully deserved to be hanged.

    Fascism had more in common with Bolshevism than with the Jewish liberal democracies.
    Italy was the biggest European trading partner to the Soviet Union til the WW2.
    Stalin was the genius in WW2.
    A sincere alliance with Stalin was the way to go, not Britain and Germany, but Russia and Germany.
    I think Oswald Mosley and Franco were much based in reality, not ridiculous fantasies.

    • Nemo,

      “Hitler was mentally ill.” Evidence? Proof? You don’t have any. It’s just bullshit speculation on your part. Very jewish POV too.

      • @ november
        you’re certainly a good guy.
        But you believe in things I believed when I was 17
        Hitler was out of his mind, and there are dozens and dozens of evidences pointing in that direction.
        I would have to spend hours in a language, English, that is not mine to write about it.
        He didn’t know where to stop, putting the future not only of Europe but of the planet at the stake in extremely risky decisions, the inflexibility and lack of common sense that would cost millions of lives.

        The extermination of Poland’s intelligentsia, including teachers and clergy, stealing of hundreds of thousands of
        children they deemed “Aryans” in the East.
        Millions of Russian POWs who died through deliberate neglect, all the carnage, wanton destruction, and brutality on the civilian population. After that was coming the genocide and enslavement of Slavic populations til the Urals.

        He would not allow his armies to retreat even when it was clear that they were being decimated.
        Decisions based on whims rather than military tactics.
        Around 17.000 persons , mostly Germans, were killed by guillotines (fallbeil) in 1942-43 alone, more killed than in France during the French Revolution, while others were killed by hand axe , hangings, etc

        Hitler’s diregard for the lives of his soldiers and the children he put on the Berlin’s defense in an entirely hopeless situation stuns the imagination, while he
        was studying models for the rebuilding of the city of Linz…the order he gave to Speer to destroy all life-necessary infrastrucutre (Nero Decree) in Germany…etc etc etc

        • Nemo,

          The allies were waging unconditional surrender against Germany. They had to continue to fight. Catholic beliefs on a just war state that when one side offers terms and to stop their aggression that the other side——–in this case the Allies have to stop as well. So even if everything you believe is correct it still puts the Allies as the unjust aggressors.

          As for the Germans killed in Germany? Were they traitors etc?
          In theory if someone like me took control of the USA there would be a lot more executed than 17,000.

          Can you prove that millions of Russian POW’s were deliberately killed in the war? It is admitted that massive rapes and atrocities and deliberate starvations were committed against the Germans in 1944-1945 and even after the war.

          Can you prove the massive stealing of children from their mothers during the war?

          His decisions not to retreat were sometimes good and sometimes not. In the winter of 1941-1942 he forbade them to retreat so they formed hedgehogs and held until the Spring. An obviously correct decision. Some of his generals wanted him to retreat all the way to Poland.

          It was under his direction that tank warfare in alliance with air power took effect. That is not the work of a madman.

          Having said all that, if I was head of State anywhere I proceed with extreme caution when conducting diplomacy and war. The stakes are high. I prefer the Austrian way—–marriages, alliances, and peace whenever possible.

          Adolf Hitler rolled the dice in attacking the Communists. Whatever his faults real, exaggerated, or false I wish he had won.

          • “Adolf Hitler rolled the dice in attacking the Communists. Whatever his faults real, exaggerated, or false I wish he had won.”

            Miss Cristina, you are top notch. I’ve got disagreements with Catholics, but I think we would agree on more things than not.

        • Nemo,

          You’re using kosher tier speculation on German intentions.

          By the way, it was the Soviets that slaughtered the Polish intelligentsia (oxymoron?) in the Katyn Forest and blamed the Germans in the British and American jewsmedia.

          The last days in the bunker certainly weren’t Hitler’s best, and he did make military errors of being too conservative and too humanitarian (e.g,,Dunkirk).

          You are being very narrow in your criticisms of Hitler. Are you of the mind that Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin were concerned with the welfare of their troops?

          In the defense of Berlin, old men and teenagers of the Hitler Youth were issued PanzerFausts that were simple to use and effective at destroying or immobilizing Soviet tanks.

          Stalin was given Eastern Europe at Yalta. What he did to those under his boot heel inside the “Iron Curtain ” is exactly what you’re accusing Hitler of doing? Very similar to America, England, and the USSR saying that NS Germany had plans to conquer the entire world, when it was those three Zog empires that were engaged in world conquest.

        • Nemo,

          I believe that you’re a Catholic, correct? Pope Pius XII was plotting with treasonous elements inside of Germany to assassinate Hitler in 1940.

          When the Cardinal of France asked Pope Pius XII to bless the overwhelmingly Catholic anti-communist crusaders fighting the atheistic Soviet Union, he refused under pressure from the American Protestant ambassador to the Vatican.

          • November,

            I did not know that at all. Thank you for that information. If only we would have had an average/normal Pope. Communism and possibly liberalism could have been crushed.

            The part on the Protestant American interference is very irritating.

          • Cristina,

            Okay, because the Vatican wasn’t yet an an acknowledged Nation-State, FDR’s envoy to the Vatican Myron C. Taylor requested that pope Pius XII not speak ill of Stalin’s murderous regime, and the pope complied even though the USSR and all communists are the enemy of the RCC and its laity.

            In the link that I attached in the other post, you’ll find this information in the segment titled; ” Wartime Silence.”


        • It was the Bolsheviks who specifically eliminated Poland’s finest, not the Germans. But I can agree that Hitler made many mistakes. Thinking the British were sane was one of them.

    • Stalin, architect of the Holodomor and the gulag system, paranoid serial killer of millions, was a genius?

      • And the Poles aren’t guiltless and so, mentioning them as ‘victims’ of Hitler is merely trying to garner sympathy for a race that used the Jews as tools to maintain hegemony, while capitulating to the accursed Masonic Roman Caesaro-papal paradigm, rather than joining the Rus, their fellow Slavs, to rout the Deicide!

      • November,

        Yes, even Putin admitted that the katyn Massacre in Poland was done by the Soviets. The United States knew the truth but pretended for years it was done by Germans. He also said that 80%-85% of the Communist leadership at one time were Jewish. Exactly what the Catholic book The Plot Against The Church written in the 1960’s said.

        As for Pope Pius XII? I do prefer to know about his actions and plots. We have had saints for Popes as well as the opposite. The Church is considered to be a divine and a human institution. The Sacraments are Divine with the members of the Church being quite human.

        As I mentioned above even if one accepts that Germany was totally guilty in the starting of WW2( and I do not) then once Germany sought peace and promised to make due satisfaction on damages then the allies were bound by Catholic principles to accept. The Unconditional Surrender Policy the Allies adopted in 1943 I think, violates Catholic Law and makes the Allies the unjust aggressors.

        • Christy,

          Some of these descendants of Confederates should be well acquainted with unconditional surrender terms. Lincoln and General U.S. “Unconditional Surrender ” Grant forced it on the South/Dixie.

          • November,

            Well it looks like the Americans sure like to practice unconditional surrender against their enemies. May I dare say that if you live by the sword then you will die by the sword.

            I wonder who said that long before I did?

          • November,

            Well I read the information on Pope Pius XII. Pretty sickening. He seemed more the Pope of Israel rather than of Catholics.

            His comment that NS Germany was worse to Germans than Communism was to those under it was incredible. Catholics had a Concordant with Germany and were free to practice our religion while in the Soviet Union christian priests and laymen were murdered with churches destroyed. National Socialism elevated people (jews and communists excepted of course). Communism crushes body and soul of everyone.

            I have some misgivings on some aspects of national socialism but once again none of it violates any Catholic defined dogmas. Their anti Jewishness is far less than what us Catholics have practiced and supported on the Jews throughout history.

            I get the feeling that even then it all revolved around the Jews and what they wanted. The rot runs deeper and longer than I originally thought. The question is why the Popes of the 1930/1940’s were that way. it cannot be stupidity but deliberate.

      • November,

        I thought the Vatican became a Nation State in 1929 with the agreement with Mussolini. It was in 1929 that Pope Pius XI said—–Fascism is Catholicism and that anyone against Fascism is a Bolshevik.

        It is also significant that only Catholic countries became Fascist. Romania is an exception. I believe they are mostly Orthodox which is way closer to Catholics than other christiian sects.

        • Christina,

          I’ll take your word for it, as to when the Vatican was recognized as a Nation-State.

          It wasn’t until the Reagan’s first term as POTUS that ambassadors had to present their credentials to the Pontiff. Up till then, American representatives to the Vatican were considered envoys.

        • A savage policy which by itself lengthened the war and sacrificed more lives. The Bad Guys won. Made the world safe for Marxism, Communism, Liberalism, and jewish insidiousness.

          • Powell,

            You are right again. I think German National Socialist rule over someone like me and mine would be far preferable to Communist rule or liberal degeneracy.

            Mexico was taken over by the Marxists after the 1910-1921 Revolution. The first thing attacked was race and religion. It was not until around 1990 that priests could finally appear in public dressed as priests. In 1922 I believe is when they tried to do away with racial distinctions.

            The Government committed massive atrocities against the Cristeros in the 1920/1930’s. The American book———-No God Next Door written in the 1930’s tells all.

            I loathe Communism with a passion that might surprise even the people on this website.

  5. IF a fascist Britain had joined Germany in the attack on the (((Red Empire))), the

    JP would have been resolved in Europe. Making it far more likely to have been

    resolved by now in ‘Murka. But why speculate. Things R as they R:

    the Eternal Jew is in the saddle, riding the Whites toweard extinction, and

    most Whites don’t mind so long as they get

    their daily warm shower of Jewbucks.

  6. From 1914 onward, British Anglo Saxons have had a virulent hatred for the Germans. The French were a distant runner up.

    Inside of MI-6, when it came to what ideology their traitors would betray their country to, it was always communism. Kim Philby is the most famous British spy that worked for the Soviets, but there were a lot more that Her Majesty’s Secret Service in conjunction with 10 Downing Street covered up. Hell, Karl Marx lived well and died in London.

    Other than Oswald Mosley and King Edward VIII, Great Britain is as antifa as a rich trust fund jewish kid on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

    A better alternative history would be “What if Germany developed the atomic bomb before the USA.”

    • It was the German Jews who built atom bombs for the USA. Germany’s splendid educational system was of no use to Germans because of their stupid anti-Semitic policies.

      • ANY policy that is [sic] ‘anti-semitic’ is the most informed, intelligent awareness of incarnate evil on the planet, and you… are a fool.

      • Kaliis,

        Einstein was from Germany but Teller, Oppenheimer, and Fermi (jewish wife) weren’t..

        Even without jews, German was extremely close to building a nuclear reactor that could have enriched uranium to weapons grade.

        By the way, “anti-semitic” policies are correct 99.999999% of the time, and only implemented because of jewish behavior. In other words, not stupid at all.

    • What if the United States had stayed out of WWI and let the Entente suffer the consequences of their defeat?

      Afterwards, what if the next war had been the war to destroy Communism in Russia?

      What if the Crown had exterminated the Puritans, instead of exiling them?

      What if the Mayflower and the William and Mary been lost at sea?

      What if Cromwell had lost? Or was killed early on?

      What if New England had remained a part of French Canada, or had been colonised by the same people who had colonised the Middle Atlantic? Or was even part of New York State, instead of a separate region all of its own?

      If the dog hadn’t stopped to take a shit, would he have caught the rabbit?

  7. Sir Oswald Mosley is a very good model for English nationalists and future English politicians.

    But did anyone pay attention to what this English nationalist said??

    You study Great men in history to learn how to do things well, how to do things better.

    Who studies their own people’s History these days??

  8. Reading a massive book on Stalin. It seems he feared a war with Japan more than he did Germany and there were several border clashes mentioned I was not aware of. Stalin also backed the Nationalist Chinese over the Communist Chinese during WWII and thought the Nationalists would do a better job of governing China after the war than the Communists. A case can be made for Stalin being insane. He devastated the party and military in show trails in a way Hitler never did.Can you imagine Hitler killing most of his General staff and then the bulk of the NS Party, including the old fighters, as Stalin did in the USSR? Stalin was feared because the average party official never knew when he would get a summons to Moscow, evidently a promotion or new assignment the member was led to believe, and then never been seen again! Hitler at least arrested in bright day light. Stalin did it at night and then had the house or apartment redecorated with new furniture and peoples, usually KGB agents, moved in so that if anybody came looking for their old friends or acquaintances they also were arrested and disappeared almost always in the middle of the night!. (Or “Archived” as Lenin put it) Stalin would actually make up list of numbers, not people, from each Soviet agency, and then demand that many people be killed! Everybody, he thought, was either working for the Fascists or part of a right wing Trotsky backed coup designed replace Stalin and put the USSR back on the road to Capitalism. A lot of Jewish names among Soviet official seem to keep popping popping all over the place during my readings!

    By the way it wasn’t the USSR that backed Mao and put him in power after the war.. It was American incompetence ( or malevolence) via General George Marshall who campaigned against arming the Chinese Nationalists after the war because they were “corrupt” The Birches are right in that regard.The Soviets then took advantage of American treachery. Remember the powers that be in the U.S. said Mao was not a Communist but an “agrarian reformer” Same thing they later said about Castro!

    • Ho Chi Minh wanted to USA to treat North Vietnam like it did the Philippines. He never wanted to fight a war with America.

    • Heartland Separitist,

      Thank you for bringing up this most overlooked aspect of the Second World War.

      Germany and Japan had planned and agreed that imperial Japanese Army troops and Japanese air power assets were to strike the Soviet’s eastern territory to force Stalin to keep troops, tanks, plans, supplies et cetera , and make them unavailable to be deployed against the German offensive. Obviously, the Japanese didn’t hold up their end of that arrangement.

      • I’m not aware that any such plan was officially agreed upon, but it should have been. I do know that Germany was not obliged to declare war on the U.S. after the Japanese attack, and Hitler should not have. Even though the American Navy was blatantly assisting the British and violating neutrality.

        • Powell,

          I agree but Germany probably thought that the US was looking for any excuse to fight Germany therefore they might as well fight the United States with Japan than go it alone later.

          If the USA were interested in peace they would have rejected the declaration of war and said there is no quarrel between the countries. And then only attack Germany if the Germans attack the Americans.

          • Because the “Lend-Lease Treaty ” the USA had with England, America was supplying one of Germany’s enemies with military hardware. Kriegsmarine “wolf packs ” were held back by Hilter. Grand Admiral Dönitz wanted to sink the cargo ships containing weapons and other wartime contraband and American naval vessels being “loaned ” to the British.

            Once Pearl Harbor was attacked, German declared war on the United States because the United States was already its enemy and its alliance with Japan. Right after Germany’s declaration of war, Admiral Dönitz ordered his U-Boats to commence Operation Drumbeat which allowed them to attack and sink American ships assisting the English war effort.

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